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Rachel S.

2082 East 4
Street #306 330.360.0728
Cleveland, O 44!!" R#ritzman!4$%c&.ed&
O( ) E C * + , E
To obtain a full-time position utilizing my skills in project management and program coordination, with a specialization in
integrated marketing communications.
E - . C /*+ O0
John Carroll Uniersity - Uniersity !eights, "! #ajor - $ntegrated #arketing Communications
%achelor of &rts - #ay '()* #inor - +nironmental ,tudies

1OR 2 E 3 4 E R + E 0 C E
5l67al +* 89/ F6r&m, 8ar:et;lace C66rdinat6r <Fe7r&ar= 20!4>;resent? @ R6c:= River, O
The Global IT M&A Forum is an organized and efficient marketplace for companies seeking middle market IT mergers
and acquisitions. B bringing together pre!qualified buers and sellers from around the "orld for confidential face!to!face
meetings o#er a t"o!da period$ "e facilitate and accelerate M&A transactions.
#anage customer management system for senior leadership
-esearch potential buyers and sellers as well as business deelopment opportunities
Coordinate follow-up meetings for senior leadership
$dentify forum sponsorship opportunities
Cleveland 8etr6;ar:s, .r7an (each /m7assad6r C66rdinat6r </;ril 20!3>06vem7er 20!3? @ Cleveland, O
%le#eland Metroparks conser#es significant natural resources and enhances people&s li#es b pro#iding safe$ high!qualit
outdoor education$ recreation and zoological opportunities. In '()*$ %le#eland Metroparks de#eloped a pilot program
called the +rban Beach Ambassadors utilizing #olunteers to pro#ide ees on the park and a "elcoming presence for
Coordinated all olunteers for +uclid and +dgewater %eaches
$nteriewed, made hiring suggestions, and trained all olunteers
.articipated in all meetings regarding the pilot program and made suggestions for ne/t season
#anaged all +uclid and +dgewater beach ambassador concerns and alerted appropriate personnel
,cheduled all olunteer shifts, alerted all olunteers of needed information, managed all olunteer hours, and
saw that all needed materials were aailable at each location at all times
+ 0 * E R 0 S + 4 E 3 4 E R + E 0 C E
0reater Cleeland ,ports Commission 1July '()2-&ugust '()23 4 Cleeland, "!
0reater Cleeland &5uarium 1"ctober '())-#ay '()'3 4 Cleeland, "!
6resh %rewed Tees 1#ay '())-&ugust '()23 4 Cleeland, "!
,haker 7aunch!ouse 1#ay '())-&ugust '())3 4 ,haker !eights, "!
"hio !omecoming 1#ay '())-July '())3 4 Cleeland, "!
Clear Channel Communications 18oember '((9-June '((:3 4 ;oungstown, "!
/- - + * + O0 /A E 3 4 E R + E 0 C E
,ales &ssociate, 7ucky %rand Jeans 1&ugust '()2-present3 4 %eachwood, "!
!ostess, The #elting .ot 1"ctober '()'-June '()23 4 7yndhurst, "!
8oah<s 7ost &rk &nimal ,anctuary =olunteer 1#ay '())-&ugust '()' ,easonal3 4 %erlin Center, "!
&dmissions -epresentatie, John Carroll Call Center 1January '()'-#ay '()23 4 Uniersity !eights, "!
!ostess>Cashier, %ob +ans 1?ecember '((@-January '()'3 - ,alem, "!
+ 0 , OA,E 8E 0 *
John Carroll Uniersity Theater ?epartment, .ublic -elations &ssistant #anager
John Carroll Uniersity ,ustainability ,ociety, #ember
John Carroll Uniersity -ecycling Committee, #ember
Ae The .eople, Tutor
,alem !umane ,ociety, =olunteer