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July 10

2014. FILE # 26594
URGENT - Attention: Marc Mayrand CEO of Elections Canada
Amy Osnby - whom i'm told is the respondeat Superior of this file at EC
-and - Marguerite-Lise Menard [who appears to be responsible for my file]
AND FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION by Judith Guichon - Lt. Governor General
Either contact me directly or assign an agent to contact me, and negotiate in good faith by responding
to this attached article that was served onto VQMP, when i appeared in BCSC court yesterday.
- 778-707-7461 and attach an email to confirm that this notice has been received.
1. As to this attached doc - this un-named Associate Chief Justice and his Lordship are in a
jurisdiction where they are above being served a mandamus. APPARENTLY, in this jurisdiction there
is no such thing as a mandamus as to the 1
sentence- this is viewed as an 'application' [begging]
a. Therefore this un-named 3rd party is arbitrarily committing treason in Canadian law and treachery
under Commonwealth law, by acting as contract employees of some conquering /occupying body, who
are vesting powers that are [in my case] stopping this file from getting to the Chief Justices' Office.
b. Due process is being denied, and if you see this as 'that's just the way it is' then i truly pity you all.
2. With this letter - VQMP is giving notice to Judith Guichon that: In the event that she refuses to
intervene [let alone stop this liability] means she can by refusing to intervene in issuing payment of this
$3000. damage claim that VQMP is seeking. The very nature of a IC75-2R8 redemption for wrong
doing actually facilitates this kind solution; and Her trust to uphold Marc Boyer's right to be protected
under Sec 3 CC is being called. There are fewer than 50 people in the entire Commonwealth with this
'abnormal birth status' and frankly, if Judith Guichon refuses to honour her trust is her choice.
3. Without this intervention by Judith Guichon VQMP is giving notice that [as to a prior email, EC
asked for 15 calendar days from June 29th to respond] - As far as VQMP is concerned, this email
transmission is a fair notice that Marc Mayrand can accept his fiduciary trust, and act as the one who
writes this $3000. check [or] VQMP will be filing with the SCC anytime after July 15th, 2014
4. In the event that we need to file in the SCC, means that we are not begging for a ruling; we'll be
filing a cover page mandamus, to this BCSC filing, outlining the basic crimes of state that were created
by this un-named Associated Chief Justice, that occurred from filing a mandamus in the BCSC.
a. As far as VQMP is concerned, the fact is that: this SCC registrar will probably repeat what Mr
Messenger facilitated in Vancouver BECAUSE the whole form [like the registrar's Office] are infiltrated
with covert NATO/NAFTA contract employees, who must obstruct anything like what VQMP is doing,
b. If no one cares to fix this criminal racket created by the BAR is not my choice
c. BUT eventually an Isaiah 59 barrier will be crossed, and frankly the path that i'm following is the
only way to pursue the impossible by simply proving that no BODY would lift a finger to help.
d. Personally this solution is possible, and frankly having anyone in authority rebel is impossible.
e. It's not my fault you are caught in a powerful delusion, if you can't shake it, i pity you.
marc boyer