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(2005) Turn Around! (Ch.

And you would learn how to sing like a sparrow in
spring & find a new life full of freedom
Yes, you would learn how to fly like an angel, so
& you’d never come back again
If you’d only reach out & touch Me

If you’d just lift your heart up to heaven & would

listen to My voice
You’d find treasures that forever last, more than
silver and all gold
If you’d just open your heart & receive Me as I
stand here at your door
I would give you joy & such heavenly bliss as
you’d never known before
1.) From Your Lips If you’d only reach out...

From Your lips – Words of gold (Ch.)

From Your lips – Words of purest gold
Straight from Your heart
Your songs of love to me You impart 3.) Woe!
Straight from Your humble heart
When the (Am) children of Zion (G) dream about
From Your lips – Words that formed the worlds the (F) Matrix
From Your lips – never a wrong was heard (Am) Trading truth & (G) love for the (F) Big Lie &
Straight from Your heart You give all I need from (Em) hatred
the start Des(Am)pising their own (G) heritage & (F) think
Straight from Your mighty heart it’s rather odd
It’s (Am) hard, (G) hard, (Am)
Who am I to have found favor in Your eyes?
What am I that for a wretch like me you died? When the children of David bow down & worship
Who am I to call You mine? mammon
They stop living the Law of Love, having all things
From Your lips – drops that make all I’ve got, all I in common
am When money is the thing of which they just can’t
From Your lips – we were formed before this get enough
world began It’s tough, tough, tough
Straight from Your heart come each song, dance
& true work of art (Chorus:)
Straight from Your heart of hearts (F) Lord, forgive us for we’ve strayed & (Am) heal
us from our sin
(Br. & 1st verse) (G) Help us get back on the way for (Am) we’re
destined to win
(F) Free us from the bondage of the (Am) Devil
2.) If You’d Only Reach Out Dec.30, 1984 and his kin
(G) Help us wipe off from his face that (Em) evil,
If you’d only reach out & touch Me & would call wicked (E) grin
upon My name
You’d find oh, sweet rest from your care & pain, When the children of the Kingdom go astray and
as you’d never found the same follow Satan
Down the broad way, through the wide gate of
If you’d only call out & receive Me, I would those who’ll only betray them
whisper in your ears When sheep put on the clothes of wolves,
All my wondrous, precious Words of life that pretending they’re so bad
would cast out all your fears It’s sad, sad, sad
If you’d only reach out & touch Me
When the New Church of the Lamb has lost ist Come to me now, my bride, my love, let nothing
purpose & the vision cause delay
And the multitudes are still lost in the vale of Let your heart pound out each step that brings
indecision you close to Me
Cause the shepherds have not come to tenderly Your steps be swift, your thoughts be of none
gather them in other, let Me be all you see
It’s sin, sin sin
(Rep. Ch.1)
(F) Lord, forgive us for we’ve strayed & (Am) heal
us from our sin 5.) On Guard
(G) Help us get back on the way for (Am) we’re
destined to win (G) Now is the (Am) hour to (bm) fight for the (C)
(F) Free us from the bondage of the (Am) Devil Kingdom & (G) lay aside (Am) personal (bm)
and his kin trials(C Am)
(G) Help us wipe off from his face that (Em) evil, Now is the time to unite for the Lord & forsake our
wicked (E) grin worldly desires
(C) We're all respon(D)sible (G) for gain or (Em)
(Bridge:) loss, (C) we must win (D)the victory (G)! (G7)
(G) Break us and re-make us and wake (F) us up Do what each one can do, forget your problems,
from our (Am) sleep too,
(G) For we have to warn the world & (F) find His (C) now is the (Am) hour to (Dsus4-D) be:
little (Am) sheep
(G) With the keys of destiny there’s (F) nothing (Chorus:)
we can’t (Am) do On (G) guard! We (Am)have to be (bm) sober & (C)
We’ll (G) rise above and overcome and (E) win the watchful
World for You On (G) guard, lift (Am) the standard (bm/A) higher
(Chorus 2x) (Am)
On guard! Lest the fiery darts of the foe
should set our walls of union on fire
4.) Run To My Arms Nov.17 2004 On guard! United we stand, but divided we'll fall,
let's keep wining, fighters!
Run to My arms, I will hold you so close, I will
keep you from harm (C) Firm in the (D) victory, strong in the faith,
Run to My arms, you won’t need any clothes, here holding on to the promises He's given us (G7)
you’ll be safe and warm Bold in the power of God, wielding his Spirit's
Run to My arms, baby run like the wind, run as sword
fast as you can yielding our all to the Lord
Run to my arms, baby, run to My arms again
Now is the hour to stand in the gap & hold on to
(G*) I have heard you in the garden, (F#/D*) the calling before us
searching for Me Now is the time to step forward for God & to fight
You came with (Em*) pain as you saw you were like true faithful soldiers
not as (D*) I would have you be All things are possible if we believe, we have been
I’m calling you to cast aside your garments and destined to win
your robes Put the whole armor on, we won't surrender, no,
I long for nothing but to feel your skin, feel you so let us stay faithful and sing:
So, run to my arms, remove these silky gowns, let
your hair blow wild in the wind Come, let's all lay aside foolishness, shallowness,
Run to My arms, strip off these things which hide worldliness,
the warmth of your body from My skin selfishness, self-pity & pride
Run to My arms, let nothing come between us so No time for nursing wounds, we must keep
that only you remain fighting on
Run to My arms, baby, run to My arms again & in our calling abide side by side
I wish only only to touch you & I care not what (modulation to A) (Chorus in A)
they say
6.) Cheer Up! We've got to (Bsus) get ready, (Esus) people, it's
time to get (Bsus) goin'
Johnny Simmons never knew what he had until it We've got to get ready, people, it's time to go
blew up
And all came crashing ‘round his ears one sunny (Br.:)
day of June (F#m) Over the hills, (Asus2) across the seas,
At first he didn’t know what to do, then he said, there's a (E) destiny for (Bsus) you
“I’ve been a fool. Way past these walls, you're gonna see that your
Life could be much worse than this!” & he said dreams can still come true
down & sang this tune
How does it feel living inside such a wrong
Johnny Simmons born anew didn’t like some world?
others do, Hero or heel, to them you will only speak wrong
go through life with their eyes closed & never words
getting any clue It's not meant to be, although this cage may be
Learned his lesson, even two, passed it on for me golden
& you Come & be free, follow the key that you're holding
Life could be much worse than this, can you sing
it, too? (Ch.) (Br.) (Ch. 2x)


(Cheer up! )Life could be much worse than this 8.) Fire Of Love’s Heart
(Esus2)Come gather ‘round, children,
So, cheer up, what have you got to lose? All you Let’s find warmth here at the (Asus2)fireplace
do in life is choose (Esus2)Let the true light of the Word warm your
Will you sing a happy song, or will you sing the heart
blues? & light (Asus2) up your face !
It’s up to you, pick up the news, so what if life (Bsus2)Receive the light & let it make you
ain’t perfect, Dude? stronger
Come on, sing & dance with us & just kick off (Asus2)Learn how to enjoy life a little longer,
your shoes (F#m7)Here at the (Bsus2)fire of Love’s (Esus2)
heart (Asus2)
And though the night is approaching
Like it has been long foretold
No, we won’t lose our path
7.) Get Ready We’ll refuse to let our hearts grow cold
And though ten thousands may be falling all
(Bsus/e) Come, pack your bags, we've got to get around us
moving (Asus/b) onward We’ll still hold on to the light that shines upon us
Don't fall behind. there's only one way & that's Here at the fire of Love’s heart
(Esus4) Leave all be(E)hind, (Esus4) everything Bridge:
(E) you call your (D/g#) home (D) now (F#m°) Here you’ll find (G#m°)what you’ve been
(Asus/f#) There's more to (Asus2) find, much searching, a (As2) place where you’ll feel you
more that life's got in (Es4) store (E) now be(Bs2°)long
Here you’ll be always at home & receive the
Tear up your roots, this is not your destination! strength to carry on
Put on those boots! You're meant to be heralds to Here you’ll find brothers & sisters, a family that
nations won’t fall apart
Come, follow me, let's catch your destiny out Here at the feet of the King, here at the fire of
there love’s heart
You're meant to be free, this treadmill will get
your life nowhere Come, gather ‘round, all you seekers, and let
yourselves be found
By the One in Whom all power, all wisdom and Is there (C) truth or con(F)fusion in the (D) things
love abound you shout?
If you’ve got love how could you ever be a loser ? Can you (G) brighten my (Em) day with the (G)
The only losers are the ones who will refuse Her, words that you (Em) say
The Queen of the fire of Love’s heart can you (Am) keep all those (F) ghosts haunting
(D) you at bay?
(G)Come gather ‘round, children, Well, if (F) not, could you (C) please, and Sir, (F)
Let’s find warmth here at the (C9)fireplace ever so (C) kindly,
(G)Find true fulfilment in yielding your all to love’s hum(F)anely, be(C)nignly give (D) me a break?
(C9)endless grace And would you (C) mind if I (Am) praise the Lord
(Dsus)Please, open up your heart & just receive it (G) anyway? (Am C D)
There’s (C9)nothing you can’t do if you believe it
(Am) Here at the (D) fire of Love’s (G)heart Let me (G) tell you a (C) secret: all the (G) things
(Am) Here at the (D) fire of Love’s (G)heart we call (C) evil
and (Em) bad may look (C) different to (Am) us
someday (D)
9.) MONSTER (ANYWAY) When we've (G) learned that those (C) very things
Intro: (G- Am7-C-D) we (G) loathed made the (C)difference
You say, (G)God is a (C)monster, dark, (G)evil and and our (Em) sufferings were (C) only the (F) price
(C)sinister we paid (D)
for al(Em)lowing a(C)trocities (Am) everyday (D) for a (Em) heart soft & (C) golden, melted (Em)
Cause how (G)could He be (C)good and how broken & (Am) molded
(G)could He be (C)love by the (F) treatment the (C) Potter ap(D)plies to
when He a(Em)llows hatred, (C)torture & (F)war, clay
yousay. (D) And I'm (Em) quite sure, my (C) friend, when we'll
So you (Em)call my God (C) evil, an old (Em) (Em) see in the (Am)end
tough macho (Am) meanie the re(F)sult of what (C) you cannot (D) see today
Who's (F) teasing us (C) all in some (D) kind of I bet (C) you're gonna (Am) praise the Lord (G)
play anyway (Am7-C-D)
And how (Em) stupid of (C) me to still (Em) keep
on be(Am)lieving... (Chorus2:)
do you (F) mind if I (C) praise the Lord, (D) Though (G) you had no(Em)thing to give, (G) yet
anyway? His love (Em) made you live,
Do you (F) mind if I (C) praise the Lord, (G) put a (G) smile on your (Am) face when you're (C)
anyway? (Am7 C D) down & (D) out
He will (Am) give you so(F)lutions for that (Am)
old brain pol(F)lution
You say we're all just victims of this ogre in truth in (C) place of con(F)fusion, trust in (D)
heaven place of doubts
& to Him you just know you will never bow He will (G) brighten your (Em) day with just (G)
Cause He's bad and He hates you, one Word He'll (Em) say
He won't do things as you'd do them if you could and you'll (Am) finally ac(F)knowledge the (D)
only be Him right now price He paid
So you spit out opinions about God and His on the (F) cross on that (C) day when the (F) sky
minions, turned to (C) grey
we're all duped, brainwashed robots you'll free, and He (F) looked at you, (C) heard every (D) word
you vow you say
from our slavery to madness our sickening and said, (C) "Darling, I (Am) died for you, (G)
gladness... anyway!" (Am C D)
do you mind if we praise the Lord, anyhow?

(chorus 1:)
Cause (G) what's it you've (Em) got to give?
Can you (G) make one single (Em) cell live
or put a (G) smile on my (Am) face when I'm (C)
down & (D) out?
Do you (Am) have a sol(F)ution or just (Am) more
brain pol(F)lution
10.) HOPE OF THE HOPELESS 7/10/04 be the (F#m) hope of the (D) hopeless, be the (E)
answer they (A) seek
Be a (G) light to the (Em) world, be a (D) bringer of be a (F#m) sample of (D) love, (E) live what you
(G) peace (A) preach
be the (Em) hope of the (C) hopeless, be the (D) be a (F#m) way for the (D) captives, show them
answer they (G) seek (E) how to be (F#m) free
be a (Em) sample of (C) love, (D) live what you (G)
preach (E) Be a (A) fisher of (F#m) men, be a (E) saver of
be a (Em) way for the (C) captives, show them (D) (A) souls
how to be (Em) free be a (F#m) gentle, true (D) shepherd, bring them
(E) into the (A) fold
Be a (G) fisher of (Em) men, be a (D) saver of (G) be a (F#m) giver of (D) life from a (E) pure heart of
souls (A) gold
be a (Em) gentle, true (C) shepherd, bring them give the (F#m) people the (D) message, tell them
(D) into the (G) fold (E) what God has (A) told
be a (Em) giver of (C) life from a (D) pure heart of
(G) gold
give the (Em) people the (C) message, tell them
(D) what God has (G) told 11.) Turn Around (Nov.29-04)

(Em) Children of (C) David, come, (F) heed the (G) (Asus2) Hey, I'm sorry, but I've got something to
call (G) say.
(Em) There's nothing (C) like you, so (F) give it (Dsus2) Hey, don't you know you're going the
your (G) all wrong (Asus2) way?
(Em) You are the (C) only ones who (F) live the Why do you refuse to see they tell you (G) lies?
full (G) truth (Dsus2) I'm asking you, do you really want to
So, (Em) don't hide from (C) others what's been (Asus2) die?
(F) given to (D) you
So, you think you're pretty sure which way to go
(Ch.) Whoa, I'd say that there's a lot that you don't
Be a (G) light to the (Em) world, be a (D) bringer of know
(G) peace Blind, with your eyes closed there's not much you
be the (Em) hope of the (C) hopeless, be the (D) will find
answer they (G) seek Do you mind if I tell you how to not be left
be a (Em) sample of (C) love, (D) live what you (G) behind?
be a (Em) way for the (C) captives, show them (D) (Chorus:) Cause it's (G) time to wake up (D) to the
how to be (G) free sound
(mod.) of (F) changes that are (C) comin' round
Be a (A) fisher of (F#m) men, be a (E) saver of (A) Dis(G)cover what's yet (D) to be found
souls while (F) there's still time for (C) you to (G) turn
be a (F#m) gentle, true (D) shepherd, bring them a(Asus2)round
(E) into the (A) fold (C) (Dsus2) turn a(Asus2)round
be a (F#m) giver of (D) life from a (E) pure heart of
(A) gold Say, did you know there's big changes on their
give the (F#m) people the (D) message, tell them way?
(E) what God has (A) told May I suggest the best thing you can do is pray?
Boy, you're sure distracted by your fancy toys
(F#m) She's (E) waiting for (A) you annoyed by me telling you they won't bring you
(F#m) her (E) heart cries for (A) you joy
(F#m) for (E) you've got the (A) whole counsel of
(D) God, Try, put them aside, see how long you'll get by
the (Bm) way , the (A) life, the (Esus4) truth Untie the chords that bind you to this selfish life
Say, did you know that the Answer's on its way
(Ch.) Be brave & take the hand by which you might be
Be a (A) light to the (F#m) world, be a (E) bringer saved
of (A) peace
that your faith is built upon? Rock or shifting
(Bridge:) sand?
(C) No, that's (G) not the way to (Dsus2) go
There's (C) certain death & (G) danger at the No place to the snakes, nor the Evil one
(Dsus2) end of Satan's road if you listen to him, you're gonna come undone!
Wake (C) up right now & (G) see the (Dsus2) light he's scared out of his wits of what you're going to
what's (C) wrong is wrong and (G) right is be:
(Dsus2) right The Lord's Endtime power-houses, making
foll(C)ow me up the (G) path of life, let's (Dsus2) history!
Yeah, it's time to (Asus2) go No one is strong enough to stand on their own,
War is on, my friend, & that you can't ignore no the Word, that standard in your life you will be
more blown about
Now the Prince of Peace is knocking at your door with every wind of every doctrine, every silly act
Live a new life with so much more love to give cause faith is built by faithful study of the Word &
Believe and let yourself be no longer deceived that's fact!

Cause it's (G) time to wake up (D) to the sound No place to the Devil, not at any time or level!
of (F) changes that are (C) comin' round If your suffer with us now, you're gonna reign
Dis(G)cover what's yet (D) to be found forever
while (F) there's still time for (C) you to (G) turn But if you choose to reign now, you'll lose, so
a(Asus2)round beware
(C) (Dsus2) turn a(Asus2)round of the leaven of the Scribes & the Pharisees'

(1st verse)
12.) No Place To The Snakes!

Give no place to the snakes, awake, for Christ's 13.) Welcome To Babylon May ’92
Their lies & their hate just don't cut the cake Fatsack cadillac, drivin’ around
They've been blinded like fools, they're the Devil's With the hi-fi blastin’ like he owns the town
own tools Sugarbag, someone’s gonna steal your crown if
They are suckers for Pan & his motto, "Crap you don’t watch out
Big hunks, tough punks pushin’ you around
Can't you see that their intention's to drag you to Mammoth cash busters just draggin’ me down
the pit? I can’t stand no more of that techno sound, I
Make you despise all that's good & forget about it wanna drop out
They won't stop until you cop out & become one
of them, Dancer prance America the Whore
join the club of those all heaven calls a crying Romance in vain cause you’ve been there before
shame You look surprised, “Isn’t there anymore?”
-- Great Confusion!
They're despisers of their birthright, they just toss
it away Black smoke, death choke, oxygen’s gone
for a cheap mess of pottage that's seen better Highway plugged up, rush hour’s on
days! How long must we all still carry on?
'No place to the snakes!' is our motto today
Don't let any cheap excuses steal your crown (Ch.:)
away! Welcome to Babylon! Welcome to Babylon!

What it all boils down to & on what it all depends High priest, sly biest, robbin’ the poor
is: Bittersweet sermons are your bait and the lure
Are you standing on the Rock or where DO you Just tell me how you can be so hoggone sure
stand? you’re on the right track?
Is it Jesus & His Word or the System of man
59 people living on the same floor I’ve spent a long, long, long time searchin’ to find
barely ever say Hi to the fellow next door my way home
Tell me who are you goin’ through all this for
I wanna go back Thank You for Your big, big love
And the power to rise above
Set pace, rat race, see how they run Thank You, Lord, for AME* & for giving us the
“I’m gonna get rich quicker than the other one! power of the keys
Stepping on people is actually fun!”
Lord, You’re really my best Friend
(Ch.) Thank You for holding my hand
Help me up when I can’t stand
You bring Your bright light in my life, You help me
14.) We’ve Come A Long Way July ‘82
Jesus, You’re so way, way cool!
(Ch.:) You’re so wise and I’m your fool
We’ve come a long way, yeah, come our way Help me, Lord, stick to Your rules
home I’ve been a long, long, long time waitin’ to become
We’ve come a long way, oh, yes, we’ve come our Your tool
way home (rep.)
(1st verse)
We found the way & there ain’t no other
Come on & step out by faith today, my brother! * AME: “Ask Me everything!”

We’ve got the truth & there ain’t no more

We’ve got a light, got an open door 16.) SONG OF PRAISE
Intro: (E- As2 – E)
Because we’ve... (Ch.) (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) in all things, with every
breath (Bs2°)you (E)breathe
We got home & here we’ll stay forever (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) with every thought you
Come no more to roam, no, never think, with every word (Ds2) you (E)speak
Here we’ll stay for many thousand years (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for He gives you
There’ll ne no more pain nor cryin’ nor tears vic(Bs2°)to(E)ry
(E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) for delivering you from
(Ch.) your en(Ds2)em(E)ies

(E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for He is a

right(Bs2°)eous (E) Ruler
15.) Long Time Searching (16/2/2000) (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E) for His judgements are
righteous (Ds2) & (E) true
(G) I’m so weak, Lord, & (C) You’re so (D) strong (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for choosing and (Bs2°)
(G-C-D) rescuing (E) you
(Em) You’re right, Lord, & (C) I’m so (D) wrong (E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for taking you in, for
(Em-C-D) lo(Ds2)ving (E) you
(Am) I know to You (C) I be(D)long (Am-C-D)
I’ve spent a (Am) long, long, long time (C) (E) Praise Him - (As2 – E)for His strength made
searching to (D) find my way (G) home (C-D) perfect in (Bs2°) your (E) weakness
(E) Praise Him -(As2 – E) for His constant
You’re my light when I can’t see vi(Ds2)gi(E)lance
I was tied up, You set me free (E)...Praise Him - praise the Lord for His supply
I’m Yours for eternity Praise Him - for guiding and leading the way
I’ve been a long, long, long time walkin’ just to get
to You Praise Him - for always being there for you
Praise Him - for His angels watching over you
Lord, I love You to the bones Praise Him - and thank Him for His protection
I know You won’t leave me alone Praise Him - praise Him for His revelations
It’s to you I sing my song
Praise Him - for His awesome works & power
Praise Him - that you can call Him any hour Du hast mir Reichtum durch deine Armut
Praise Him - that at His name every knee must gebracht Hast mich immer geliebt, hast alles
bow mitgemacht
Praise Him - that the devils tremble in the wake of
His shadow Ich hab‘ alles velor’n beim Versuch zu versteh’n
und alles gefunden, denn Glauben ist sehen
Praise Him - sing His praise continually Ich sitz‘ hier am Boden, mutterseelenallein, wer
Praise Him - praise Him for His strategy kann sich’s schon leisten verliebt zu sein
Praise Him - that for you there's no standing still Was ist so verkehrt dran, verliebt zu sein? Was ist
Praise Him - through you others will come to schon dabei Mann...? Es ist schon in Ordnung
know Him veliebt zu sein

Praise Him - for trusting you to feed His sheep

Praise Him - for the power to fulfill your destiny
Praise Him - praise Him for His awesomeness 18.) Alternative
Praise Him - for the power to overcome all
obstacles (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2)

Praise Him - praise our Jesus for His love Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve
Praise Him - for giving you the power to rise im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-
above (As2)-be
Bist (Em) du unbe-(G)-weglich und (As2) ange-
(Ds2)-passt oder
(Em) spürst du dass (Cmaj7) du noch viel (Ds2)
17.) Ich raff’s einfach nicht mehr in dir (As2) hast?

Ich raff’s einfach nicht, krieg’s nicht gebacken, Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve
So’n loser wie ich hat Millionen Macken (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2)
Ich seh‘ dein Gesicht, fang‘ an zu zittern Du bist Bist du (Em) dazu ge-(G)-boren ein (As2) Sklave
mein Sonnenlicht nach dem Gewitter zu (Ds2) sein oder
(Em) hörst du den (Cmaj7) Freiheitsdrang (Ds2)
Du bist die Liebe, mein Regenbogen Bist meine in dir schrei'n?
Hoffnung, das ist echt nicht gelogen Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve
Ich hätte nie gedacht dass mir so was passiert Als (Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2)
hätt‘ mich das Schicksal mal wieder schön
angeschmiert Ist (Em) Geld alles (G) was du vor (As2) Augen
(Ds2) hast oder
(Em) glaubst du es (Cmaj7) gibt eine (Ds2)
Du bist meine Heldin, die Heldin des Tages Zeig‘ bessere Last?
mir dein Geheimnis, erzähl‘ mir’s, verrat‘ es Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve
Du bist die Antwort auf all‘ meine Fragen die mich im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-
daran hindert vollends zu versagen (As2)-be

All‘ meine Wunden hast du wieder geheilt, Du (Em-G-As2-Ds2-Em-Cmaj7-Ds2-As2)

hast dein Leben mit jedem geteilt
Bist die Vollendung meiner Symphonie Der Atem Ist dein (C9) Schicksal Routine von (G) früh bis
des Lebens so pur wie noch nie (Em/G)spät
oder (C9) glaubst du dass noch etwas (G) anderes
Ich raff’s einfach nicht, krieg‘s nicht auf die Reihe (D) geht?
Bin zu alt für so’n Mist, sieht doch jeder Laie Fällt dir (C9) zum Thema Leben sonst (G) nichts
Wer trägt die Schuld dran wenn dein Herz mit dir mehr (Em/G) ein
durchgeht? oder (C9) bist du bestimmt frei ge-(G)-boren zu (D)
Wer hat die Geduld wenn deine Welt auf dem Kopf sein?
Wer hat die Vernunft und die Weisheit gepachtet,
wer der das Mensch sein mit seinen Schwächen Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve
im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-
Ist der (Em) Alltagstrott (G) etwas das (As2) dich
nicht (Ds2) stört
oder (Em) hast du die(Cmaj7) Stimme der (Ds2)
Freiheit gehört?

Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve (Em-

Ist es (Em) dir schlicht egal wer dein Meister
(Ds2) ist
oder (Em) fühlst du dich als ob du im (Ds2)
falschen Film bist?
Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve

Dein Leben: (Em) recht oder (G) schlecht? Bist du

falsch oder (Ds2) echt?
Glaubst du (Em) nicht dass das Schicksal sich
(Ds2) irgendwann rächt?
Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve
für (Em)welche hast (Cmaj7)du dich entschie-
(Ds2)-den (As2)?


Merkst du (C9)dass irgendwas hier ver-(G)-kehrt

'rum ist
und dass (C9)du ohne Liebe ver-(G)-loren bist
Ist dein (C9)Herr und dein Meister der (G)
oder (C9)glaubst du dass Jesus der (G) Richtige


Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve

im (Em) Dienste des (Cmaj7) Königs der (Ds2) Lie-
Es (Em) gibt eine (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve
für (Em)welche hast (Cmaj7)du dich entschie-
(Ds2)-den (As2)?

Die (Em) einzige (G) Alterna-(As2)-ti-(Ds2)ve

findest (Em) du hier in (Cmaj7) Gottes (Ds2)
Familie (As2)


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