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Medium General Medium General
Effective January 1, 2012
AVAILABLE: AVAILABLE: In all territory served by the District.
APPLICABLE: APPLICABLE: To commercial, industrial, public buildings and other services not eligible under other rate schedules where measured demand is
greater than 50 kW anytime and is less than 300 kW at least 10 times during any calendar year.
CHARACTER OF SERVICE: CHARACTER OF SERVICE: 60 hertz alternating current of such phase and voltage as the District may have available.
Monthly Customer Charge Monthly Customer Charge
Single-Phase $17.55
Multi-Phase $26.35
Monthly Energy Charge Monthly Energy Charge
April 1, through August 31, inclusive $0.0485 per kWh
September 1, through March 31, inclusive $0.0569 per kWh
Monthly Demand Charge Monthly Demand Charge
First 50 kW of demand per month no demand charge
Excess above 50 kW of demand per month $8.36 per kilowatt of billing demand per billing period
BILLING DEMAND: BILLING DEMAND: The billing demand under this rate schedule shall be the highest of the following:
1. The measured demand for the month adjusted for power factor less 50 kW, - or -
2. As specified in a separate contract.
MINIMUM MONTHLY BILL: MINIMUM MONTHLY BILL: May be the monthly customer charge, or $0.27 per kVA of required transformer capacity.
DELIVERY POINT: DELIVERY POINT: The above rates are based upon the supply of service to the entire premises through a single delivery and metering point.
Separate supply for the same customer at other points of consumption shall be separately metered and billed.
DETERMINATION OF DEMAND: DETERMINATION OF DEMAND: Demand measurement shall be made by suitable instruments at the point of delivery. Demand for any month shall be
defined as the average kilowatt delivery during the thirty-minute period in which the consumption of energy is the greatest during the month for
which determination is made.
POWER FACTOR ADJUSTMENTS: POWER FACTOR ADJUSTMENTS: If the average power factor at which power is delivered to the customer is less than 95% lagging, the billing demand
may be increased by one percent for each percent or major fraction thereof that the average power factor is less than 95% lagging. The average
power factor will be determined by measurement of kilowatt-hours and reactive kilovolt-ampere-hours during the billing period using the following
Where pf = Average Power Factor
Where kWh = Kilowatt-Hours
Where kvarh = Reactive-Kilovolt-Ampere Hours
The meter measuring reactive volt-ampere-hours shall be ratcheted to prevent reverse rotation when the power factor of the load is leading.
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Service under this classification is subject to the Customer Service Policies of the District.
For outages call 1-888-582-