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Argenta Mosaics

Materials and Inspiration
General Information Glass mosaic tile ma !e p"rc#ased as loose tile in !ags$ mo"nted on paper
or on mes# !ac%ing. If o" p"rc#ase tile mo"nted on paper remo&e t#e paper ! soa%ing t#e tile in
water for a!o"t 15 min"tes. 'iles generall peel easil from most mes# !ac%ings.
(se t#is #and tile estimator - #ttp)**www.mosaicarts"*mosaic-tile-estimator.asp+
Most tile we!sites will specif w#et#er a tile is appropriate for interior or e+terior "se as well as wet
Materials ,eso"rce -ist
Internet .o"rces
Mosaic Art ."ppl - -ocal
Offers tile in small quantities of 25 tiles and a wide variety of materials, beach glass, smalti, ceramic,
natural stone and much more! ocated in !cottsdale. "e does not permit order pic#up other than on large
orders. "owever shipment is quic#!
Offers a wide variety of tile in different si$es and shapes.
."san 0a!lon Mosaic 'ile
&his is the &iffanys of tile! 'lic# on (tile) in the left margin and (*e +elighted) indeed. !ome very different
tile is offered here, from glow in the dar# to glitter tile. ,lso some very pricey tile but well worth a visit.
-.cellent smalti source. !he also offers other unique choices to add interest to your pro%ect, see cosmos
and iridescent.
1ool 'iles
/any unusual tiles. !ome of the tiles found on !usan 0ablon may be found here at a lower price.
Marland Mosaics
1nusual tiles, such as (wavy gold), available in small quantities
, great source for all types of tile, beads, chain, glass gems etc.
3ollar .tores
/ost stores have sac#s of glass gems for 23. !ome stores carry stained glass which has been
-owes and /ome 3epot
'arry a variety of glass tile in sf sheets. 4o to owe5s website to order ceramic tile in bright colors,
search for (&le *rights) by ,merican Olean
/o!! -o!!
'arries some mosaic material and stained glass. &hey carry stained glass in sheets, tumbled stained
glass, glass tile, glass gems 6rounded glass with a flat bac#7 and specialty tile. *eads are also
available and great to use in mosaics individually or in a strand to trim around a mirror or arrange in a
pattern. *efore buying glass gems in the mosaic section go to the floral section where they also have
glass gems.
Ace /ardware
*eaded chain 6the metal type chain that is used for ceiling fi.ture pull switches as well as %ewelry
chain7. oo#s great in mosaic wor#! 1sually available in two finishes, brass and silver.
-ocal 'ile .#owrooms w#ere o" can see s"mpt"o"s tile in person4
-mser &ile 8 9orcross
!pecialty &ile : 9orcross, my personal favorite!
.econd#and .tores$ Garage .ales$ 5ro%en 6lates$ 7o"r Attic or 5asement
,ll are great sources for old plates and other memorabilia
.AMA .ociet of American Mosaic Artists
4allery of wor#, an annual convention and a list of mosaic material suppliers.
5AMA 5ritis# Association for Modern Mosaic
,nswers to mosaic technical questions, gallery of wor#, materials suppliers and more! , great resource.
Bisazza Mosaico
Commerical Italian mosaic tile manufacturer. Beautiful installations of large scale
George 8is#man Mosaic Artist
; discovered 4eorge <ishman5s wor# years ago. "e remains a perennial favorite. *e sure to chec# out his
other site 5 minute interview snippets of artists wor#ing in all mediums.
'ommercial /e.ican tile manufacturer. &hey also manufacture a line of smalti. ; prefer these tiles for their
rustic appearance in contrast to the crisp uniform quality of *isa$$a tile. =olorines tile is available only
through +altile.