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CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 43-1 Filed 04/03/14 Page 1 of 3

Febrmy 18, 2014

Judge Susan Richard Nelson
Wa!en E. Burger Federal Building
And U.S. Courthouse
316 North Robe1t Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
R: Sancrn Grnzzlni-Ruckl, et al v. David L. Knutson, et al;
Court File No.: 0:13-CV-02477 (SRN/JSM
Dear Judge Nelson:
Mailing Deliver
l069 So. Robert Street
\Y St. Paul, MN 55118
Main: (651) 222-4400
t8! (651) 222-1122
I am writing on behalf of Plaintiffs in the above matter and in conjunction with an email fom
your clerk, Lynn Holden, on January 27, 2014, afer inquiring as to supplementing the record.
Defndant's motion to dismiss/summmy judgment are based on the clainl of judicial
immunities. Following the Janua1y 10 motion, Defndant's attorey, Alethea Huyser,
provided additional evidence of a clear absence of jurisdiction in a swor Afdavit of David
K1111/so11, where he attached partial transcripts of the child custody trial, previously withheld.
The significance is that Defendant's swam afidavit admits to verbal pennission to deputies -
an oral warrant-for search and seizure of Plaintifs attorney's camera and phone. There is
no such thing as an "oral warrant" i n Anglo American jurisprudence, adverse to the 4
amendment to the Mimiesota and Federal Constitutions. This is also confirmed by the deputy
sherifs, and the afidavit and transcript is now available for your review.
No jurisdiction means no immunities. There is no immunity fr such non,judicial acts. See
Hoppe Y. Klapperich, 224 Minn. 224 (1947).
The new evidence confi rms that the trial that concluded on September 12 was not a judicial
act, but acts under color of law, relating the 18 USC 1983 civil lights action.
In addition, Defendant has providecl additional evidence of improper assigmnent, and
usmping of comt files by Defndant to add to the Affidavits in support of denying the motion
to dismiss.
We are requesting to supplement the record with impo1tant new evidence as to usmping of
comt file();absence of jurisdic1ion, ahd non-judicial acts in requesting that this comt deny

the Motion to Dismiss, only the tip of the iceberg, as discovery has not been available due to
c )e pending dispositive motion:
1tI t
o0nl8u oub:I1b8 + 1069 So. Robert Street 9 NSt. Paul, m55118 9 Ofce: (651) 222-4400
m:c0go8oubutb8 9 3300 Edinborough Way- Suite 550 9 Edina, m55435 + Ofce: (952) 746-4243

o II d l W0l0l'otIYl'o\:II u_8 9 6351 St. Crix Tril 9 Stilhvatet. m 55082 + Ofce: (651) 4555529
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 43-1 Filed 04/03/14 Page 2 of 3
And below there is more evidence that the September 5 phone call, resultant September 7,
2012 order, the trial that concluded on September 12, 2013 , and the custody order of
November 25, (fled first as an attached to the motion to dismiss here) were not judicial acts,
but acts without jurisdiction, under color of law, relating the 18 use 1983 civil rights action.
We are writing this letter to requests a motion to supplement the record with important new
evidence, keeping in mind that this is without beneft of discovery, because Defndant
itrn ediately fled a motion to dismiss/summa1y judgment:
1. Additional evidence of improper assignments, and the usuring of comi fles is a
Notice, dated June 28, 2011, ''No judicial oficer assigned". This can be added to the
afidavits in support of denying the motion to dismiss. It is more evidence of
usurping cou11 fles, which signifi es no jurisdiction or immunity.
2. I addition, on January 24, 2014, Defendant through his attorney, Alethea Huyser,
provided an Affdavit of David Knutson, along with a partial transclipt of the child
custody trial, September 12, 2013 (See Defendant's Afidavit, attaching transcripts).
Plaintiff has repeatedly requested the transcripts, which has not been provided
3 . The Defndant David Knutson's sworn Afidavit i s signifcant as to the absence of
jurisdiction, and evidence of non-udicial amVor administrative acts, for which there
is no judicial itmnunity. Defndant states he provided verbal permission for a search
and seizure, contrary to Hoppe, as cited in our Memorandum.
4. The Afidavit, and transcripts, confirm Defndant's role in the alest of Plaintiffs
attorey, which he claitns no responsibility for, and his role in demanding, over
objection, the child custody trial continue, even though children are missing, Mother
is absent, and Mother's attorney is under arrest, and in the jurisdiction of the sherifs
5. This conduct carmot possibly be considered judicial acts for which there is immunity.
6. The child custody order, generate
d afer the custody trial, November 25, was frst
attached to the Defendant's Afidavit in support of his motion to dismiss, November
26. There is more evidence the custody order was generated to use as an Exhibit for
the defnse of the fderal lawsuit against Defndant, and not for proper purposes.
7. The Deputy Sheriffs, Gonder and Melton, testifed on Januaiy 27, 2014, and
confirmed the Defendant's verbal permission to search the camera/phone, and
Defendant kiiev of the Plaintifs attorey's condition, ie. handcufs, wheelchaii'.
Defendant verbally ordered sheriffs, retn her to. complete the child custody trial in
CASE 0:13-cv-02477-SRN-JSM Document 43-1 Filed 04/03/14 Page 3 of 3
lhis coridilion, ad wilhout Plnintif' The lestimony of the depulies refotes
Defendant, and is available in transcript.
8. During the healg, on Janumy I 0, attorney Lisa Elliott spoke lo and provided
Defendmit's allomey, Alethea Huysel', with pnpenvork, wliich Ms. Huyset ha$ now
disclosed. This is signicant to the JJhone coll September 5, 2012 and order
Soptcmbc1 71 2012, which Plalntil's claim is not a judicial act, but administrative
acts absent jurisdiction.
9. The Rucki children remain on the Hsi of misshig mid exploited children, in tenns of
absence ofjul'isdictlon ove1 custody. There was a news aiticle, Faigo Form, ns they
ar 011 shopping bags in l''argo, Nmth Dalla. The cummt stains of the missing
Rnck chlldreh is avnilable, and relevant for considemtion.
so, Defendant's attoriiey mgued the Plaintifs remedy was exclusively a State
Comt appeal. Plointiff argued to the U.S. Supre111e Comt In a Petition fr Writ of
Certiorari, filed November 14, 2013. The status is available, and relevant.
11. Also, Defendant's attorey argued removal of the Judge as a remedy, and the status
ofepeuted requests fr removal by Plantif is available aud relevant.
12. Also, Defendant's attorney argued a Com1ilaint 10 the Board of Judicial Standards, as
a remedy, and the statlls of such complaints is available and relevant.
We respectfly requet that thls additional evidence, obtained without the beueftt of any
discovery, due to Defendant's pending motion, to be added to tbe reOl'<l, the motion to
dismiss and fr sunm1my judgment be denied, and discovery proceed.
Very lluly yours,

. Michelle L. M

Allomey at Law .
cc: Sandr Grzzhl-Rucki
Alethea Huyser, Eq.