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• To work in a challenging and growth oriented position in the areas of Web development and Client/Server
application development using various cutting edge technologies.
• Over 8+ years of experience in GUI, Client/Server and Web based applications the field of VB.Net, C#,
ASP.Net, .Net Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, ADO.Net, WCF, WPF, WWF, Linq, ASP, JavaScript, HTML,
DHTML, CSS, XML, XAML, XSLT, COM/DCOM, Ajax Toolkit, SOA Architecture, TIBCO, Crystal Reports,
Action Script, WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, Biztalk Server, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Crystal
Reports, Oracle 8.x and IIS 4.0/5.0/6.0, MS Access.
• Experience in implementing the software development methodologies like Agile scrum, RUP, Waterfall.
• Good Knowledge of working in various IDEs like Microsoft Visual Studio 2003, 2005.
• Experience in creating Web Forms, Win Forms, User Controls, Custom controls, and Deployment of the
• Good knowledge of XML Web Services (SOAP, WSDL) Server Components using .Net Framework.
• Experienced with databases like SQL Server 2000, 2005, Oracle 8i/9i and MS Access.
• Good knowledge in SQL, PL/SQL, creation of Database Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions and
• Good understanding of object-oriented technologies and relational database systems.
• Database logical Modeling and physical design, server installation and maintenance on multiple platforms.
• Having knowledge in Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK to work with mobile applications.
• Building and maintaining multiple databases, database and system monitoring and repair of database objects.
• Experience in implementing web-based applications using a multi-tier architecture.
• Strong application development background, strong experience and knowledge of Software Development
life cycle development (SDLC).
• Experience in working with various version control tools like VSS, Clear case, Subversion.
• Conducted performance testing of data driven, eCommerce Web sites, and business applications using
• Designed, developed, and delivered commercial GUI application. Able to handle the project independently
depending on requirements
• Worked on various tools like Test Tracker, Rational Robot and Quality Center.
• Used Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) for retrieving data from cubes which are having
multidimensional data for analyzing the data.
• Experienced in Developing client server and web applications using industry standard APIs like OLE-DB,
ODBC, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), Remote Database Objects (RDO), and Data Access Objects (DAO).
• Optimized Web Applications by implementing In-Process/Out-of-Process State Management modes,
Caching etc.
• Proficiency in working with VS.Net IDE, debugging tools like Debug and Trace Listeners, Structured
exception handling, notification and event logging.
• Knowledge in Dataware House tools Ascential DataStage7.5 (ETL) and Business Objects XI R2 (OLAP).
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

• Bachelors Degree in Acharya Nagarjuna University, India.

Languages: C, C++, C #, VB.Net
.Net Technology: ASP.Net , ADO.Net , Web Services , Ajax Tool Kit , Web Controls , .Net
Remoting ,Security ,Windows Forms, WWF , WCF , WPF.
IDEs: Visual Studio 2003/2005
Scripting: Script, Java Script, XML, XSLT, XSD
Web Tools: Visual Studio 2005, Adobe Flex, FrontPage 2000, Adobe Photoshop
Web Servers: IIS6 and PWS
Specifications: COM, DCOM, MTS, MSMQ, ActiveX
Environments: MS-DOS, Windows 2003/2000/NT/95/98/XP/ME
RDBMS: SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000/2005, Sybase, Oracle 8i/9i, MS Access
Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, SSIS


Esurance Inc., San Francisco, CA Dec 07 – Till Date

Policy Management (XPM)
.Net Developer

Esurance is an Online Auto Insurance company. Policy Management is one of the core applications which take care
of actions like Endorsements, Payments, Renewals/Non-Renewals, Cancellations/Reinstatements Download Policy
Statements and Claims. Customers, CSR Agents (CustomerSupportResource) can access this application online and
can perform any type of action mentioned above.


• Design, Develop and maintain application solutions for business units using Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)
• Developed the application as per the requirements specified by Business people and gave suggestions for the
best productivity.
• Implemented Rational Unified Process (RUP) architecture for application development.
• Used ASP.Net server controls, AJAX, Java script, CSS, Flash, Action Script and HTML for getting better
look and feel for the UI.
• Used Javascript to design the UI by enabling and disabling the controls dynamically.
• Created custom & user controls using C#.
• Implemented caching and sessions for high performance of the application.
• Involved in developing Web forms using various controls like Data Grids, Tree views, List Boxes and Web
Panels etc.
• Used third party controls like Infragistics WebGrid to get the rich UI.
• Used web services in the middle tier to communicate between UI and data access layer using WCF
• High professionalism and flexibility. Able to work independently to complete tasks or contribute to the team
• Used web.config and machine.config files for security and configuration settings.
• Worked on role based authorization and forms based authentication using Active Directory.
• Involved in developing and organizing custom error pages and exception handling.
• Coordinated with team members, Build Release team and Development team.
• Outstanding written and oral communication skills.
• Provide support for existing applications
• Performed reviews of work done by the team members.
• Fix defect raised in QA and Production.
• Extensively used XML and XSLT for styling the ASP.NET pages.
• Used XML for creating menus, navigations and Security
• Created customised animation reports using Dundas chart enterprise.
• Used NHibernate for the mapping of .net classes to the database tables.
• Created scripts to update the database tables using SQL, Stored Procedures, Cursors and Triggers.
• Used Rational Clear Case for version management.
• Developed tests to test the functionality using NUnit.
• Developed LoadRunner test scripts based upon provided test cases for Formulary and Authentication Web
based applications and analyzed test results.
• Performed load testing against the application using scripts to emulate users and monitor systems

Environment: C#, ASP.Net, WCF, ADO.Net, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Dundas charts, NHibernate,
Load Runner, Test Tracker, Windows Server 2003

FundTech, San Leandro, CA Oct 06 – Nov 07

.Net Developer
webBanker enables financial institutions of all sizes to offer the same types of cash management services to their
business customers as the money-center banks provide, but at much lower costs. webBanker is modular in design,
allowing a financial institution to implement a single, comprehensive cash management solution while giving them
the flexibility to offer their customers only the services that each of them require. The corporate customer
configurations may contain individual service combinations which may include Balance Reporting, Wire Transfer,
ACH (Automatic Clearing House), Stop Payments, and more. Funds transfer applications can be added to the basic
webBanker package to provide your customers with a fully integrated and powerful cash management solution.

• Involved in detail study of the project and analyzed the requirements and specifications.
• Developed 3 – tier Application with UI, Business and Data Access layers.
• Implemented Gang of Four Patterns like Singleton, Abstract Factory Design Patterns and MVC architecture
in the application development.
• Used Ajax Toolkit extensively for better feel of UI.
• Designed and Developed Web User Controls using C#.
• Used Master Pages, Themes and Skins to develop the common look and feel across the website.
• Used ASP.Net Validation controls and used Java Script for client side validations.
• Development of front end using ASP.Net web controls, HTML/DHTML and CSS.
• Used web.config and machine.config files for security and configuration settings.
• Involved in developing Web forms using various controls like Syncfusion Grids, Tree views, List Boxes and
Web Panels etc.
• Used sessions and caching to improve the performance.
• Used AJAX tools like ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress and Control Extenders etc.
• Design and Developed Web Services to synchronize data from Remote application database to Online
Database using .Net, C#, ASP.Net, Visual Studio.Net.
• Used XSL to transform the XML files into other formats like text, HTML and PDF’s.
• Developed the classes using C#, which incorporate database connectivity.
• Used XML to drive in building the Menus.
• Involved in developing and organizing custom error pages and exception handling.
• Developed various stored procedures to assign to the reports using SQL Server Reporting services
• Involved in migrating the data from Oracle to SQL Server 2005 using SQL Server Integration Services;
applied transformations according to the business requirements.
• Used Data Transformation services (DTS) to import and transform the data from Source database.
• Used multidimensional expressions (MDX) like Select and Update Cube by proving the axis and slicer
• Involved in the design and maintenance of databases in SQL Server 2005.
• Created stored procedures, Cursors and triggers using T-SQL for accessing and manipulating the data.
• Involved in using ADO.Net for database connectivity.
• Involved in unit testing using NUnit.
• Used Rational Clear case for versioning.
• Implemented bug tracking, functional and regression testing using Rational Robot automation tool.
• Ran and analyzed testing, and developed reports in order to make recommendations for system
improvements using LoadRunner.
• Coordinated with team members, Build Release team and Development team.
• Performed reviews of work done by the team members.
Environment: C#, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Win forms, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i, SSRS, SSIS,
LoadRunner, Windows Server 2003.

Walgreens, Deerfield, IL Aug 05 – Oct 06

.Net Developer
People Plus Learning System
People Plus Learning System (PPLS) is Walgreens internal Learning Management system (LMS), which facilitates
the employees for Computer Based Trainings (CBT). PPL is an intelligent application to enroll the employees
automatically for the courses based on the employee’s grade. PPL is handy for the District and store managers to
view the training status and assign new training for their designated employees. With LMS, you can have a complete
understanding of the skills and knowledge of your workforce and are able to align your resources to optimize
• Developed activity diagrams, flow charts, sequence diagrams and Data flow diagrams to analyze the
requirements and designing the documents using MS Visio.
• Implemented Agile methodology for application development.
• Developed distributed system using Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ) to provide the
communication between entities.
• Developed the Complete prototype of the product to demonstrate the flow of UI.
• Designing and developing of the UI screens using C#.
• Implemented UI designs in XAML and C# using Visual Studio 2005
• Handled all aspects of data binding from the core API to the Windows controls, including writing custom UI
classes to bubble up API data changes to the UI using INotifyPropertyChanged.
• Provided a rich user experience with custom control styles for styling standard Windows controls and
control animations.
• Involved in developing the web forms using ASP.Net and C# to publish the same results on the Website.
• Created user controls for header, footer, search control in web application.
• Used WPF RadControls like RadGridView, RadNumericUpDown, RadProgressBar, RadSlider,
RadPanelBar, RadTreeView
• Defined more fancy styles for the templates using XAML.
• Implemented extensively validations using ASP.Net validation controls.
• Created Login Control to perform client side validations to validate the web input.
• Involved in creating classes using ADO.Net to connect, retrieve and update the data in the database.
• In-depth understanding of project architecture to extend or customize the existing core implementation.
• Involved in developing win forms using various controls like Grids, Tree views, List Boxes, Panels etc.
• Integrated third party tools like Syncfusion grid and Infragistics control in the application.
• Implemented win forms by using events and delegates.
• Developed 3 – tier Application with UI, Business and Data Access layers using C#.
• Developed the application scalable that more number of users can access it.
• Implemented page level caching mechanism to increase the application performance.
• Involved in writing SQL, T-SQL for generating various reports.
• Involved in testing the application using NUnit.
Environment: ASP.Net, C#, ADO.Net, WPF, Visual Studio .Net 2005, Win forms, SQL Server 2005, XAML,
Windows 2003.

United Health Group, Minneapolis, MN Mar 05 – Aug 05

GNTS (Global Nurse Tracking System)
.Net Developer
GNTS is a HealthCare product for tracking Nurses recruiting, training and placement to global hospitals. GNTS
designed to help United Health Group to track the Nurse activities from the day they join, tracking includes
• Dashboard, schedules, Tasks, Messages.
• Nurse info (CGFNS, Spoken English, NCLEX Exams details), Contact info, References, Nurse Skills,
External Exam, Internal Exam.
• Clients List, Partners, Seminars, Attendance, Visa details.
• Administration, Reports.
• Responsible for managing the team members that worked on this project.
• Coordinated with team members, Build Release team and Development team.
• Developed the application using HL7 logical data model
• Designing and developing of the UI screens..
• Involved in Implementation of Column Analysis, Table Management Primary Key analysis, Table Analysis,
and Cross Table Analysis features.
• Involved in developing win forms using various controls like Grid, Tree views, and List Boxes etc.
• Implemented win forms by using events and delegates in C#.
• Involved in developing the web forms using ASP.Net and C# to publish the same results on the Website.
• Involved in using ADO.Net
• Involved in writing SQL, PL/SQL for generating various reports.
• Involved in creating reports using Crystal Reports.
• Tracked the status of the each task given to Team members and updated same to the manager on day to day
• Developed the application to satisfy the HIPAA requirements
• Involved in Unit and Integration Testing.
• Involved in fixing the various customer issues and released the respective patches.
• Performed reviews of work done by the team members.
• Involved in Coordinating the Conference calls across various teams.
• Involved in visiting various customer places for fixing the bugs in the product released.
Environment: C#, Win Forms, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000, XML, Windows 2003.

Sierra Atlantic, Westwood, MA May 04 – Feb 05

Travel Management System
.Net Developer
The Travel Management System Application is an online business travel management that gives the travel desk and
the employees the tool to navigate their way through the constantly changing world of business travel. Corporations
are looking for an online solution that will enable them to manage travel booking. In this application, when a
PM/DM raises a travel request the travel desk will perform the necessary formalities and gets the tickets booked. The
pre and post details of the travel are informed to the concerned people and the travel desk maintains a database of the
• Interact with Business analysts for understanding Business process and collect requirements for Application
Design. Interacted with the Travel Desk people to gather the requirements.
• Active role in the design and modeling phase of the architecture using structural, behavioral and model
management diagrams.
• Used XML files as a Client-Side database Repository to store data temporarily until next upload to the
Submission Server Database.
• Created Business Objects to encapsulate business logic and data access using VB.Net. Developed DTS
Packages that move data between SQL Server database and Queue Manager using Microsoft ActiveX scripts.
• Developed .Net Console Application that runs on Server Side to perform Error Management and process up
• Designed and developed Email Functionality for reporting Submission Errors and to track Process Status.
• Developed Web based User Interface using ASP.Net, VB.Net, XML, and XSL.
• Worked on ASP.Net State Management, ASP.Net Caching, and form based authentication
• Developed Error Management Screens in ASP.Net as an addition to existing CMS Web Application to allow
Customer Analyst to track submission Transactions.
• Fix defect reports raised in QA and Production.
• Developed stored procedures; created and configured automated jobs to support back end Operations.
• Wrote stored procedures and Triggers to access data from SQL Server Database.
• Created reports for the end-users in the PDF format using Sub-reports and parameterized reports using
Crystal Reports.
• Involved in creation of database objects and enforced Integrity Constraints.
• Created test scenarios for Unit, System and User Acceptance Testing.
Environment: ASP.Net, VB.Net, ADO.Net, Visual Studio.Net 2003, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports.

Techlead Software Technologies, San Jose, CA Mar 03 – Apr 04

Upper online shopping portal
This Project deals with the design and development of portal for upper an online shopping portal and so on
line library based for Ingram Singapore. This report mostly deals with the maintenance part of upper 49th portal and
creating and merging of lists in Ingram Singapore module
• Involved in gathering the requirements.
• Design and developing the web forms.
• Involved in Design reviews.
• Design the Database in Oracle.
• Involved in code reviews.
• Involved in attending conference calls with the other teams across the globe.
• Involved in fixing various issues raised by the QA team.
• Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing.
Environment: VB, ASP, Oracle.

Student Welfare Division, ANU, India Jan 00 – Feb 03

ID card Software
An application to develop photo identity cards for the students. The application gets the live views of the student
with the help of a Web Camera; take the JPG format of the image. The image is printed on to a card along with the
student details like Name, Branch, Year, Blood Group, Address etc. The application provides an option to print the
identity cards according to branch wise, batch wise etc.
• Involved in gathering the requirements.
• Involved in Design reviews.
• Design the Database.
• Created reports to generate the ID cards using Crystal reports.
• Involved in code reviews.
• Developed with a Team of three members
• Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing.
Environment: java, Oracle, Crystal Reports, UNIX, Windows 2000.