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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a graduate BEng (Hons) Mechanical engineer from University of Bradford. I

would like to apply in the position of Master’s student at the Federal Polytechnic
School of Lausanne in Switzerland. With my combination of strong academic
knowledge, sport and work experience and different culture background, I believe I
can give a lot to your community. While I studied bachelor Mechanical engineering I
gained a lot theoretical knowledge that helped me for my summer placement in
practically. My belief is that good education is the most important precondition for
successful career and therefore for a fortunate life. That is why it is so relevant to me
to acquire Master of Science degree at the greatly recognized school.
I always try to get the best out of everything. That is one of the reasons why I had
decided to go to UK for bachelor’s degree at the University of Bradford School of
Engineering and Design. I have been showing leadership during my studies and I
enjoy working in groups, for that reason the members of group usually elected me as
group leader and representative from mechanical engineering course between
academic staff and students, where I pronounced student opinions. I was undertaking
the most challenging tasks. I have no language difficulties as I have honed my English
reading, writing and speaking skills while living and studying in the UK. And my
Russian is almost on the same level as English. I am already accustomed to different
modes of communication, cultural norms and social customs, which help me to avoid
the all-too-frequent errors of classmates and teammates. I have also been the
University’s basketball team one of the key players for all three years. I carried my
team to win the Trophy and finish the season undefeated, getting promoting to the
first division.
I have always been interested in engineering technology development and that is why
I wrote my final year project “Dynamic Analysis of Rail Vehicle” where I achieved
1st class mark even if it was not easiest project.
Though, having finished my engineering undergraduate studies at the University of
Bradford and considering my work experience, I realize that I still lack the in-depth
knowledge and skills necessary for entry in environment and to develop a successful
carrier in my desired field – financial engineering. Moreover, in order to be successful
in engineering it is essential to realize the importance and the potential of the global
I have already ascertained that the MSc in engineering of the Federal Polytechnic
School of Lausanne is very high and I believe that the MSc in engineering program
would give me the expertise of this field and therefore it would be my key to a
thriving carrier. I am very eager to learn everything about financial engineering that
your university can offer me and I can not wait to bring this knowledge into effect.

Yours Faithfully,
Nauris Liberts