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ISO standards list 1-to 50

ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Merchandise Specifications (GPS) Normal reference temperature

for geometrical product specification and verification
ISO two:1973 Textiles Designation of the way of twist in yarns and related solutions
ISO three:1973 Most well-liked numbers Series of desired numbers
ISO 4:1997 Details and documentation Principles for the abbreviation of title words and
phrases and titles of publications
ISO 5 Photography and graphic engineering Density measurements

ISO 5-one:2009 Geometry and functional notation
ISO five-2:2009 Geometric problems for transmittance density
ISO 5-3:2009 Spectral problems
ISO five-four:2009 Geometric circumstances for reflection density

ISO 6:1993 Photography Black-and-white pictorial still camera detrimental movie/course of
action techniques Determination of ISO velocity
ISO 7 Pipe threads where stress-tight joints are created on the threads

ISO 7-one:1994 Dimensions, tolerances and designation
ISO 7-2:2000 Verification by implies of limit gauges

ISO 8:1977 Documentation Presentation of periodicals
ISO 9:1995 Data and documentation Transliteration of Cyrillic characters into Latin
characters Slavic and non-Slavic languages
ISO 11:1987 Plane Ground force tests connections for stress cabins
ISO twelve:1987 Aerospace Pipelines Identification
ISO 14:1982 Straight-sided splines for cylindrical shafts with interior centering Dimensions,
tolerances and verification
ISO fifteen:2011 Radial bearings -- Boundary dimensions, common plan
ISO 16:1975 Acoustics Normal tuning frequency (Typical musical pitch)
ISO 17:1973 Information to the use of most well-liked quantities and of series of preferred
ISO eighteen:1981 Documentation Contents record of periodicals
ISO 21:1985 Shipbuilding Inland navigation Cable-lifters for stud-backlink anchor chains
ISO 22:1991 Belt drives Flat transmission belts and corresponding pulleys Dimensions
and tolerances
ISO 23:1993 Cinematography -- Camera utilization of 35 mm movement-image movie --
ISO twenty five:1994 Cinematography -- Digicam utilization of sixteen mm movement-image
movie -- Specs
ISO 26:1993 Cinematography -- Projector usage of 16 mm movement-picture films for direct
entrance projection -- Requirements
ISO 28:1976 Cinematography -- Digital camera use of 8 mm Type R movement-image film --
Technical specs
ISO 29:1980 Cinematography -- Projector utilization of 8 mm Variety R silent movement-
image movie for direct front projection -- Requirements [Withdrawn without replacement]
ISO 31 Portions and units [withdrawn: changed with ISO/IEC 80000]
ISO 32:1977 Gas cylinders for healthcare use -- Marking for identification of information
ISO 34

ISO 34-1:2010 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Willpower of tear power -- Portion one:
Trouser, angle and crescent test items
ISO 34-2:2011 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Resolve of tear toughness -- Part 2:
Modest (Delft) test parts

ISO 35:2004 Natural rubber latex concentrate -- Dedication of mechanical steadiness
ISO 36:2011 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Resolve of adhesion to textile materials
ISO 37:2011 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic Resolve of tensile stress-strain
ISO forty one:1980 Shipbuilding -- Inland vessels -- Handles for deck openings for pumps
[withdrawn devoid of substitution]
ISO forty three:1976 Aircraft -- Jacking pads
ISO 44:1975 Aerospace -- Lever-operated, two-situation, ON/OFF switches -- Directions of
ISO 45:1990 Plane -- Tension refuelling connections
ISO forty six:1973 Plane -- Fuel nozzle grounding plugs and sockets
ISO 48:2010 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Dedication of hardness (hardness
between ten IRHD and a hundred IRHD)
ISO Standards