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Call Adobe Form through ABAP Web Dynpro

Create an Adobe Form and call in via ABAP WebDynpro .
1) In the Front End System Adobe i!e Cycle Desi"ner has to install. #hen only the Adobe
Form ayo$t and Adobe !orm %ill open in the SAP system
&) Adobe 'eader (.) and above version has to installed
Steps to Create and Call the adobe form
1) Create a Table Type for a Table "MARI"
&) Create the Inter!ace !or the Adobe !orm in the #ransaction Code *SFP*
+) Create a Web Dynpro Component in the #ransaction Code SE()
,) Create an *Interactive Form* element in the vie% -.AI/01IEW) ayo$t
2) Assi"n the ayo$t and Desi"n the Adobe Form
3) Write a code in the 1ie% -.AI/01IEW) .ethod *WDD4I/I#*
5) Create a Web Dynpro Application to test the Development
() #est the Web Dynpro Application
Step by Step Approach
! Create a "able "ype for a "able #$A%&#
6ive the #able type /ame *7.A'I0#B* and clic8 Create
Select the radio b$tton *#able #ype* and press enter as sho%n belo%.

Save and activate it.

'! Create the &nterface for the Adobe Form in the "ransaction Code #SFP#
6ive the inter!ace name as *7AD4BE0I/#E'FACE* and clic8 Create.
Then give the Description and click save as shown below.

Save it as local object.

Click the "Append Row" Icon as shown below.
Then assign the Created Table type Nae "!"ARI#T$%".
Then activate the inter&ace.
(! Create a Web Dynpro Component in the "ransaction Code S)*+
Select the "'eb Dynpro Cop.(Int&" and )ive the Application Nae* then press +nter
Then a pop,p window will appear and click "-es".

Then another pop,p window will appear* )ive the "'indow Nae" . "/iew Nae"* and press +nter.
Then save it as local 0bject.
Then yo, can see 'eb Dynpro screen as below.

Do,ble click the /iew 1"AIN#/I+'2 as shown below.
,! Create an #&nteracti-e Form# element in the -ie. /$A&012&)W!
)o to change "ode* select the "R00T3I+%+"+NTC0NTAIN+R" and right click it. Then click "Insert +leent" as shown below.
+nter a Nae and select the Interactive 4ors* then press +nter.

Then below screen will appear.
Then Increase the 5eight . width as "677p8" as indicated below.
In the "Teplate So,rce" give nae as !AD0$+#40R"S and do,ble click it. Then a 9op,p will appear as indicated below.
Now assign the Adobe Inter&ace Nae "!AD0$+#INT+R4AC+" that created in the Transaction Code "S49" earlier.
Then Click the "3se" b,tton.

Then save it as %ocal 0bject.

Then a pop,p will appear as entioned below and click "-es".

Then save the /iew ""AIN#/I+'" by click the "-es" b,tton.

Then the below screen will appear.

4! Assign the 3ayout and Design the Adobe Form
Click the "9roperties" Tab in the screen.
In the %ayo,t type choose "!CI %ayo,t" as show below and press enter.
Then go to "Conte8t Tab" and e8pand the iport as show below.

Drag and Drop the Table "!"ARI" in to the Conte8t as shown below.
Then the $elow Screen will appear.
Then click the layo,t tab* then below screen will appear.
Drag the Table !"ARI and place it in the Design /iew as shown below.
In the "%ibrary" Select the Te8t* place it in the Design view and give a Description.

"hen Sa-e 5 acti-e the Adobe Form6
A&ter Active the Adobe 4or and Do,ble click the /I+' " "AIN#/I+'"

Navigate to the ""ethods " tab .

7! Write a code in the 2ie. /$A&012&)W! $ethod #WDD8&0&"#

Do,ble click the "'DD0INIT" ethod and enter the below code.

METHOD wddoinit .
*& Author : P Surjith Kumar & S Senthil Raja
*& Puro!e : "all the Ado#e $orm %ia &e#d'nro

DATA: node()ado#e($orm! T*PE RE+ TO i$(wd(,onte-t(node.
it(mari T*PE )mari(t#l.

SE/E"T * +ROM mari 01TO TA2/E it(mari 3P TO 45 RO&S.
node()ado#e($orm! 6 wd(,onte-t-7ath(8et(node9 :;ADO2E(+ORMS.;MAR0: <.
node()ado#e($orm!-7#ind(ta#le9 new(item! 6 it(mari !et(initial(element! 6 a#a(tru
e <.


Click the "ain 'indow.

-o, can see the view ebedded to the window1"AIN#'IND0'2. I& it does not appear Drag and drop the /iew ""AIN#/I+'" to the
'indow 1"AIN#'IND0'2 as shown below.

Then select the whole 'eb Dynpro Coponent and activate as entioned below.
Now the webdynpro coponent is active.

9! Create a Web Dynpro Application to test the De-elopment
Then create a webdynpro application as show below .
+nter the description and click the "Tick" b,tton as ention below.

Save it as %ocal 0bject.

+8pand the " 'eb Dynpro Applications" as highlighted.
*! "est the Web Dynpro Application
Then Right Click the 'eb Dynpro Applications ";adobe#n#webdyn" and click the Test.
Then a $rowser 'indow will 0pen and display the Adobe 4or.