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AFM 131 is an introductory

course in business
This course can give
Opportunities for developing
leadership and interpersonal
of communication
Practical experience
with simulation
Role of
and ethics
Impact of
on business
learning skills
of the
of self-
Q What do you know about business?
Answer the following questions:
Q What fears and concerns do you have about this course?
Q Do you like learning and do you like school?
Comments from past students
Akash Kapoor said, It is very important to
understand the course material and course
readings, because all articles, textbook
chapters and videos for each module have
a meaning deeper than what it simply talks
about, and if one knows what the articles
and videos are referring to, then the clicker
and exam questions are very much doable.
Secondly, in class discussions help develop
thinking and listening skills, while helping
one retain certain things from the lecture
that can be recalled in a jiffy when tested.
Beyond the point of being tested it is
important to UNDERSTAND, and not
memorize, because the main purpose of the
course is to gain knowledge on the business
in N.A. rather than simply having students
memorize and then forget everything.
Trimaan Dang said, One thing that really
worked for me personally during the course
was the fact that I made detailed notes
about the modules that we covered in
class. It was even more helpful when I
made these notes during the week that we
were actually covering the modules in class.

Another thing that helped me along the
way was actually making additional notes
in class when you were going over the
material. In my case, additional notes that I
made helped me in remembering certain
key points that were important in the entire
Do you like
and do you
like school?
Michael Weschs, A Vision of Todays Student
Watch the video, The Vision of Todays Student
The Role of Module Worksheets
Q What do you need to do to be successful in this course?
Having now shared this information with you about this
course, answer the following question:
What do
you need
to do to be
Staying current
The pace
involved with
teammates and
TA Staying
involved with
the course
Comments from past students
Thanushan Ananthakumar said: Listen in
class. Anything can be on the exam and the
ideas discussed during class, are always
related in some matter to the final exam.
Some concepts taught in class are not in
the textbook or slides, so try to attend each
class. Read before the class so you know
what is going on or even glance through
the slides. Try to make a list of decisions
and rational you made for each Mikes
Bikes rollover, so that you can write your
reports easily.
Andrew Leung said, It is most important to
be enthusiastic about the course and be
ready to learn. You should actively
participate in the lectures and make
meaningful contributions to the lecture
discussions. This ensures that you
understand the core concepts of the course,
rather than just memorizing out of the
textbook. The structure of the lectures
really helps you understand the material,
and you should follow closely to get the
most out of each class.
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Comments from past students
Talha Omer said: There are a plethora of
things that I would offer as pieces of advice
to incoming students, but there are certain
points that I believe outweigh the others.
The foremost thing would be to not
underestimate the course and actually do
the work that is assigned. I personally
thought AFM 131 was going to be an easy
course, but it sure was not. I had to put in a
lot of time and effort to ensure that I
achieve a mark I would be happy with. It is
imperative a student complete all readings
and look at the course holistically from all
facets rather than focusing on one aspect.
An example of this could be when a student
studies for a midterm and a final, many
students do not study the videos and the
Articles, rather only the textbook; this is not
the correct thing to do. I realized after the
midterm that anything said, discussed,
present in resource relevant to the course
was testable and that it was the students
responsibility to learn all the material.
Lastly, I would say that this course is unique
in all the opportunities it provides to raise a
students marks. I personally did not do
quite well on the midterm, but the
discussion boards, the final exam, the
report and the team evaluation were able
to compensate. The variety of evaluations
is usually not present in many other
courses. So take advantage of the course
but dont underestimate the level of
difficulty, it is after all university.
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Q How can I and the TAs help you attain your outcomes?
Write down as many points as you can on this modules worksheet and click
the play button when you are ready.
Having thought about what you need to achieve your
outcomes in this course, answer the following question:
Time for Self-Reflection
Having now
completed your
review of the
please complete
a short reflective
addressing the
following points:

Write down your thoughts on each point on this modules worksheet
and click the play button when you are ready.
Where to from here?