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Family Health Care Plan

Prepared by: Jana Klarissa Angela C. Valdueza

BSN 26

Cues Family Health Objective of Care Health Care

Condition Strategies/

> Grandmother A. Enhance Proper The family will be able > Encourage the
verbalized: "Malakas yan Nutrition as a wellness to enhance the ability mother and the
silang kumain. Kumakain condition. of providing health care grandmother to
nga ng gulay. Kasi yun 1. ability to provide on giving nutrition to continue the feeding
nga ang sabi." promotive health care to the vulnerable practices. >
> In contrast at-risk members of the members of the family. Give the mother other
Mother verbalized, " Yan family. types of food
si Badette, underweight preparation that helps
yan, ang payat niya eh." enhance appetite.
Weight of > Teach
Children Mother to monitor
> Bernadette Anne, 3 y.o - nutritional status
10 kg > through weight
Beverly Joy, 1 y.o - 7 kg measuring in the health

> Inadequate ventilation of B. House environment is The family will be able > Encourage the family
the house. a factor for health to provide a house to continue usual
> Presence of dusts problem. conducive forhealth cleaning of the house.
and sharp objects, 1. Inability to provide a maintenance. >
unfriendly for toodlers. home environment The family will be able Instruct family of the
> Hot conducive to health to provide a house that hazards of dangerous
temperature in the house maintenance. gives personal furnitures and sharp
during the afernoon. 2. House cannot give development to its objects to at-risk family
pesonal development to young ones. memnbers.
young generation of the > Encourage family
family. 3. to always open their
Inadequate financial windows in lieu of
resources. ventillation.
Cues Family Health Objective of Care Health Care
Condition Strategies/

> Grandmother C. Inadequacy of potable Family will be able to > Encourage family to
verbalized, of drinking water as a have good drinking continue practice of
"Pinapakuluan ko yung factor for health problem. water that promotes boiling water to drink.
tubig na iniinum namin. 1. health instead of > Encourage
Kasi yung tubig dyan sa ability to prevent any disease. family to properly use
poso mabaho. masakit sa disease through common water storage for
ilong. practice of boiling. drinking.
> Inadequacy of potable 2.
drinking water. Inavailability of good
water resources in the
3. Inadequacy of
financial resources to buy
distilled water.

> Partially met: the family

through the strategeis laid
understand that the normal
practice is good for the
nutritional development of
the children. And that they
have understand that
nutrtition is important to
both growth and
developnent. This is also
seen to both children who
have gained appetite to
any food.

> Unmet: due to the status

of the family and the
chances to escape this
such problem. Only small
interventions like cleaning
the house are possible to
intervene such situation.

> Met : before and after

the visits the family have
always belived to boli
water. Financially, this is
the only way the family can
drink a healthy potable
water. Also the family had
also changed some of their
water storage.