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In the Lama & the Deity who are the embodiment of the 3 Jewels I take refuge until attaining
enlightenment / In order to liberate helpless wayfaring beings pervading space, I shall diligently strive
to accomplish the nlightened Lama! "#3$
%y natural mind, luminious & void, manifest as a sphere of & colored light! In its center appears the
'lorious Lama who in essence inmy own innate awareness!
(aked without ornamentation he is soley bedecked with )nrang *ants and %editation +elt! ,ith -oyful
countenance he beholds all beings with love! +y turning the Dharma wheel enceasingly with his right
hand, the billionfold universe is imbued with the rainfall of Dharma, ever showering down! +y holding
a begging bowl filled with nectar in his left hand, he heals the malady of sentient beings!
)t his navel on a sun disc stands a white luminous ./% emitting rays of light and summoning the
0on1uerors who descend like snowflakes in a bli22ard and disolve into him! 3hus, consider him to be
the embodiment of the +uddhas of past, present, and future!
)s the manifestation of loving kindness & compassion you are 0henre2ig! +ecause you love all beings like a mother does a
child, you are 3ara!
)s the Lord who pervades an ocean of mandalas you are 4a-radhara! I suplicate you, 'lorious 'archen5
3hrough realin2ing the 3 63he Lama,4igilance, & my own %ind 7 to be a union free from meeting & parting, reverent
prostration is sponstaneously made!
8rom within an unmodified state in which the 9 senses are settled in their natuaral place, all phenomenal e#istence, the
finest of offerings, is sponstaneously given!
,ithin the space where all kleshas & conceptual thoughts amassed like clouds are self6liberated, confession spontaneously
,ithin a state of e1uanimity, unconfined by the cage of dualistic fi#ation, re-oicing spontaneously arises!
I re1uest you to kindle the torch of primordial awareness for transient beings enveloped by the darkness of unawareness! 8or
the sake of merit & good fortune for myself & others, may your life be long & steadfast! %ay the merit gathered through
meditation practice & so forth turn into the welfare of all mother sentient beings!
You have realized the uncontived self-aware Dharmakaya, Your unconditoned great love pervades all beings &
realms.With your immeasuable enlightened activity you guide those to be tamed accoding to their inclinations.
supplicate you, !he sun of the teachings of absolute truth. "# or $%&
)t his navel upon a sun disc the mantra chain rotates clockwise! 8rom it the light of emptiness &
compassion radiates and makes offerings to all 0on1uerors & purifies the karmas, kleshas, negativities,
& propensities of sentient being! 3hink that the vessel & its contenents have become a field of all6
embracing purity!
:% ). '/;/ ;)3() D,)<) %).)%/D;) =IDD.I *.)L) ./%
)t the end, the vessel & its contents melt into light & dissolve into the Lama! 3he Lama transforms into a &6
colored orb, dissolves into my heart, and our minds merge! Look at the nature of the Lama>s enlightened mind
and your mind united55 "know that concious awareness is the nature of the Lama! *reserve mindful awareness,
the essence of the Lama, continuously!$
3hrough this virtue, may I swiftly accomplish the glorious Lama,
& thus establish all sentient beings without e#ception in that state!