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SUMMER 2014 (By PBR)

S 14: FN: AN 201/AD 301 (1401)
Time : Three hours
Maximum Marks : 100
Answer FIVE questions, taking ANY TWO from Group A,
ANY TWO fromGroup B and ALL fromGroup C.
All parts of a question (a, b, etc. ) should be
Answered at one place.
Answer should be brief and to-the-point and be supplemented with neat sketches.
Unnecessary long answer may result in loss of marks.
Any missing or wrong data may be assumed suitably giving proper justification.
Figures on the right-hand side margin indicate full marks.
Group A
1. (a) Why is it important to analyses needs? What are the objectives of need
analyses ? Give one need statement for (i) a bicycle, (ii) a text-book, (iii) a fan and
(iv) a tree (4 X 3)
(b) How the need for a particular product be analyzed? ( 8 )
2. Explain the following with the help of suitable example : (7 + 7 + 6)
(a) Design for manufacturability
(b) Product miniturisation
(c) Morphology of design
3. (a) The manufacturer of a metal gear may include the following: ( 10 )
(i) Casting
(ii) Forging
(iii) Press work
List the advantages and limitations of each of the process as applied to
manufacture of gears
SUMMER 2014 (By PBR)
(b) What is metal forming? What are various processes of metal forming? What is
the significance of recrystallisation temperature in metal forming? : (3 + 3 + 4)
4. (a) What do you mean by investment casting? What are the advantages and
disadvantages of investment casting process? Give some applications. (3 + 3 + 4)
(b) What is sweep pattern? When is it used? What are various materials used for
making a pattern? (3 + 3 + 4)
Group B
5. (a) Define Group Technology (GT) concept in manufacturing. Discuss the stages
involved for adopting a plan for group technology. ( 8 )
(b) What to you understand by simulation? Discuss its utility. ( 6 )
(c) What is group technology cetre? Hoe does it work in an organization ? ( 6 )
6. (a) What is Computer Aided Process Planning? How is it superior to manual
process planning? Explain. ( 8 )
(b) In computer integrated manufacturing system, what is being integrated into
what? What is the role of computer in this integration? ( 8 )
(c) What is design for assembly? Explain briefly. ( 4 )
7. (a) What is chip? What are the main types of chips formed during metal cutting?
What are non-homogeneous chips formed? ( 10 )
(b) Define cutting speed, feed and depth of cut as applied to drilling operation.
What are the major factors on which these three factors depend? ( 10 )
8. (a) Describe grinding process. What are the various factors considered in
selection of proper grinding wheels? ( 8 )
(b) Write a descriptive note on oxy-acetylene welding. Mention its application
areas. ( 6 )
(c) Explain the principle of Electrochemical Machining (ECM) with a neat sketch.
( 6 )
SUMMER 2014 (By PBR)
Group C
9. Explain the following in brief : ( 10 X 2 )
(i) Reliability
(ii) Recyclability
(iii) Modular design
(iv) Selection of machine tools
(v) ASRS
(vi) Tool work interaction
(vii) Gang milling
(viii) Product life-cycle
(ix) Core Baking
(x) Friction welding.