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Btec First Diploma in Business

1) What is personal selling all about? Personal Selling is a
process of developing customer relationships, discovering customer
needs, matching appropriate products with these needs, and
communicating benefts through informing, reminding, and/or
2) Wh is personal Selling important for !usinesses? !usinesses
often have specifc needs and concerns, which are most e"ectivel
addressed through personal selling# $t also has the beneft of helping
to build and strengthen relationships, helping to increase sales in
the long term#
%) &o all businesses emplo personal Sales people? Wh? 'es(
because the interactive nature of personal selling also ma)es it the
most e"ective promotional method for building relationships with
customers, particularl in the business*to*business mar)et# +his is
especiall important for companies that either sell e,pensive
products or sell lower cost but high volume products -i#e#, buer
must purchase in large .uantities) that rel heavil on customers
ma)ing repeat purchases#
/) 0ame % )nowledge and % s)ills that a personal sales person
would need to do the 1ob well?
Customer Orientation which means that the salesperson places
as much emphasis on the customer2s interests as on the
salesperson3s interests# Presentations balance the pros and cons#
+he salesperson doesn3t push a product that the buer doesn2t
Competence includes the salesperson3s abilit, )nowledge, and
resources to meet customer e,pectations# +he salesperson displas
technical command of products and applications#
Dependability is the predictabilit of the salesperson3s actions# 4is
or her words and actions must be consistent with a professional
Likability is rooted in each part2s perception of 5having something
in common5 with the other# +his is an emotional factor, et a
powerful force in buer and seller relationships#
6) Which of the 1787 legislation a"ecting personal selling
mentions the following9* :when ou bu goods from a trader the
must ft the description, be of satisfactor .ualit * which includes
lasting a reasonable length of time * and be ft for their purpose#;
+he Sales of <oods =ct 1787
>) What is the purpose of Personal Selling? +he purpose of
Personal selling is to be able to develop relationships directed
toward achieving mutuall satisfing results between buer and
seller, which sustain and enhance future interactions#
8) What is ?old ?alling? +he process of approaching a potential
customer without an previous introduction or contact with a view
to selling to them# ?old calling is usuall conducted b telephone or
in person
8) Why is feedback from customers so important for
ersonal !ellin"? Feedback is a necessary part of ersonal
!ellin"# $t sho%s Buyers ho% reliable a !eller is# $t sho%s
!ellers ho% prompt &$f at all) Buyers are in payin" for items#
'es Feedback is (ery important especially) to sellers because
it is a steppin" stone to future business success#
*) What is a Sales @ead in personal Selling? = sales lead is a
.ualifed prospect that is read to be contacted b our sales
+,) What is face-to-face contact in personal !ellin". Face
to face sellin" is in the ad(ertisin") marketin" and sellin"
sub/ect# Face to face sellin" appears in the de0nition of
the follo%in" term1 personal sellin"#
11)@ist 2 tpes of businesses that use face Ato*face contact selling?
$nsurance !ro)ers/ ?atalogue companies
12#What is telemar)eting and telesales? +he advertising B selling of
products via telephone