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Article Summarization on UAE

The article is about planning Sustainable Mega Projects in the UAE and particularly
in Dubai and it is written by Prof. Samarai Director of !entral "aboratories at uni#ersity of
Sharjah and Ms. "ina Acting Director of Dubai Accreditation !entre. The article includes
information on UAE$s natural and artificial resources. The areas that article discusses are
about high profile projects buildings o#er si% stories special features in towers mega island
projects etc. Moreo#er there are facts on accreditation and &uality control for such projects
in Dubai along with issues of en#ironment and sustainability in the UAE. 'y the end of the
article the authors ha#e made technical and good recommendation.
(n the UAE and particularly in Dubai there are se#eral projects going on that will be
adding #alue to ha#e good en#ironment for li#ing not only for domestic tourists but also
international tourists. Due to such de#elopments and impro#ements in the Dubai$s
en#ironment surroundings it is now one of the leading tourist destinations. Therefore due to
increase in mega projects there is now needed for &uality control and &uality assurance
resulting in satisfaction from such facilities and buildings for conformity compliance. The
increase in concrete and building is affecting sustainability and en#ironment because there
are no initiati#es for energy and resources sa#ing or growth. This will be affecting our future
generation and it will be costing us resulting in en#ironmental disaster.
(n conclusion when there are de#elopments of artificial en#ironment then there
should be analysis of how this will be affecting usage of natural resources and whether there
are initiati#es to ma%imi)e it. (n recommendation according to the title of the article there
should e&ual weight emphasi)ing on natural resources de#elopment because it is more into
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Article Summarization on UAE
artificial resources but there are only issues introduction. (t is a bit misleading readers due to
inappropriate article title with the actual content.
Samarai M. A and *udah ". M. +,--./. Planning Sustainable Mega Projects in UAE.
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