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Energy Update - June 2014

"Light Body Activation: Stage 1"

by Matt Kahn
Is your world a bit dizzying? Have you been seeing double
lately? Are you open to all possibilities in life one moment
and in emotional disarray the next? Is it difficult to even get
out bed and be a part of the world? Do you wonder how on
earth this could be a sign of spiritual progress when it seems
as if you keep sliding backwards or regularly play out old
loops of old conditioning?
If so, it is a crucial stage of energetic expansion creating the
vital foundation for your souls ascension! As I dedicate
todays energy update to helping you understand the
significant shifting that has been occurring over the past few
weeks "this week in particular# may it begin by freeing you
from the need to blame yourself for the signs and symptoms
of your highest evolution!
$hile many members of the first wave of ascension remain
diligent in doing their inner
spiritual work, it is easy to
confuse symptoms of awakening
with evidence of what needs to
be further worked on or purged
out of your field! It is easy for a
heart%centered energetically%
sensitive being to view
themselves through a lens of
imperfection! $hen this occurs,
any thought, feeling, impulse, or tendency that does not
match up with the goals of how a perfectly%aligned being
behaves, creates a deeper desire to cleanse, release, and
purge from a standpoint of self%&udgment! 'ven when this
pattern intensifies, as it has for so many this past week, it is
all a part of a much bigger play I am here to explain!

(ay this explanation take the weight of the world off your
shoulders and give you permission to let yourself off the
hook! )ou have already done so much to support the
evolution of the planet, even if you cannot see how far the
positive affect of your vibration has already spread! *lease
remember, your continued support in the awakening of
humanity is essential, but it cannot reach its full potency and
power if you are beating yourself up, micromanaging your
life, or using spirituality to be your biggest bully!
+hose who still play out the old ,rd dimensional paradigm
continue to treat themselves and others in this painful way,
therefore, it becomes impossible for you to help lift the veil
for others when using your spiritual path as a means of
&ustifying the same outdated level of consciousness!
+his means with every step forward into the -th dimension,
each choice you make to support your evolution, as well as
the ascension of all, must be made with gentleness,
relaxation, and &oy as your guide!
As you may have already learned from the polarities of the
,rd dimension, trying to push away, avoid, or transcend any
condition is an unsuspecting way of creating a deeper
attachment to it! '.ually so, opening up and allowing
anything in your experience to be welcomed with gratitude,
no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it seem to be,
releases attachments out of your field!
/imply put % what you push away tends to stick around
longer! $hatever you welcome, often decides to leave! +he
moment you ask, 0$hen is this going to go away?0 it seems
to linger in your energy field! 'ach time it is welcomed with
open arms and given permission to stay as long as it wishes,
it receives the freedom to find somewhere else to be! It is
important to remember how each uncomfortable pattern is
&ust as much an expression of 1od consciousness as the
ones you prefer! 'ssentially, they orbit the collective field
after being cast away by personal &udgments, waiting for
someone to welcome them as an e.ual expression of the
divine! As their divinity is acknowledged, each pattern is
stripped of any history of &udgment of being less than the
Divine and returns to the /ource of origin to be transmuted
back into the totality of light!
It doesnt have to be imagined as your conditioning to clear,
but an opportunity for you to participate in releasing
humanity from limiting patterns!
2nce you see patterns as the
unresolved clutter within the
collective field of consciousness, it
is your willingness to welcome the
divinity in all things, even when
they dont feel so divine, that
allows the energetic pressure in
your field to lighten for the well%being of all!
+his is being emphasized because this week officially marks
the first stage of light body activation! In the first stage, all
cellular debris in your energy field that acted as proof of
being separate, or other than the source of divinity, is swept
out of your field! As this occurs, space is created for the
emerging light body in human form!
As you may have already learned, the proof of what you are
healing can be noticed in the sensations you feel! $hile it is
easy to assume the confirmation of healing is a feeling of
spaciousness, the first sign of healing occurs the moment
debris leaves your field! As I always say, 0$hat youre
feeling % you are healing!0
'ven when it feels as if energy or emotions are stuck within
you, it is a sign of what is on its way out! In order to help it
leave at a faster rate, it must be openly welcomed! If not,
any tendency to contract or shut down narrows the path for

it to be released like a moving truck trying to wedge itself
through a narrow alley!
During the first stage of light body activation, it is common
to feel emotional density, fatigue, anxiety, trembling arms or
legs, reactivity to the conditioning of others, a loss of
control, boredom, apathy, or depression! It can even create
a sense of confusion or helplessness if trying to move toward
being in the world at a faster rate than your healing unfolds!
)ou may be tired of incubating, but you may need a bit more
time to rest and recover in order to bring forth the vibration
this world is so blessed to receive! If nothing seems to be
working, it is a way in which the 3niverse reminds you to
continue healing and allow the bigger plan of your souls
purpose to find you % once fully activated!
+here are some who have been immersed in the first stage
of light body activation over the past two years! $hile not
everyone spends the same amount of time in each stage, it
is an opportunity to understand the greater spiritual
implications of life to free you from blaming yourself or
others for the intensity of your &ourney!
4or those who have been physically drained, emotionally
exhausted, and energetically spent for the past year or so,
they are beginning to notice openings within themselves! As
this occurs, it is the light body activating your field as a
conscious expression of /pirit in action! /igns of these
openings include5 bursts of &oy, inspiration, a deeper
unexplainable faith in knowing all is well, a sense of
interconnection with all things, a forgetfulness of past
experiences, as well as a natural ability to notice the
condition of others without being triggered or needing to do
anything to remain centered!
As these openings are noticed,
a cascading windfall of
wellness can be sensed
whether as momentary waves,
or in longer durations of
As these waves become more
fre.uent, it establishes a new
way of being that activates
your light body into present
moment time! 'ven if you feel
radiant wellness one moment,
and fatigue the next, it is a
sign that your energy field is
getting used to the expanded
consciousness and heightened
fre.uency of your light body, but needs additional time to let
it in! +his is much like dipping a toe into a pool as a way of
getting used to the temperature of the water! /oon, youll
put an entire foot underwater and in no time, youll feel safe
enough to dive right in!
As is always true in the evolution of consciousness that the
faster you proceed, the more .uickly you stagnate! +he
slower you move, the further you advance!
+his period of light body activation occurring within the full
year span of all four blood moons is crucial to your shifting
from dense physical form into a crystalline light body!
$hether you are experiencing outbursts of &oy as a sign of
your emerging light body, or continue to clear a path for its
arrival through emotional releases or insufferable fatigue, I
honor you as an active participant in the first wave of

/imply by being alive on this planet and making the choice
to embrace yourself during lifes most advanced stages of
spiritual growth, you are doing so much to positively impact
the consciousness of all!
2n behalf of the 1alactic 6ouncil, I congratulate you on how
far youve already traveled and assure you, as we come
together to fulfill our mission % the best is yet to come!
*lease share this energy update with your community of
awakening hearts, so all may receive the transmission of
energy infused in these words to help integrate the light
body into a fully activated reality!
In the coming weeks, I will offer additional energy updates
to support the evolution of your &ourney as loving reminders
that is safe to come out of hiding and welcome life as your
playground of divinity!
(any blessings beautiful 2nes,
(att 7ahn
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