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The Power of Innovation

Tomexsa is a developer and

manufacturer of steel poles, lattice
towers, substation structures, rail cars and
forms, and building structures among many
other specified projects. For over 40 years
Tomexsa has established itself as a reliable
and innovative solutions provider. Tomexsa
works closely with its customers to ensure
the highest quality at minimal expense.
Tomexsa is the only manufacturing
company in Mexico, with global coverage,
that has designed and produced poles and
lattice towers for thousands of miles of
transmission and distribution lines around
the world.
Tomexsa has worked to keep its
industry reputation as a world leader
in quality and innovation.
We operate one of the largest test
fields in the world for new lattice tower
and pole designs, with a maximum
testing height of 220 feet. Tomexsa
purchases the raw materials used in the
U.S. from the United States, and applies
material composition testing to raw
materials to ensure they meet quality
standards. Furthermore, towers and
poles are tested and recorded to their
structural limits, and the information
is provided to the customer. This
ensures that your structures meet or
exceed your specifications.
Tomexsa offers complete
solutions including design, testing,
manufacturing, galvanizing, and
shipping. We have won important
projects in the United States, Mexico,
the Caribbean, Central and South
With Tomexsa as your supplier
you will receive products and
solutions from a proven and dedicated
company that works hard for you.
Utility Structures:
Tubular or Polygonal Poles for Transmission
lines from 115kV to 800kV
Tubular or Polygonal Poles for Distribution lines
Tubular or Polygonal Poles for Street, Area,
and Public lighting
Lattice Towers for Transmission lines
from 115kV to 800kV
Lattice Towers for Distribution lines
Emergency Towers:
Designed to be erected quickly, easily,
and lighter than similar towers made
from Aluminum, our Emergency Towers
can be installed to minimize down time
on a site where a tower or pole is
being repaired or replaced.
Sub-Station structures with Lattice or Pole construction.
Solar Structures:
Mirror frames, and pivoting platforms.
Oil Rig Platforms:
Oil rigging and drilling platforms.
Building Structures:
I-Beams, tree plates, and structural steel for heavy to light industrial
We operate 2 galvanizing kettles of
40 feet and 6 of shorter lengths.
Communication Structures:
Tubular or Polygonal Poles for microware antennas,
cellular antenna platforms, mobile or LPTV antennas,
wireless internet, PCS / GSM.
Lattice Towers for microware antennas, cellular antenna platforms, mobile
or LPTV antennas, wireless internet, PCS / GSM.
Utility Houses:
Manufactured housing units for communication equipment. Solid
construction, modular housing, designed to keep equipment safe from the
elements, vandals, and theft.
Test Field
Tomexsa operates one of the largest test fields in North America. We measure
line tension, wind, and ice forces among others, and test the structure to its limits by
bringing it down. This information is measured precisely and provided to the customer.
We ensure that our products are made with our
astringent guidelines of quality, therefore we implement
every necessary test, and inspection to guarantee that
the product gets to the customer with the specifications
Tomexsa begins its products in fabrication of the
primary materials to make sure the quality standards
are exact, we run random batch material composition
testing. We test our prototypes on site, as well as
galvanize in house. This give us total control over every
aspect of our products, only then can they be stamped
with our logo, and shipped all over the world.
In some cases, towers and poles are specially constructed
up to 100 meters or 328 feet tall. This requires testing
to ensure the design will withstand the environment it
will be installed in.
Material Code
We stamp code every piece we manufacture for identification. This material code
provides information about when and how the piece was made, and material
composition test results if applicable.
Material coding provides easy reorder
information should the part get
damaged, during set up or while in use.
It can also be used as individual piece
Tomexsas production capabilities occupy almost 2 million square feet and
over 500 employees with an average tenure of 14 years. Our impressive state of
the art equipment includes sheers with a cutting capacity of up to 20 feet, and
hydraulic presses of 400 tons each. We use CNC machines extensively which
include CNC pantographs, automatic angle masters, automatic plate masters, and
Arc welders.
We maintain in house sand blasting , and material finishing facilities, as well
as 8 galvanizing kettles; 2 over 40 feet in length.
Tomexsa owns and operates over 25 Semi trucks
and a railroad shipment yard.
Proj ects:
Lattice Towers, Poles, and Substations:
Customer Project

AT&T Dallas TX. USA 32 poles 48 Mts. High
CE American Pole, TX. USA 3,092 pole arms for transmission
DWP Los Angeles, CA, USA 400 kV towers (2,700 Tons)
NPPD Nebraska, USA 345 kV towers (3,265 Tons)
Puerto Rico, USA Steel poles (183 poles)
Costa Rica 230 kV towers for Geotermia Miravalles (450 Tons)
Colombia 500 kV towers for San Carlos-Sabanalarga
(16,000 tons)
Panama 115 kV Towers for Bahia-Las Minas (850 tons)
Panama 230 kV towers for Proyecto Bayano (1,700 tons)
Colombia 230 kV towers for Sabanalarga-Valledupar
(4,000 tons)
Luz Industrial LTDA. Israel Metallic structures for five solar plants
CFE Mxico 115 kV 1 and 2 Circuit Lattice Towers (26,000 tons)
230 kV 1 and 2 Circuit Lattice Towers (117, 814 tons)
400 kV 1 and 2 circuit Lattice Towers (149,739 tons)
800 kV Lattice Towers (11,000 tons)
Construction of 80 km of transmission line
(El Cuchillo)
Construction of 300 km of transmission line
Construction of 250 km of transmission line (La Pila)
115 kV transmission Steel Poles (800 tons)
400 kV transmission steel poles (1,200 tons)
Special transmission steel poles (250 tons)
Substations steel structure (1,500 tons)
Colombia 230 kV towers for Paipa-Bucaramanga-Cucuta
(4,500 tons)
CFE Mxico
Tomexsa Structures
Foreign Affairs Building, Mexico City
Machinery House, Costa Rica
Mexicana Airlines Aviation Hangar,
Tomexsa has provided structural steel for
many projects in the U. S., Mexico, and
South America.
Tomexsa uses only steel from the
United States for its building
materials in the United State, and
works closely with the Architects, and
contractors to ensure proper
installation and adhere to project
Tomexsa has manufactured steel structures
for over 40 years and stays up to date with
material and building codes in the U.S. and
The Power of
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