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Review writing process

MLA formatting
Quotation marks
When to use quotations in research
What is your purpose for writing?
How are you going to achieve this purpose?
Who is your reader?
Use journalistic questions
More prewriting questions -

Prewrite, Plan

Why create an outline?
Helps to keep track of large amounts of info
Helps organize ideas
Presents material in logical form
Shows relationships among ideas
Defines boundaries and groups

Prewrite, Plan

2 types of outlines

Outlines should be balanced

Rough draft, early version of final copy

Peer review grammar and process
Apply all grammar lessons
Make checksheet if necessary!

All done! Final copy

Must be typed, double-spaced, one sided,
I want typed, double-spaced, double sided, stapled
Only one space after punctuation
1 inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point
Title centered
Include heading
Your name
Instructor name
Due Date
Page number in upper right hand corner

Used to document sources to avoid
Consult OWL at Purdue for up-to-date
Bibliography generators are like Word and
dont always catch errors
Demonstrate CCAC bib generator

Entries are arranged alphabetically by author, or
by title if there is no author
Each entry includes medium of publication of
source (Print, Web, DVD, etc)
It there is more than one entry per author, works
are arranged alphabetically by title
For second and all additional entries, type three
hyphens and a period in place of the authors
Link to example on Owl at Purdue

Every source on Works Cited must be mentioned in
body of paper
Every source cited in an in-text citation must be
included on Works Cited page
First word in each entry of Works Cited must also
appear in the in-text citation

The following is an excerpt from an essay:

This disenfranchisement over his marginalization in
Anglo society [affected] his individual psyche
(Delgadillo 99).
Stanko 17
Works Cited
Delgadillo, Theresa. Forms of Chicana Feminist
Resistance: Hybrid Spirituatlity in Ana
Castillos So Far From God. Modern Fiction
Studies 44.4 (1998):79 102. Print.

In-text citations contain two elements
Last name of author
Page number of quoted or paraphrased passage
Information can be placed in parentheses
immediately after the material being cited
The Spanish tried to reduce the status of Filipina women,
who had been able to do business, get divorced, and
sometimes become village chiefs (Karnow 41).
Or place authors name in an attributive tag at the
beginning of the source material and the page
number in parentheses at the end
According to Karnow, the Spanish tried to reduce the status
of Filipina women, who had been able to do business, get
divorced, and sometimes become village chiefs (41).
Using the article on page 360 in your
Behrens text, create a citation for a works
cited page.
Create two in-text citations for this source:
one with an attributive tag and one

Knapp, Robert. A Psychology of Rumor.
Writing and Reading Across the
Curriculum. Ed. Laurence Behrens and
Leonard J. Rosen. New York: Pearson
Longman, 2013. 360 - 362. Print.
In groups, use the packet to create a
works cited page.
Your works cited page should follow
MLA format.
There are 4 sources
Your essay is 5 pages in length

Double spacing
Hanging indent
Alphabetical order
Order of citation information did you
correctly identify type of source? Did you
put information in correct order according
to the formula provided in the packet?
Baldwin, Gayle. World War Z and the End of
Religion as We Know It. Cross Currents
57.3 (2007): 412 425. Print

Coombs, Marian. Unraveling the Undead.
American Conservative 11.2 (2012): 40
42. Print.

Dhar, Michael. Survive a Zombie
Apocalypse? Just Do the Math. Live
Science. 30 July 2013. Web.
13 Sept 2013. <URL is at discretion of

Pastor, Paul. The Zombie Apocalypse.
Christianity Today 57.1 (2013): 80. Print.

Quotation Marks

When do you use
quotation marks???
What is a direct quotation?
Exactly repeats what someone said or wrote

When are quotation marks used?
Use quotation marks around direct quotations
Lina asked, Do you think we should ask a
Quotation marks always appear in pairs
Use quotation marks around titles of poems,
song titles, short stories, magazine or
newspaper articles, essays, speeches, chapter
titles, and episodes of TV or radio shows
Just Like a Woman, by Bob Dylan
ITALICIZE/UNDERLINE titles of magazines,
novels, books, newspapers
How is a quotation within a quotation
With single quotation marks
The man said, Im sorry, officer, but did I
hear you correctly when you said, Drive
into that ditch?
What is an indirect quotation?
Restates what someone said or wrote, but
not word for word
Rachel told the security guard that
she needed to enter the building for
official business.

Punctuation & Quotation marks
Place periods and commas inside
The name of the short story is Hills
Like White Elephants.
Put question marks and exclamation
points inside quotation marks unless
they apply to the whole sentence
Bedtime at my house is marked by
Mommy, can I tell you a story now?
Have you heard the old proverb Do
not climb the hill until you reach it?
Punctuation & Quotation marks
Put colons and semicolons outside
Harold wrote, I regret that I am
unable to attend the fundraiser for
AIDS research; his letter, however,
came with a substantial
Punctuation & Quotation marks
Dont be this guy:
Do not use quotation marks to draw
attention to familiar slang, to
disown trite expressions, or to
justify an attempt at humor
It was a ballpark figure.
1. As for the advertisement Sailors have more
fun, if you consider chipping paint and
swabbing decks fun, then you will have plenty
of it.
fun, if
2. Even after forty minutes of discussion, our
class could not agree on an interpretation of
Robert Frosts poem The Road Not Taken.
3. After winning the lottery, Juanita said that
she would give half the money to charity.
Omitits an indirect quote

4. After the movie,Vicki said, The reviewer
called this flick trash of the first order. I
guess you cant believe everything you read.
flick trash of the first order. I
5. Cleaning your house while your kids are still
growing, quipped Phyllis Diller, is like
shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.
6. Thats the most beautiful seashell Ive ever
seen!, shouted Alexa.
Omit comma before shouted
7. Get your head in the game, and the rest will
come advised the coach just before the
come, advised

8. Gloria Steinem once twisted an old proverb
like this, A woman without a man is like a fish
without a bicycle.
9. Even when freshly washed and relieved of
all obvious confections, says Fran Lebowitz,
children tend to be sticky.
10. Have you heard the Cowboy Junkies cover
of Hank Williamss Im So Lonesome I Could

Length, Punctuality, Accuracy,
Concept Instruction
Practice Worksheet
Reinforcement Activity

Use sparingly
Too many quotes causes a loss of ownership
Also makes readers question your
knowledge of the topic
Quoting memorable language
Worded so eloquently or powerfully that
summarizing/paraphrasing would sacrifice impact
and meaning
Quoting clear and concise language
To summarize/paraphrase would make it too
Quoting authoritative language
Lends authority and credibility to your essay
Quote only part of sentence or paragraph
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
but bears it out even to the edge of doom.

Avoid freestanding quotations
Use attributive tags
Shakespeare insists that Love alters not with his brief
hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
Shakespeare insists, but bears it out even to the edge
of doom.
Shakespeare insists that true lovers are persistent:
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but
bears it out even to the edge of doom.

Incorporate the quotation into the flow of
your own sentence
In Sonnet 116, true lovers [bear] it out even to
the edge of doom.
Shakespeares description of true love argues that
love is not love which alters when it alteration
finds...but bears it out even to the edge of
Read Behrens Chapter 1 pgs. 3-24
Find and read five scholarly sources on
a topic of your choice
Create a works cited page for the