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Cover Page to Clerk / Judge of the Small Claims Court

TO: Clerk: Small Claims Court - Room #170 - West Regional Courthouse
100 North Pine Island Road, Plantation Florida [ 33324 ]
File this Offer to Contract, on Demand.
Assign a case number.
Assign a judge at random.
No payment is included this time. Under UCC 3-603 discharge has occured.
Petitioner will serve the respondents via certified mail, once a case # is assigned.
TO: Judge: Small Claims Court - Room #170 - West Regional Courthouse
Take judicial Notice of the following:
On June 12 , 2014, petitioner tendered, in person,
2.5grams of 90% silver - as partial payment in
lawful money - for services of a court of natural / common law. It was refused.
On June 23 , 2014, petitioner tendered, in person, 55 dollars worth of U.S. federal reserve notes
(cash) as full payment. It, also, was refused.
Today, June 26 , 2014, submits the same offer to contract, without any payment at all.
Review the terms of the contract below. If said terms are acceptable, advise the petitioner of
same and whether you desire any additional service (by certified mail) on the respondents.
If the petitioners contract terms are not accepted, then please return all papers along with a
written explanation for said refusal.
Petitioner prays for a summary ex-parte declaratory judgment confirming the petitioners legal
status vis a vis the respondents. Petitioners prayer includes evidence that the respondents have
already been served and that they refused to respond. Accordingly they have dishonored the
petitioner in the case sub-judice and petitioners affidavit and status, un-rebutted is ripe for your
signature. Petitioner submits his prayer for declaratory judgment in order to advance justice,
peace, and bar any further unlawful trespasses and transgressions by the respondents.
These prayers are submitted in paper and digital PDF format. World wide public distribution
encouraged. But for the Grace of God, go I. May this Prayer promote the Creators design for a
peaceful Kingdom on Earth resplendent in his Glory. Blessed is the nation whose God is the
Lord (not the STATE) (Psalm 33:12).
Petitioner offers to contract with this court, whose authority and jurisdiction are accepted as long
as the Judge, randomly selected, agrees:
1. to make no assumptions of law, standing, authority or jurisdiction;
2. to acknowledge that a living soul that is attacked has an unalienable right to defend
himself with written declarations, affidavits, demurrers, and counter-claims;
3. to acknowledge that the attacking party has a duty to respond to the petitioner / defendant
/ accuseds written instru Bments in a timely fashion, point by point, with signed
4. to acknowledge the time honored maxim: Silence is Acquiescence;
5. to acknowledge that failure of the attacking party to respond to an accuseds affidavit,
constitutes dishonor and default. That following default, the attacking party is precluded /
barred / estopped from pursuing their claims any further and must pay the accused any
fees stated in his unrebutted documents;
6. that any attacking party, that has defaulted is barred from advancing any defense in the
present tense, and that summary judgment will ensue, without delay;
7. that petitioner is a living soul ( a natural person ... with a soul and a conscience) unless
proved otherwise, later, via evidence submitted by the respondents;
8. to acknowledge that living souls who can demonstrate that they are free-men (and free-
women) with no legal nexus to the respondents, are not subject to the Acts, Codes,
Statutes or Rules of the respondents, unless consent is given thereto;
9. to recognize the petitioner as one of the People of America protected by natural law,
international laws and treaties, common law, the Constitution for the People of the united
states of America and the Uniform Commercial Code, where it does NOT conflict with the
10. to operate this court proceeding under natural and common law jurisdiction, under GOD;
11. to allow the petitioner at least three opportunities to amend his prayer;
12. to conduct this proceeding by written submissions, where practical, and if a hearing is
ordered to conduct same in a public fashion, videotaping allowed, to conduct same as an
Article III court of record, with a guarantee that the court will not threaten or arrest the
petitioner unless there is an injured party with a sworn/signed and notarized affidavit. The
petitioner is to be afforded all due process rights under natural, international and common
law. If an arrest does take place, the court will issue a notice to appear unless evidence
shows that the petitioner is a flight risk or a threat to the safety of the community. If
petitioner is arrested he will be brought immediately to a magistrate who will produce a
signed and notarized Oath that he/she will protect and defend the petitioners unalienable
rights under the Constitution for the People of the united states of America, not a
CONstitution of the U.S. corporation, and provide a certified copy of a BOND, which
guarantees his specific performance with the Oath, as I have outlined it, above. The judge
assigned to this case, agrees to the same, and that he has fiduciary duty, primarily to the
People of the united states of America, who may file petitions / prayers in his/her court,
not to the BAR or to The respondents;
13. that if a hearing is required the court room will display a peace time flag for the People of
Florida, not the yellow fringed Executive flag of the U.S. corporation / armed services;
14. that no federal jurisdiction is conferred, in this document, by any reference to federal U.S.
code. If respondents wish to remove this Prayer to a federal court, they will be required,
first, to submit a legal memorandum, and the petitioner will be given opportunities to
respond and / or amend his Prayers retain local jurisdiction, before removal;
15. to recognize, understand and protect the principles enunciated in the Declaration of
Independence, the first document (law of the land) printed in the Statutes at Large. You
recognize the following truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they
are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty, ownership of private property, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these
rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the
consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive
of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter it, abolish it, or distance themselves
from IT.
16. that, if summary judgment is not entered for the petitioner, all contested issues of law and
fact will be tried by a jury of the petitioners peers and vicinage ....
In the United States of America, the sovereignty resides in the body of the people. Vide Rutherf. Inst.
282 (Bouvier 1856) Petitioners Declaration of Sovereignty was recorded in book 50829 / page 163 in the Broward
County official public records as instrument # 112327211
Upon information and belief, no person or entity has come forward to dispute this affidavit.
The historian Antonio de Herrera provides an account of Ponce de Leon's 1513 and 1521 exploratory
trips to Florida, including a mention of a place called "Chequescha," which is likely Tequesta.
In the County Court for the People of Broward, Florida
Bruce Toski )
Petitioner )
vs. )
Respondents )

Comes now the petitioner, Bruce of the family Stewart - Toski. Petitioners status, as a sentient
living soul, a self-owned sovereign , one of the posterity of the original colonists, foreign and
alien to the United States, free of any legal nexus to the respondents or any of their agents, is
undisputed, unrebutted, and recorded in the public records for the People of Broward. That the
petitioner was a male child born onto the land called Chequescha , in 1957, is also undisputed.
Petitioner appears at arms length, with a PRAYER FOR DECLARATORY JUDGMENT.
The respondents: CITY of FORT LAUDERDALE, COUNTY of BROWARD, and the STATE
of FLORIDA, (Hereinafter collectively referred to as the STATE) are all fictitious legal entities.
The CITY of FORT LAUDERDALE is a municipal corporation. The COUNTY of BROWARD
is a political sub-division of the STATE of FLORIDA (D&B # 004078374).
Small Claims court has jurisdiction: no claim for money is made in this first prayer.
Venue is proper as all the respondents have attacked the petitioner in Broward county.
Agents of the STATE have attacked, manipulated and enslaved the petitioner since birth.
Petitioner is 57 now. For many years, petitioners defensive pleadings have been ignored or
summarily dismissed by those who pretend to be accountable to the People, but who, in fact, are
now, simply agents and administrators for the STATE. The petitioner prays for clarification, with
finality, in law, regarding petitioners legal status vis a vis the STATE and its agents.
Case no.
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
In 1961, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas stated in his book titled, A Living Bill of
Rights, that the founding fathers, in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, ... embodied a
continuing determination to live and govern themselves free of domestic as well as foreign
tyrants. Such is the raison detre for this prayer. Justice Douglas also quoted George
Washington as having said, Government is like fire - a dangerous servant, a fearful master.
Petitioner simply prays for a declaration which will quell the fire from this fearful and lawless
entity. Justice Douglas further stated that People have rights which judges must respect. I pray
for this respect. He believed that, in this country (America) the People could walk, with dignity
and without fear, that he need not grovel before an all powerful government. (pg 17) This,
unfortunately, has NOT been the petitioners experience during his 57 years. Justice Douglas
passed away in 1975, but I believe he would be disgusted with the current Police State, where
police break into homes without any identification or warrant, and beat up the owner of the home
... pursuant to a capias, which, is nothing more than a piece of paper signed by a clerk.
Agents of The STATE have incarcerated, tortured and extorted money from the petitioner under
force of arms and color of law. Petitioner has never been afforded Due Process. Agents of the
STATE continue to treat the petitioner as a feudal slave. This filing is an attempt to correct this
onerous problem once and for all. No money is demanded, petitioner simply wants his legal /
lawful status affirmed.
Upon information and belief, STATE agents created, in 1957, a fictitious legal entity (strawman)
using the petitioners name (in all CAPS), and then, based on unlawful presumptions, falsehoods
and deception, extorted money from the petitioner using unlawful summary processes and
commercial invoices under force of arms and an extensive agenda of FEAR.
Petitioner asserts that a simple tenet of natural law is that one who is attacked has a right to
defend himself. Petitioner has always mounted a vigorous defense by oral and written demurrers.
STATE agents have only rarely responded, and if they have, in a non-responsive manner. STATE
agents - upon information and belief - have been instructed to remain silent when served with any
defensive documents and speak evasively if trapped in court. Petitioner has attempted, in good
faith, to abate the demands of STATE agents. STATE agents have ignored all petitioners offers
to tender payment in lawful money, or payment via the Strawman account that the STATE
Petitioner lives in peace with all living souls on Earth. Unless STATE agents are, in fact, soul-less
entities, they are expected to live in peace and abide by the Golden Rule, Do unto others as you
would have them do unto you. They have, consistently, failed to do so.
After reaching the age of majority, the petitioner became aware of the following sad predicament
of life in society today .... Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains. So said Jean-
Jacques Rousseau around the time of the American Revolution. My fight for Freedom is nothing
new, of course. Since 1750 B.C in Babylon when the law fit onto a stele 8' high, man has been
enslaved, by, other men ... usually those in government. In the earliest known records, slavery is
treated as an established institution. The Code of Hammurabi prescribed death for anyone who
helped a slave to escape or who sheltered a fugitive. The Bible mentions slavery as an established
institution. Slavery still exists, but now, thru indoctrination, brainwashing and fear, the People
just think they are free. Slavery is just one form of
STATE sponsored terrorism. Other forms of
terrorism include colonialism, the prison industry, bioterrorism, ecoterrorism, nuclear terrorism,
taxation, forced licensing, code enforcement, wiretapping, et. al. It is important to understand
that political violence by the state is the most organized, and potentially the most far-reaching,
application of terrorist violence. (Gus Martin - Essentials of Terrorism) The petitioner is but one
man, doing what he can, with the talents blessed upon him by the Creator and his parents, to bring
society closer to the equitable and lawful utopia intended by the Creator, not the present dystopia
engineered by the hidden forces behind the shadow governments of the world.
At Arms Length, with all rights reserved petitioner makes the following statements of fact and
law. Take judicial and public notice of the following. The following statements of fact and law
have NOT been rebutted by any STATE agents, and thus stand as Truth, by the doctrine of
estoppel, laches, and the age old maxim that Silence is Acquiescence.
Bruce of the family Stewart - Toski, hereinafter Affiant, without equivocation, concealment,
deception, or insincerity, solemnly swears the following true, correct and complete:
17. Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.
18. Affiant, a man, sui juris, can speak his own truth and has the right to do so.
19. Affiant is a sentient living soul, of competent age to testify, and appears here in propria
20. Affiant is a native Floridian.
21. Affiant has full ownership of the name Bruce Toski and Bruce Richard Toski.
22. Affiant has firsthand knowledge of the contents and tenor of this Affidavit.
23. Affiant is not, and never was, lawfully, a U.S. citizen'.
24. Affiant is not, and never was, lawfully, a registered voter.
25. Affiant does not have, and never applied for, a social security number.
26. Affiant is not a merchant and uses Federal Reserve notes only under the doctrine of
necessity and survival.
27. There is no lawful trust' relationship between the Affiant and The STATE, or any of its
28. Affiant's name in ALL CAPS, e.g. BRUCE TOSKI, indicates a fictitious legal entity, a
legal person', a business entity, a strawman, which was created by The STATE without
any lawful premise.
29. Affiant disavows any knowledge, participation or consent to any invisible adhesion
contracts, licenses, permits, quasi-contracts, implied trusts, involuntary trusts, trust de son
tort, trust ex delicto, trust ex maleficio, remedial trusts, trust in invitum or any other
relationship' with the STATE.
30. Affiant is not a resident' of any land or territory claimed by The STATE or any other area
claimed to be under STATE jurisdiction. Any reference to same should be removed
31. This Affidavit, the information contained herein, and Affiant's signature, supplants and
replaces any previously filed.
32. On June 4 , 2014, affiants one page NOTICE BY AFFIDAVIT AS EVIDENCE OF
SOVEREIGN STATUS OF BRUCE TOSKI was recorded publicly for the People of
Broward. Said NOTICE is attached at evidentiary exhibit A.
33. On June 4 , 2014, affiants one page NOTICE BY AFFIDAVIT AS EVIDENCE OF
SOVEREIGN STATUS OF BRUCE TOSKI was served on agents for the CITY of
An Affidavit of Service is attached at evidentiary exhibit B.
Courts of justice are established, not only to decide upon controverted rights of the Citizens as
against each other, but also upon rights in controversy between them and the government.
United States v. Lee, 106 U.S. 196, 200, 1 S.Ct. 240, 27 L.Ed. 171 (1882)
DECLARATORY JUDGMENTS: In a case of actual controversy ... any court ... upon the filing
of an appropriate pleading, may declare the rights and other legal relations of any interested party
seeking such declaration, whether or not further relief is or could be sought. Any such declaration
shall have the force and effect of a final judgment or decree and shall be reviewable as such.
Further necessary or proper relief based on a declaratory judgment or decree may be granted,
after reasonable notice and hearing, against any adverse party whose rights have been determined
by such judgment.
Upon information and belief, no person or entity has come forward to dispute the petitioners
affidavit. An Un-rebutted Affidavit stands as Truth in Commerce. See Morris v National
Cash Register, 44 S.W. 2d 433, which clearly states at point #4 that uncontested allegations
in affidavit must be accepted as true., and the Federal case of Group v Finletter, 108 F.
Supp. 327 which states, Allegations in affidavit in support of motion must be considered as
true in absence of counter-affidavit.
Petitioner prays for an Order (suggested Order included) declaring his status, as sovereign, vis a
vis The STATE and its agents.
Executed at Arms Length, All Rights Reserved, Further, Petitioner Sayeth Naught !
Bruce Toski
On this 12 day of June, 2014, appeared Bruce Toski,
personally known to me, who, executed the foregoing Affidavit.
Laurie A. Chapman - Notary Public

On June 26 , 2014 this nine page PRAYER FOR DECLARATORY JUDGMENTS was sent via first class mail
to the Courthouse, 100 North Pine Island Rd., Room #170 Plantation Florida [33324] and also emailed to:
Scott J. Israel - Sheriff for BROWARD
Richard L. Scott - Governor for FLORIDA
Pam Bondi - Attorney General for FLORIDA
Howard C. Forman - Clerk of the Court for BROWARD
Michael J. Satz - State Attorney for BROWARD ( SAO17@SAO17.STATE.FL.US )
Tracey-Ann Bailey - Probation Officer for BROWARD ( )
Cynthia A. Everett - Attorney for FORT LAUDERDALE
Bertha Henry - County Administrator for BROWARD
Ginger Wald - assistant attorney for FORT LAUDERDALE
and will be served on the STATE by certified mail after assignation of a case number, and a judge.
Mail for the petitioner can be sent to
Bruce Toski
c/o 2361 SW 36th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
[near 33312]. (no jurisdiction admitted).
Any mail sent to BRUCE TOSKI instead of Bruce Toski will be returned to sender.
In the County Court for the People of Broward, Florida
Bruce Toski )
Petitioner )
vs. )
Respondents )

Respondents were served on June 4 , 2014 with the petitioners NOTICE BY AFFIDAVIT AS
seven days to respond to the NOTICE. Respondents failed to respond within seven days, thus the
petitioners PRAYER FOR DECLARATORY JUDGMENT is hereby granted.
Petitioners status, as a sentient living soul, a self-owned sovereign, one of the posterity of the
original colonists, foreign and alien to the United States, free of any legal nexus to the STATE
or any of its corporate agents, is undisputed, unrebutted, and recorded on the public record for
the People of Broward. That the petitioner is a native Floridian is also undisputed. Since the
petitioner has no legal nexus to the respondents (CITY of FORT LAUDERDALE, COUNTY of
BROWARD, and the STATE of FLORIDA) he has no duty to them and is not subject to their
codes, statutes, rules, taxes or licensing schemes. In the United States of America, the
sovereignty resides in the body of the people. Vide Rutherf. Inst. 282 (Bouvier 1856)
Respondents are hereby directed to resolve any outstanding claims with the above Order in mind.
Any claims - past or present - presented by the STATE, to the petitioner, are ultra-vires. Any
further relations with the petitioner are guided first by Natural law, second by common law, third
by International Law and fourth, by UCC law, where it does not conflict with the Natural,
International, or common law.
Judge: _____________________
Date: ______________________
Case no.