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(Am7) Rivers flowing in the deserts, (Bm7°)

(2000) Homegrown Stuff flowers everywhere

the (Am7) laughter & the song of children (Bm7°)
fill the Earth & air

2.) Passion

Gimme some passion, gimme some wildfire

gimme that crazy, crazy lovin', gimme some life,
Gimme those wild hours of intense emotion
Gimme some heat, oh just a few moments of total

What makes you think that I don't deserve it?

If love is our God, we might as well show it, might
as well serve Him
Love is a power, much more than a sermon
1.) MILLENNIAL SONG OF FREEDOM It's something you live with every beat of your
(tune 5th & 6th string to G) heart
Intro: (G) (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)... stop acting so German!
(G) A thousands (D/G)years of (C/G) peace
& (D/G) freedom at (G) last (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) (Chorus)
(G) Gone are all (D/G) the (C/G) shadows
(D/G) of the (G) past (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) Gimme some thunder, gimme some lightning
Gimme the one thing I just can't resist, let's make
(G) All the (D/G) children of (C/G) love life exciting
now (D/G) reign with (G) Him (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) There's Someone waiting now, He wants to show
(G) as princes (D/G) & prin(C/G)cesses you how
(D/G) of the (G) King (D/G) (C/G) (D/G) to turn your life from a desert into a crystal blue

(G...) Arms of war & weapons are all banned

only peace & love reign the land 3.) Dancing In the Sun
The Word of God is known by every man
the lion laying side by side with the lamb

& now (G) I'm sing(D)ing, (G) you're sing(D)ing,
(G) we're sing(D/G)ing a (C/G) song of (D) freedom
& now (G) I'm sing(D)ing, (G) you're sing(D)ing,
(G) we're sing(D/G)ing a (C/G) song of (D) freedom
& (G) love (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)

there is no more sorrow, fear nor pain

for those who love him only joy remains
The beauty of creation has been restored
& every tongue has come to praise the Lord

(Am7)They will reign as kings & priests on (Bm7°)
thrones beside the King
(Am7) Who will have restored the Earth to (Bm7°)
everlasting spring
5.) Nothing at All

4.) Jealousy

6.) The Race Goes On

'All things remain the way they were' , the fool, he

'Nothing will change' he thought, yeah well, &
that same day he died
Be not deceived by tales of beautiful & strong
Don’t fall asleep, for change will come, it won’t be

//: The race goes on ://

'What’s that to you?' , you ask & call me 'holy

preacher man'
But I just give what I receive, that’s all I can
I can’t believe in things like pure coincidence
Too many things I see were said, make too much

//: The race goes on :// (Bridge:)

The race towards total confusion

to bring the deaf & blind delusion
I just can’t put my fingers on the hour, the day
but it will come
As surely as the night is followed by the sun
//:The race goes on :\\ It just goes on & on ...
7.) The Love Game 8.) How Couldn’t I (Love You Still)

9.) Come All You Drifters

Come all you drifters, I dare you to dance

in the light of the Morning Star
I have been lifted above all the mire
& dark shadows of the past
I have been cleansed from the guilt of my sins
& I know you can been just the same
Just open your heart & reach out for the light
& the love you will //: find in His Name ://

Come all you losers, I’ll help you to win this game
by giving you a new start
& though you may stumble, I` ll be here to catch
for I’ll always be in your heart
I will protect you, love, guide & direct you 11.) Cycles
past every storm in your path
If you’ll only stop, look & listen to Me, honey,
I’ll save you //: from the wrath :// ( 1st verse)
You who despise me, disect, analyze me
may never quite understand
How faith, hope & love are born deep in the heart
& can never just come from the head
//: born deep in the heart ://

10.) She’s My Medicine

12.) Cold Wind

There's a (Em)black (G)cloud (D)(Asus2)

on the hor(Em)izon (Em)
and there's a (Em)red (G)sky (D) (Asus2)
and a bad tide (Em)risin' (G) (D)(Asus2)

Watch out, all you dreamers, you better beware

It's been way too long that you just didn't care
and stood silently by as Big Brother plays on
his mean, wicked game "hey, y'all, look here: I'm
and there's a (C)cold , (Bm) cold wind
(Asus2)blowin' from the (Em) north (Em)

There's a clock tickin' sayin' time's up soon, pals

There's a big shock in store for all you boys and
For there's a new power growin' strong behind the
Lake of Constance, 2000 and if you don't wake up you're are gonna see
what that means
Welcome the great super hero who will tell you 14.) Weak
the score
Watch as the greatest confusion ever comes
bursting forth
Yeah, there's a cold , cold wind blowin',
blowin' from the north

Offer your foreheads and hold out your right

Here is the number, people, here comes the man
But, honey, if you like freedom, best prepare while
you can
for the time's coming soon only the strongest will
I tell you things ain't gonna stay the same way
they were before
Yeah, well, you may have seen things but here's
the god of war
and there's a cold , cold wind blowin',
blowin' from the north

13.) Changes

15.) I Wanna Be Love by You

17.) Total Stupor

16.) No Matter How Far

18.) You’re Comin’ Again 20.) More Than I Knew

19.) Don’t Let Me Down Too Hard

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