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Yale University Congratulates these outstanding students from West Haven High School Chosen by their high school,
Yale University
Congratulates these outstanding
students from West Haven High School
Chosen by their high school, these students exemplify what is best
and brightest in the young people of our community.
Miya Bidon
Catherine DePino
Daughter of Paul
and Rosanna Bidon
Daughter of Jen
and Ed DePino
Will attend Worcester
Polytechnic Institute
Marching/Concert Band,
flute section leader
Blue Devil Jazz Band
Yearbook, co-editor
Varsity Tennis
National Honor Society
Peer Tutor
Fairfield Book Award
Major: Chemical Engineering
Career Goal: Chemical Engineer
Will attend Fairfield University
G.P.A. 4.56; Class Rank 10
Class President
Honor Society, vice president
Board of Education,
Varsity Lacrosse
Band Office Manager
Peer Advocate
Mock Train Team, co-captain
Major: Business
Career Goal: Lawyer
Florence Maye Diaz
Marla Gagne
Daughter of Florante
and Maria Theresa Diaz
Daughter of Tracey
and Roseanne Gagne
Will attend Southern
Connecticut State University
G.P.A. 4.62; Class Rank 7
Marching/Concert Band,
clarinet section leader
Peer Advocates
National Honor Society
Corresponding Secretary
Humane Club, vice president
Varsity Cross Country
CAPT Scholar
Major: Nursing
Will attend Providence College
G.P.A. 4.76; Class Rank 2
Marching/Concert Band,
field leader
Varsity Tennis, co-captain
Yearbook, editor
Rostrum Newspaper, editor
National Honor Society
Harvard Book Award
CAPT Scholar
Scholar Athlete
Major: English
Yingxian Guo
Michael Kiaunis
Daughter of Weihong Lan
and Qizhou Guo
Son of Michael
and Kim Kiaunis
Will attend Harvard University
G.P.A. 5.03; Class Rank 1
Marching/Concert Band,
head drum major; president
Yale Urban Debate League,
Varsity Swim Team, captain
Representative of School
Governance Council
Newspaper Club, editor
Major: Government, Pre-Law
Career Goal: Federal Judge
Will attend Emerson College
G.P.A. 4.45; Class Rank 11
Marching/Concert Band,
assistant field leader
Westie News Team, crew chief
National Honor Society
Southern C.T. Board Game
Meetup Group, co-founder
Class 2014, co-historian
Major: Film Production
Career Goal: Post Production
Film Editor
Providing Community Benefits
Every summer Yale University pays a stipend
to nearly 40 Yale students who spend the
summer working with government agencies
and local nonprofit organizations to further
strengthen New Haven.
Yale President’s Public Service Fellows have volunteered with programs such as the Eli
Whitney Museum, JUNTA, Solar Youth, New Haven Promise, and The Boys and Girls Club
of New Haven. Here, a fellow works with a camper at the Eli Whitney Museum. For more
information on the President’s Public Service Fellowship, visit
Contributing to a Strong New Haven
Photo credit: Francesca Coxe