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(2009) The King's Return 2.

) Not A Sermon, But A Sample

Sorry that I can get so mean and sarcastic

I can say the most unbelievable things
Sorry that my manners aren't all that fantastic
I can't say I've lived all those songs that I sing

It's easier to write a song than live a life like Yours


And not just be a sermon, but a sample

To not just show the way, but walk with someone
To prove that though life can be quite a handful
Your love will help us to overcome

Sorry that I'm not always friendly and gentle

My sense of humor's a back-firing gun
1.) New Beginning Sorry for the times I've left feelings dismantled
& all I cared for was me having fun
Look at the signs of the (Dm) times: (G)
hunger, war, disease and (C) crime (Am) It's easier to tell a joke than heal a wound like
Blinded guides leading the blind Yours
mistaking darkness for the light
It's getting late, it's comin' our way
Don't hesitate to help God set things straight (Bridge:)
Change is rolling in, so let's open the gate
There's more to life than our selfish adventures
(Ch.:) There's more to find than our place in the sun
Yes, the (C) End's coming (G) soon and with it (F) There's more to learn here than how to give
a new be(C)ginning lectures
with it (F) a new be(C)ginning: God's new (Am) There's more at stake here than fun:
Kingdom and (G) rule Learning to love someone
Yes, the (C) End's coming (G) soon and with it (F)
a new be(C)ginning (Ch.)
with it (F) a new be(C)ginning: God's new (G)
Kingdom and (C) rule 3.) Asking You

Why? - I'm asking you why must you always defy

Yes, the Peace Train will arrive the One
after mankind's darkest night Who came to die for you, the One Who won't lie?
Knowing the Author of Life
We will finally see the light Please, tell me why - why all the force and the
You can be free if you want to be the hunger and pain, innumerable faces, tears
But there's no one so blind as those who refuse falling like rain?
to see
Love is coming in, coming for you and me I'm asking you why all the killing and hate
as if it was our fate to keep running away from
(Ch.) love until it's too late?

(Rep. Ch. in D-A-G-D-G-D-Bm-A Just tell me why, I'm asking you why
D-A-G-D-G-D- A – D) is it so hard to brak down this despicable wall of
abominable pride?
Why is it too hard to say that you keep looking for I suppose history will show what you did, who
answers, you were for real
solutions, results you won't accept anyway? Perhaps our grandchildren will know what all you
schemers now conceal
I'm asking you why, if you're so God-damn smart,
you keep breaking God's heart by rejecting His But in a long, black list of fools, I think you'll be
love, defying Him all the way? and always will
the most pathetic one of all to me
Just tell me why, before I'm gonna go, is your one Farewell, Mr. President!
single answer
to the most precious chance you'll ever get War is your game, war has been your creed
always "no"? Though it's sure as hell not you who fight, no you
let other people bleed
I'm asking you why, just tell me why are you so in The wind you have sown, the storm you will reap
love with death So, come on get down off your thrown, make
that you must strangle love's breath before it can room for yet another creep
come to life?
"We won't get fooled again," is that what we really
4.) Farewell Mr. President But then we'll believe anything, anything - you
screwed us over in our sleep
This is a song for you, though it's a song you'll Farewell, Mr. President!
never hear Sure had us fooled again
The man who's wrecked & ruled "the greatest Farewell, Mr. President!
nation in the world" for 8 long years Don't come around again
Oblivious to the facts, oblivious to how it feels to
have lost a son in Iraq
for some greedy, old men's petrol deals 5.) Never Alone

I wonder who'll wipe off that grin from your So who are you? Good souls are few.
mischievous monkey face I've spent my life looking for diamonds in the
You're wading knee-deep in your sins, the blood rough
of thousands on your hands Suppose it is true, there's nothing new
Of all the hypocrites I've seen you were the one The things that life hands us can be pretty tough
that takes the cake
Farewell, Mr. President! Slowly, real slowly I'm starting to crawl up that
lowly old mountain of life
Nothing is holy when the only rule is our struggle
You sure fulfilled your daddy's dreams: that New to merely survive
World Order's rolling in
Cause, after all, what have you been than a mere So, who are you? Nice you made it, too
puppet to their schemes? Guess now there's two of us heading for the light
And best of all, you've done it all in the Name of The wind is cold and I'm feeling old
the One you hate And I've learned friendship's all too easily sold
Cause you were taught not to repeat the one
mistake your daddy made Foolish, so foolishly see all those brutish men
running their races of life
The hypocrites fell for you the way that brand of Where is the music that used to come to me when
people do nothing else seemed to be right?
But me, I see right through your wicked smirk, oh,
yes, I do So who are You? Could it be true?
Farewell, Mr. President! That there is someone who'd show me the way
So now you're leaving with a bang, the way that Not many or few, Jesus only You
big-shot people do are the One Who will never leave me alone
to leave another man to hang in the place you
have left him to I'm not alone….
Never alone
6.) T.W.O. We're not on vacation, there are souls to be freed
Do not be deluded but cling to the truth
The truth is, they're telling you lies my friend So He'll know you're His when He'll come for you
The truth is, you wouldn't believe me to what
extent (Chorus)
They're making the true heroes look like creeps
What they call "news" is mostly make-belief (Bridge:)
While most of us fall in their trap like sheep
but I can show you the way out And (G) though the road's rough and the (D)
I'll show you the way out journey is long
(Am) keep your light pure and your (Em) heart
The truth is, the world was no accident, it was filled with song
planned Let (G) your mind be clear and your (D) faith ever
The truth is, there is a God and He loves you, my strong
friend on this (Am) long, (C) long (D) road back (Em)
While everything else will be blown away Home (D-C-D)
His love and His truth will be here to stay
No matter how badly you've lost your way (Chorus)
cause I can show you the way out
I'll show you the way out 8.) Perfect People

You turn on the TV or pick up the paper and Anyone can love perfect people
all that they sell you is lies perfect people are so easy to love
But if you look up to the Man on the cross if ever such a thing there was as perfect people
and believe in Him, you won't ever die give me perfect people, they're so easy to love

The truth is, He loves you so much that he died Everybody wants to have perfect people,
for you perfect people are so easy to have around
The truth is, Jesus alone's gonna see you through you've got a reason to laugh with perfect people
Even if your life looks like a dead end street yes only perfect people that's what I want to have
He's gonna put you back on your feet
Just take Him and He's gonna set you free Everybody wants to be like perfect people
Cause He will show you the way out Yes, perfect people will just do right for me
He'll show you the way out just like the ones on TV, such perfect people
He'll show you the way out cause with perfect people, that's what I'll be
He'll show you the way out
Life can be a lonely place full of perfect people
those perfect people are so tiring to chase
perfect bodies, perfect face, such perfect people
7.) The King's Return less than perfect people belong in outer space

You (Em) can't win a (D) battle (C) half-

hearted(B7)ly 9.) Immanuel
nor has any drifter yet crossed the sea
That glorious crown isn't won easily The Lord Himself will give you signs:
So fight on, my brother, for the victory The virgin will be with child
and will give birth to a Son
(Chorus) and they will call Him

(G) Look toward the day when our (D) King will Immanuel
come back
Don't let (Am) shiny temptations get (Em) you off For to us a child is born,
the track to us a son is given,
He'll give you everything you'll ever lack the government rests on His shoulders.
So shine on, brother, (Ds4) let your light (C) burn And he will be called
un(D)til He re(Em)turns (D-C-B7)
This world lies in darkness, no light do they see
Wonderful Counselor Agua, fuego, tierra y viento bailando estan aqui
Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Agua, fuego, tierra y viento en todo lo que se
Prince of Peace. (Cmaj7) ve
Aprenden com(D)o vivir juntos

10.) Largo De la distancia no se ven las diferencias

(Music: G.F.Haendel, original Italian lyrics: unknown, existiendo
English and Spanish translation: Dave Mendoza) Entre planetas y estrellas
Oh my sweet Lord
I feel you inside Mas si te acercas ya veras todo es creacion de
Oh, Lord, the peace You give Dios
Courage envelops me Con sus particularidades
When You are near
Agua, fuego, tierra y viento estan bailando aqui
God, come live in me Agua, fuego, tierra y viento en todo lo que se ve
I want to lay me down Aprenden como vivir
Here in the soft green grass
My saving Love Mira bien por tu ciudad y toda la diversidad
Que hay entre la gente que ves en todo lugar
No, don’t leave me, Lord
Please, don’t forsake me, Lord Hay orgullo y humildad, hay mentira y verdad
Light and life of my heart Impostores y ninos de la sinceridad
Let me hope to bask in the beating of Your heart
Please, don’t forsake me, Lord Uno alto y otro no, hay que corre y el lento
Aprendemos ser lo que seremos, tu y yo
O mi Señor
Te siento en mi Gente de juego y musica otros nunca juegan ya
Señor, cual paz me das Trabajando para las riquezas alcanzar
me envueleve el animo
cuando me hablas Hay corderos mansos, otros son violentos
Todos somos diferentes, nadie es igual
Dios, vien, vive en mi
quiero hundirme aqui Negros, rojos, blancos, timidos y francos
dentro de Tu calor Dejemos de pelear, vivamos siempre en
salvante Amor harmon(E)ia

No me dejes, no De eso se (A) trata estar (B) aqui en (E) este lugar
No me dejes, Senor (Cmaj7) Aperender a(D)mar el uno al otro (Estr.)
Luz de mi corazon
Solo en tu latido puedo
esperar 12.) Du bist alles
en Ti quiero estar
Du bist größer als ich, das ist mir heut' klar
11.) Agua, Fuego, Tierra y Viento Du bist mehr als alles was ich je besaß
(Capo 3 fret: Em-D-Cmaj7-B7…) Deine Liebe wird in meiner Schwäche stark
(Em) Tantas vidas (D) bajo el mismo (Em) sol Du bist alles was ich brauche
Aprendiendo a vi(D)vir en paz y a(G)mor Du bist alles was ich hab'
En este gra(Am)nito de (B7) un planeta
Einst sah ich so was wie meinen Feind in Dir
Tantos personajes bajo el sol Kein Rivale, eher so was wie'n hohes Tier
Intentando llevarse y otros no Du da oben und ganz klein hier unten wir
Cada vida distinta de la otra Bis Du mir zeigtest, das war nur ein Hirngespinst
von mir
(Cmaj7) Tantas difer(D)encias cada cual
Unos hacen bien y otros mal Denn wer und was Du wirklich bist wird mir erst
La rasa humana haci(B7)a su Padre langsam klar
Seitdem ich weiss wie sehr ich frueher auf dem
Holzweg war
Und dass ich jetzt erst lebe


Oft geht's uns nur drum zu zeigen wir sind stark

Wir definier'n uns mit dem was jeder zu tun
Viel zu spät wird klar, dass dort der Haken lag
Wir ignorieren Dich und Deine Güte jeden Tag

Und wer und was du wirklich bist wird uns erst

langsam klar
wenn wir beginnen einzuseh'n dass Du es
wirklich warst
der uns das Leben gab



Du bist alles was ich hab’

Du bist alles fuer mich

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