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Kings of War Campaign Day
The Invasion
Dark tidings have reached the inhabitants of
East Vantoria, a shipping and commercial
island in the Infant Sea. Aiming to wrestle
control of the island, a coalition of Evil armies
have launched a major invasion fleet in the
east and are bearing down on this vital island.
Sources believe that the Evil coalition aims to
stab at the heart of the Kingdoms of Men, and
wish to use East Vantoria as a staging ground
to do so. Such an invasion would cast a
shadow across the West for many races,
including Elves and Dwarfs.
Desperate to stop such a calamity, the forces
of Good have formed a coalition of their own.
With both sides landing huge numbers of
troops on the island, the war for East Vantoria
is about to begin.
#WAAC Charity Drive
The Vantorian Onslaught is proudly
supporting WAAC Wargamers All Against
Cancer. All proceeds will be donated to
Macmillan Cancer Support. Please see the
Just Giving page here:
Additionally, on the day any players will be
able to purchase Lady Luck dice for 50p
each between each game. These can be used
to re-roll any one dice of the players choice
during a game, even one of their opponents
dice! The rule of cannot re-roll a re-roll
applies though.
The Campaign
The Vantorian Onslaught is an all-day Charity
campaign to be played at The Grid gaming
venue in Doncaster on 23
August 2014. This
will be a map-based campaign where two
teams will fight over a number of rounds to
control the various territories.
Please be aware that is not an official Mantic
event, despite being run by a Mantic
The ticket price is 10 with proceeds to
Macmillan as part of #WAAC. This does not
include lunch. The Grid supplies great food at
good prices in-house, and there is a Tesco less
than a 5 minute walk from the venue. A copy
of the menu available at The Grid will be
posted on the Mantic forums.
This is a friendly gaming day rather than a cut
throat tournament and as such there will be
no prizes for the best player. Instead everyone
taking part will receive a special Mantic goody
bag, guaranteed to be worth at least 10!
If you have any queries or wish to buy a
ticket, email or
post in the event thread on the Mantic forums:
Payment for tickets are made via Paypal to but please
contact me via email or on the forum first so I
know who you are!

East Vantoria
The island of East Vantoria lies on the far edge
of the Ruins of Vantoria in the Infant Sea.
Settled by human and elf alike, the Port of
Lacia is a bustling centre of commercial
activity and the garrisons make it a key
strategic point for maintaining trade routes
throughout the Infant Sea.
In the days prior to the God War, this was
ruled by the nation of Vantoria who controlled
and taxed sea trade throughout the known
Port of Lacia
The largest civilian settlement on the island is
the Port of Lacia. As a vital resupply and
recuperation point for traders passing
through the Infant Sea, its primary economic
activity revolves around catering for weary
Its local ales are so well spoken of that even
adventurous Dwarfs are known to
begrudgingly voice their approval.
Southwatch Garrison
The Southwatch Garrison is the main military
outpost on the island, serving human and elf
soldiers alike. Smaller garrisons are
maintained in watchtowers to the East and
West, one on Western Hove and one to the
north of the ruined city of Provendi.
Triple Peaks
One of the main distinguishing features of
East Vantoria are the three volcanic
mountains which loom over the island. Small
earthquakes and minor eruptions are an
everyday occurrence for the inhabitants.
A year prior to the Vantorian Onslaught, the
east most volcano shook the island and filled
the sky with clouds. When a scouting party
was sent from the Southwatch Garrison, it
found the once lush forest on the south of the
volcano was now nothing but burnt ground
and smashed trees. It was soon dubbed The
Dead Forest.

Campaign Rules
Building Your Army
Each player should bring a Kings of War army
with a maximum army total of 1000 points
using the standard composition rules defined
in the Kings of War rulebook.
In addition, players should bring an upgraded
army from the same faction totalling up to
1250 points. This is their Alternative Force list
and will be used in certain scenarios instead
of their main 1000 point list.
Players may choose from the twelve official
Kings of War army lists: Elves, Orcs, Dwarfs,
Kingdoms of Men, Abyssal Dwarfs, Undead,
Goblins, Twilight Kin, Ogres, Basileans,
Forces of Nature, and Forces of the Abyss.
All magic artefacts, units and spells from the
official expansion books are permitted, except
for Living Legends. Living Legends are not
Players must have a hero in their army
designated as their General.
Players should note that this is a friendly
campaign day, not a give-it-your-all
tournament. To this end they should avoid
bringing army lists that others might
generally find unbalanced or unfun to play
Players can use models from any
manufacturer, as long as they are mounted on
the correct base size listed in the Kings of War
FAQ. If any model is being used as a counts-
as proxy then this must be made clear to the
opponent before each game.
Painted miniatures are strongly encouraged,
but not mandatory.
The Campaign Map
The Campaign will be a map-based campaign
with wins/losses (and their relevant
Campaign Points) recorded against territories.
Players will be briefed exactly on how this
works on the day.
Items you should provide
In addition to your miniatures, you should
also bring:
Multiple copies of your army lists. At
least one copy for the organiser, one
for yourself and preferably one for
each of your opponents.
All dice, tape measures and any other
gaming accessories.
A copy of the Kings of War rulebook,
as well as the Basilean Legacy, Hellfire
& Stone or Kings & Legends
supplements if you are using any of
the army lists, units, artefacts or spells
in them.
The campaign will adhere to the following
9:30 10:00
Morning Briefing
10:00 11:15
Round 1
11:30 12:45
Round 2
12:45 13:00
Lunch & afternoon
13:00 14:15
Round 3
14:30 15:45
Round 4
16:00 17:15
Round 5
Final briefing

Players are encouraged to stick around after
the final briefing where we will host a mega
battle involving every player and their army.
This is expected to end between 20:00 and
21:00. The Grid will also be staying open and
running games all night in support of #WAAC.
Please be aware that chess clocks will not be
used, but the 75 minutes allocated per game
should give the players ample time to play at a
leisurely pace.
Game Scenario
Amendments to the standard game scenario
are included on the next page and will be used
for every game.
Scenario Changes
Before the game
Before finding out their opponent in each
round, players will draw an objective card
from one of three decks of their choice;
Each deck will have objective cards suited to
that particular Battle Stance. For example,
an Offensive card might require you to hold
an objective in your opponents Set-up Area.
The cards will also include optional additional
benefits for your army, such as allowing you
to set up defensive positions or make some
advance deployments.
Set up
Unlike the rulebook scenario, players choose
table sides before placing objective markers.
Once players have chosen sides an objective
marker is placed in the exact centre of the
board. They then each place two objective
markers on their own half of the board. At
least one of them must be within their Set-up
Area and must be more than 12 away from
another objective marker.
Examples of Offensive, Defensive and
Balanced objective cards are on the next page,
in that order.
Once objectives have been placed then the
players reveal their objective cards to their
opponent and then proceed to deploy their
armies as normal.
After the game
At the end of the game, players add up the
cost of all the enemy units that were Routed,
plus any additional Victory Points for
achieving their objective.
Objective cards will grant an additional 500
Victory Points if achieved.
Check the table below for the result. Note that
the winner is the player with the most VPs.
0-249 Draw 1 each
250-749 Victory/Loss Winner: 3
Loser: 1
750+ Massacre! Winner: 4
Loser: 0
Special Rule Reserves
Some objective cards will make use of the
Reserves special rule as follows:
Units placed in reserve are not deployed at
the start of the game.
If you have any units in reserve, roll 2D6 at
the start of your turn before issuing any
orders. If the total is equal or less than the
current turn number then all of the reserve
units have arrived.
Declare the order that you want to give each
unit, then move it onto the table measuring
from anywhere on your table edge. The unit
cannot carry out a charge order on the turn
that it arrives.


By making a headlong rush at
the enemy lines, you hope to
unseat them with a lightning
Control an objective in your
opponents Set-up Area at the
end of the game.
Your forces have moved
swiftly into position, but
communications are
disrupted by the fast
Any of your units may make a
Vanguard move of up to 6.
Any unit doing this has the
Yellow Bellied Special Rule
for your first turn.
The enemy means to seize a
key religious artefact from you.
Defend it with your lives!
Choose and declare an
objective on your half of the
board before players deploy
any units. You must control
that objective at the end of the
The object is held in such
high regards that your forces
will fight to the last over it.
Your chosen objective has the
Inspiring special rule.
Your forces dont have the
numbers to launch a major
attacks. A slow and steady
advance is needed.
Control the central objective at
the end of the game and at least
one of your solid units must
A local blacksmith has offered
to upgrade some of your
Before deploying, you may
choose a single unit in your
army. That unit has the same
special rules as the Mace of
Crushing, but may roll up to 5
dice for it instead.