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Olivera, Rebecca Thea B.

Pague, Febunrose D.
Cybercrime Prevention Act
R.A. 10175

Cybercrime Prevention Act is the hottest issue in our country right now. This law advocates against the
cybercrime like cybersex, child pornography, cyber bullying and piracy of music and movie in the internet. The main
goal of this law is to protect the teenagers who are very vulnerable of cybercrime. Pornographic websites have
spread all around the cyber world and its majority victims are teenagers. To prevent cybersex and other cyber crime
that includes erotic and abusive acts toward young people, the Philippine government implements the Cybercrime
Prevention Act R.A. 10175 to protect the Filipino citizen especially the youth from cyber crime. In year 2012, the
cases of cyber bullying and victims of cybersex doubled than last year and this alarm our government thus this made
them implement such law. Facebook and Twitter is among the top 10 websites teenagers use this time. Tweets, likes,
comments and posts are the focal addiction of the young people today. However there are some who use Facebook
and Twitter as a tool for bullying, insulting, human trafficking and discriminating their peers. Others are using
Facebook to post undesirable picture about someone and it leaves a great impact to the victim that is why
Cybercrime Prevention Act is implemented. Before putting this R.A. 10175 in service, the Philippine government
already gave us advice to avoid cyber criminals such as hackers, bullies and pedophiles. The Philippine government
and supreme police officials advice us, the youth, to be aware in our surrounding and not to trust and go out with our
cyber friends especially if we dont know them personally. To avoid being a victim of cybercrime we should be
responsible for our actions not to be easily deceived and be cautious in giving personal and private information about
ourselves to others. We should discipline our self and put in mind that cybercrime is now spreading throughout the
cyber world.
Personally, Cybercrime Prevention Act is going overboard and too much in terms of its jurisdiction. Yes, I
approve its act regarding the prevention of piracy in our country and imprisonment of criminals in cyber world but
shutting up the people to say what they truly feel even if it hurts is way too far. The government should at least be
considerate in implementing such law. The negative side of this law is that the government is trying to control us by
demanding us what to say. They just want to hear nice words not constructive criticism. The Philippine government is
being unfair and prudish. They are depriving our rights to voice out what we think is right. We are a democratic
country and we have the freedom to express without the interference thus this disregard the R.A. 10175. We have the
right to say what feel even if it is against the government or a certain institution because it part of our freedom of
speech. Our government should at least focus on major problems like corruption and poverty rather than wasting 50
million pesos in implementing such unfair and prudish law. Our politicians should help the populace in surviving our
countrys problem instead of pursuing the activists who are against the second-rate government, they should focus on
the main reason why crime existsit is because of poverty and scarcity of the Filipino citizen.
If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.
-George Washington