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Atopic Dermatitis Treatment & Management Naturally

Is your child suffering from atopic dermatitis? A common skin disease seen among children, atopic
dermatitis that is also referred to as atopic eczema is an inflammatory chronic skin condition.
Atopic dermatitis treatment and management is est realized through lotions featuring !" per cent
otanical e#tracts.
Atopic Dermatitis $%hat &auses the 'kin Disease?
%ondering (hat can cause the skin disease in your child? Take a look at the follo(ing trigger
factors associated (ith atopic dermatitis )
*n+ironmental allergens and irritants
'kin infections
&ontact allergens
*#treme humidity and temperature
Arasi+e farics like (ool
Inhaled allergens like dust, pollens, pet dander, and moulds
Treating the 'kin Disease Naturally
Atopic dermatitis should al(ays e treated on time to a+oid future prolems. %ondering ho( to
ensure est use of the natural treatment? Take a look )
The lotion is est applied in moist skin, make sure to apply the lotion t(ice a day
regularly to ensure +isile results in less time
Make sure to apply the lotion lierally, a+oid discontinuing the product mid (ay as
continual use of the same along (ith other emollients like ath oil pro+ides ma#imum
It is recommended to use the lotion at least t(ice a day, ho(e+er, if you notice se+ere
atopic eczema, use the lotion fre-uently ./$0 times daily1.
A+oid using the product in small -uantity, use as much it (ould take to co+er the entire
affected area. Intensi+e use of the lotion largely reduces the need of depending on steroids.
Make sure to learn the est use of the lotion as it ensures ma#imum hydration and
moisturization of the skin
Natural Treatment ) The Need for 2egular 'kin &are
Additional to treating the skin disease naturally (ith 3DA appro+ed lotions, you should also make
sure to adopt regular skin care to ma#imize the results.4ere is a -uick look at the skin care tips
that you need to follo( to reduce the symptoms of the skin condition in your child )
A+oid athing your child in hot (ater, use luke(arm (ater
2estrict the athing time for your child, a+oid e#cess time in (ater
5se mild and fragrance free soap or cleanser
6at dry the skin and apply the lotion in the affected areas
7eep the skin al(ays moisturized and hydrated
*nsure maintaining moderate temperature and humidity le+el
Adopting these regular skin care tips along (ith the continual use of the natural lotion that is
pro+en to offer desired results is sure to help you ensure effecti+e atopic dermatitis treatment and
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