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1. Abarquez,
Anna Melissa
Taking a human rights perspective on reproductive health, analyzing
state obligations and Philippine compliance
2. Abu,
hristine !oy
"stablishing #egal !usti$ications $or "%traterritorial Apprehension o$
&uspected Terrorists as a 'alid "%ercise o$ &el$()e$ense under Article
*1 o$ the +nited ,ations harter
-. Adraneda,
Maria !oy
The Anti(Tra$$icking .n Persons Act /$ 200-1 2eclassi$ying The +se /$
Tra$$icked Persons 3or Prostitution As An Act That Promotes
4. Al$elor,
Antonio Andre
2ene5ing the 3uture1 Amending the 2ene5able "nergy Act o$ 2006.
*. Alilling, !oel Abolishing Payroll 2einstatement in Article 22- o$ the labor code to
strike a balance bet5een the rights o$ labor and management
7. Andres,
)iane Angeli
.n(vitro gone 5rong1 legal implications o$ embryo s5itching
8. Ang, 9azimir
A, .,T"2,AT./,A# #.MAT" :A,;" #.A<.#.T= 2";.M"1 &tate
2esponsibility and &tate #iability $or limate hange .mpacts
6. Angeles,
"nrico "rrol
)ivide And onquer "%amination /$ The ongress> Po5er To reate
#egislative )istricts1 onstitutional /r ;errymandering?
@. Angliongto,
andy May
.nay, inay, hu5ag ipagkait sa akin si itay. Addressing the mother>s
inter$erence 5ith the $ather>s e%ercise o$ his visitation rights.
10. Angustia,
/ne )egree in 3idel commisry substitutions1 A Paradigm &hi$t
11. Antig, "ir &eeing the asset in disability1 de$ining proper guidelines and policies
in the promotion o$ equal opportunity $or suitable employment to
people 5ith autism spectrum disorder
12. Aquino,
Marla #uisa
The 2006 &outh /ssetia Aar1 An Analysis /$ 2ussia>s ompliance
Aith !us .n <ello, .ts .mplications /n Modern Aar$are, )evelopments
.n .nternational :umanitarian #a5, And The Philippines
1-. Arabia,
Agatha Maria
Aho 9no5s <etter? Ahen #ocal ;overnment s Pass Moratoria
Against #arge B&cale Mining
14. Arcilla,
/$$()uty? /$$(#imitsC Adopting An /$$()uty onduct &tatute .n /rder
To Protect Aorkers Against )iscrimination And Termination )ue To
Personal .n$ormation Posted /n The .nternet
1*. Atadero,
A Mandate Against :ate1 3inding and 3ounding a Philippine #a5 on
:ate rimes
17. Atcheco,
April #orelei
Anong Mapapala &a Aalang Mapipiga?1 Practical #egal hallenges To
"n$orcing Payroll 2einstatement /$ Managerial And on$idential
18. <aldago,
)etermination /$ #iability 3or The Acts /r /missions /$ ,urses +nder
'oluntary :ospital(<ased Training Programs
16. <aldemor,
Maria ristina
2emoving the 2oadblock to !ustice1 "stablishing a Prima 3acie
Presumption o$ ;uilt o$ Military and #a5 "n$orcement /$$icers in
ases o$ )eath o$ Persons in ustody
1@. <aldeo,
/n ollective <argaining Agreements1 )etermining its status 5hen
An .ndependent ontractors is &ubsequently declared as #abor only
20. <alois,
Amending &ection 2 DAE o$ the Anti()ummy #a51 The overreaching
span o$ the criminal liability brought about by the aiding and abetting
portion o$ the section 5hich brings about harassment and legal
21. <aluyot, !ose
.ncidental bene$it to public o$$icers in government ads1 e%amining its
legal repercussions and imposing restrictions thereon
22. <autista, Martial Matters1 2e("%amining The Po5er /$ The President To
;erald )eclare Martial #a5 .n #ight /$ The Maguindanao Massacre
2-. <ernabe
The Transporter, 2edu%1 rede$ining common carriers
24. <lancia,
Andrei Marion
)etermining the $actors that the supreme court takes into
consideration $or declaring a government contract per$ected as 5ell
as reckoning the point o$ per$ection o$ government contract
2*. <olong, #uz
Pill $or Pill1 onstruing a 2etroactive Application o$ the heaper
Medicines Act Amendments o$ the .ntellectual Property ode
27. <ritanico,
Proposing the 5rit o$ kalusugan1 the need $or a legal remedy that
allo5s o$ the application o$ the precautionary principle in cases
involving the right to health
28. agayan,
<ertrand :ans
:+TAMA(2&"A vs. .T2A1 A ritique then under it Fupholding the
validity o$ conditions precedent to arbitration in construction
26. alida, Mark
T:" 2.;:T T/ PA2T..PAT" ., 3A.2"2 "#"T./,& a critical analysis
o$ the 3air "lection Act in relation to the use o$ political
advertisements during the elections1 balancing the rights and
leveling the playing $ield o$ candidates, regardless o$ social strata
and pedigree
2@. alanoy,
An Analysis o$ the 2ight o$ the .ndigenous Peoples to their Ancestral
#ands and the &tate>s 2ight over 2eservations
-0. anilao,
;M v. A1 Another case o$ an illegally imposed <A
-1. apati,
#egislative &iege /n The .nternal 2evenue Allotment1 testing the
constitutionality o$ automatic .2A allocation in la5s passed by
ongress against the $iscal autonomy provisions granted by the
constitution to #;+s.
-2. ariHo, )on "stablishing 2ule son able 2etransmission and !ust ompensation1
A critique on the Pronouncements o$ the &upreme ourt in the case
o$ A<&(<, <roadcasting orporation v. Philippine Multi(Media
&ystem .nc.
--. astaneda,
)id the remedy o$ Pre(Proclamation controversy become obsolete
under the Automated "lection &ystem?
-4. astillo,
,icolo !ose
&ocial net5orking sites and electronic evidence1 a study on the
su$$iciency o$ the rules on electronic evidence in light o$
developments in the use o$ the internet, particularly as regards the
rise o$ social net5orking sites
-*. asuela,
#abor(3riendly Piercing1 A Middle ;round <et5een &unio and A..
2ansom to determine liability o$ orporate /$$icers in labor disputes
-7. havez,
9idnapped1 Philippine #a5 and .nternational Parental Abduction1
Addressing the ;ap in .nternational ustody )isputes
-8. hing, May
Accountability <egins Ahen 2eliance "nds1 An Analysis o$ the Arias
)octrine and the Application o$ ommand 2esponsibility in ivil
-6. o, Ashlin
Amending the Preliminary .nIunction <ond
-@. oronel, "mil 2eclassi$ying Article 248 o$ the revised penal code as a penalized
crime 5ithin the $rame5ork o$ the convection on the elimination o$
all $orms o$ discrimination against 5omen and the convection on the
rights o$ the child
40. ruz, Avelino .nnocent until proven guilty1 the proper construction o$ the chain o$
custody doctrine in dangerous drugs cases
41. uenca, !ose :acienda 'elez(Malaga1 The onstitutionality o$ the Agrarian 2e$orm
3ernando #a5, A2Per and !urisprudence
42. ukingnan,
An analysis and e%amination o$ the application o$ the "(ommerce
#a5, to5ard real money micro transactions 5ith regard to virtual
property and services in online games
4-. unanan,
Angelo !ose
/rgan $or !uan, but ,one $or !ohn. A critique on the implementing
rules and regulations issued last !une 200@ o$ 2epublic Act ,o. @2061
Anti(tra$$icking in Persons Act o$ 200-
44. )avid, Maria
"%amining la5 and !urisprudence on the po5er o$ the ommissioner
o$ immigration to issue 5arrants o$ arrest in deportation proceedings
and proposing guidelines $or valid 5arrants in the absence o$ $inal
deportation orders
4*. )e astro,
2ichard 'on
The uncanny privilege o$ PA;/2 Privilege1 An e%tensive study on
the legality and propriety o$ P) 167@ more particularly on the
provision limiting the auditing po5ers o$ /A 5ith respect to
PA;/2 $inances
47. )elos
Angeles, )ino
ourt .nter$erence .n Arbitration1 A 2enunciation /$ The &tate Policy
To Promote Alternative )ispute 2esolution
48. )ela uesta,
Protecting the Arit To Protect1 Making "$$ective the 2ule on the Arit
o$ Amparo
46. )iHa,
<ahay ni !uan1 2evisiting the community mortgage program D MP E
under the urban development and housing act D +):A E through the
concept o$ right to housing
4@. )iHo,
Ahat is the end goal o$ the po5ers o$ the :2 and ho5 it can be
made more e$$ective in accordance 5ith the purpose o$ its creator
*0. )izon, )iana "%amining and 2esolving .ssues in the .mplementation o$ Trans$er o$
&entenced Persons Agreements in the Philippine onte%t
*1. )omingo,
"%cuse me, is that seat taken? Proposing a de$inition o$ vacancy in
*2. )uhaylongso
d, !ose Ma.
3eigning ignorance1 liabilities o$ the vendors, distributors and
manu$acturers o$ gaming consoles $or copyright in$ringement o$
video games
*-. "nriquez,
,ot ompletely Alien1 A #ook at 2epublic Act ,o. @1-@ or The
Administrative ,aturalization Act o$ 2000 and its /verlapping
!urisdiction 5ith ommon5ealth Act ,o. 48- or The 2evised
,aturalization #a5 /ver the ,ative(<orn Aliens
*4. "scosia,
;race Javiere
Ainning the battle, ending the 5ar1 the right to criminal discovery in
Philippine courts
**. "spaHa,
Philippines> /bligation +nder +,#/&1 3act /$ 3iction? Assailing The
onstitutionality /$ 2epublic Act ,o. @*22 /r The ,e5 <aselines #a5
*7. "spiritu,
3rancis #orenz
"(3encing1 a study on the adequacy o$ P.). 1712 to prosecute cases
o$ $encing in online marketplaces
*8. "spiritu,
3igure .t /ut1 &etting &tandards /n 2ecognizing Property 2ights /ver
&peci$ic :uman <ody Parts
*6. "storninos,
"%ploring The )e$inition /$ Abandonment /$ A hild
*@. 3adrigo, !ohn
Premature no more? the inapplicability o$ the election o$$ense o$
premature campaign 5ithin the $rame5ork o$ automated elections,
as decided in Panera v. omelec
70. 3aylona,
larissa <ettina
.P 2ights v. 2ight to )evelopment1 2esolving the on$lict <et5een
the Protection o$ .ntellectual Property 2ights and the Trans$er o$
"nvironmentally &ound Technologies to the Philippines, in 2esponse
to the ;lobal Phenomenon o$ limate hange
71. 3ernandez, ,egligent misrepresentation1 "%tending the concept o$
hristina misrepresentation to negligence, veering a5ay $rom the linkage o$
misrepresentation and $raud in Philippine #a5
72. 3ernandez,
Addressing the Ambiguity on the onstitutional Prohibition 2egarding
the President>s re(election
7-. 3lores, !amie 2aising 2esponsibility in the =outh
A revie5 o$ 2.A. @-44, speci$ically in Placing the Minimum age $or
criminal responsibility at $i$teen D1*E, and a Proposal to #o5er the
same age to t5elve D12E, providing Iusti$ications based on legal
arguments and psychosocial vie5points
74. 3lores,
.,!+&T." ., &.#","1 "stablishing ;uidelines $or Kuali$ied
.nterpreters $or the )ea$ in riminal ases
7*. 3ortea,
ultural )iversity +nder the .P2A as a )e$ense Against Trademark
2egistration o$ Tribal ,ames, Marks, and &ymbols as Private Property
77. ;andamato,
Proposing an Administrative Procedure Act as 3rame5ork $or the
"%ercise o$ &upreme ourt>s Po5er o$ !udicial 2evie5
78. ;arcia,
&upreme ourt>s po5er to promulgate rules concerning
constitutional rights1 a ne5ly unsheathed s5ord that needs re(
e%amination and re(cra$ting
76. ;arcia(
Morera, Marta
Ahen )isaster &trikes <ringing ,atural )isaster 5ithin the Ambit o$
the responsibility to protect
7@. ;o, Maryl
&i% $eet under1 de$ining the obligations o$ marine common carriers
and the rights and remedies o$ the victims> $amilies in cases o$
marine accidents resulting in the need $or search and retrieval o$
80. ;rapillon,
#egal )ilemmas on intellectual Property 2ights in the <iomedical
.ndustry1 the patentability o$ stem cells and derivative products
81. ;regorio,
!ames Michael
<ridging the interstice in the advent o$ technological developments1
The #inkage o$ substantial :uman .ntervention, reativity, /riginality
and the nature o$ the computer program to computer(generated
5orks in delineating its applicability to copyright and the $air use
82. ;regorio,
!ohn Ale%ander
Protection o$ the 3ictional haracter1 Ahen 3iction <ecomes 2eality B
&eparate opyright ability o$ the 3ictional haracter1 A Proposal to
Amend the .ntellectual Property ode in /rder to Protect the 3ictional
haracter $rom 2eality
8-. ;regorio,
Trade in &ervices1 Mapping its #egal 3rame5ork in the Philippines
84. ;uzman,
2ede$ining the legal consequence o$ preterition under succession la5
8*. .lagan,
3ast 3act $or 3ast 3oods1 A proposal $or mandatory labeling o$ the
nutritional in$ormation o$ $ood products in chain $ood establishments
87. .ngles, !ohn
Kuali$ication o$ &hares o$ a 3oreigner in /rder to be "lected as the
hairman o$ the <oard o$ a Mining ompany Aithout Actually /5ning
20L o$ the "quity Thereo$
88. !alipa, ,orvin
Aalking the line1 legitimate corporate strategy or restraint o$ trade?
A study o$ the competition environment in the Philippines and
providing guidelines
86. #antion, Mell Are Air ;un 3irearms?
A dissertation, critique and recommendation
8@. #erit, !ulius
,ahuli na nakakalusot pa1 revisiting the doctrine o$ the $ruit o$ the
poisonous tree
60. #igan, !ames 2estatement o$ 3oreseeability as an "lement in the Tort o$
,egligence in the )etermination o$ the "%tent o$ #iability
61. #ina,
3ail "lection Act1 #ook into the legal loopholes o$ &ection 7.7 o$ the
3air "lection Act
62. #ipana,
A proposal to grant the automatic 1-
seat to the ne%t in rank in
case contingent vacancy in the senate
6-. #izarondo,
<A,TA= &A#A9A=1 2egulating the ;overnment Po5er o$ &urveillance
and "nabling the 2ight to Privacy in the Age o$ Modern &urveillance
64. #o, 'icente The .nvalidity /$ 2equiring #ocal hapters /$ ,ational +nions /r
3ederations Their erti$icates /$ reations As A ondition Precedent
/$ The onduct /$ A erti$ication And Providing 3or An "mployee>s
2ight To .ntervene .n erti$ication "lection Proceedings in )/#" )./.
,o. 40(3(0- B the .mplementing 2ules And 2egulations o$ 2.A. ,o.
6*. #ugtu,
'irtual /$$ice Providers .n The Philippines1 2egulating The 'irtual
/$$ice <usiness &et(+p
67. Mabagos,
#essons #earned $rom the $irst ever automated national elections1
ensuring e$$iciency and accountability o$ the automated elections
through lessened depend on private entities and improved technical
competence o$ the commission on elections
68. Magtibay,
"at at your o5n riskC Assailing the constitutionality o$ the 3ood
)onation Act o$ 200@ and proposing an amendment thereto
66. Magundayao
, 2yan
The :iring o$ FontractualG "mployees $or a $i%ed term1 A ,eed ton
<alance the 2ights o$ the Aorkers and "mployees
6@. Malang, !an
A ritique o$ )el Monte v. &aldivar1 striking a balance bet5een the
rights o$ labor and management in dismissals due to the
en$orcement o$ a union security clause
@0. Malaya,
!oseph Anthony
2evisiting &ection 216 on the ,ational .nternal 2evenue code1 A la5
5hich absolutely prohibits any court $rom issuing inIunctions to
restrain the collection o$ national internal revenue ta%es
@1. Mallillin, Paul
,o kabits Allo5edC1 A ritique on the case o$ #im vs. A and A study
$or the protection o$ the 3randus system
@2. Manaloto,
Ai(3i The$t1 An Act )e$ining the rime o$ Piggybacking, Providing
Penalties There$ore and $or /ther Purposes
@-. Manigbas,
2evisiting the authority o$ regular courts to issue inIunctions to
restrain e%ecution o$ Iudgment o$ the labor court against property
claimed by third party
@4. Maningat,
,o "%ception to the "%emption1 Applying to the <ene$it o$ Article --2
to the &pecial Penal #a5 on Anti(carnapping
@*. Marohomsali
c, ,ashmyleen
)oomed To5ards Peace? An analysis on the M/A(A) decision on the
case o$ the Province o$ ,orth otabato v. ;2P1 to5ards a $rame5ork
on peace negotiations
@7. Martin,
2.A. 6-*-1 e%amining the distinction in penalties bet5een the t5o
kinds o$ rape in light o$ the ")AA
@8. Matibag,
9athrina ;race
.nternational Ta% Treaty Abuse1 A ase &tudy o$ the Mirant
DPhilippinesE /perations orporation vs. ommissioner o$ .nternal
2evenue in 2elation to the 'alidity o$ 2evenue Memorandum /rder
,o. 01(2000 and the .nternational ommitment o$ the Philippines vis(
M(vis its Ta% Administrative Mechanism
@6. MeIia, ,ina
Mending the <roken ode1 comparing 2etributive and restorative
Iustice in the Philippines
@@. Miranda, +pholding The 2ight To A <alanced And :ealth$ul "cology1 An
3ernand Analysis /$ The !urisdiction /$ The ;reen ourts And Administrative
Agencies Tasked To "n$orce "nvironmental #a5s
The doctrine o$ restrictive sovereign immunity and the need $or
constitutional amendment
. demand to be heard1 an accused>s right o$ reply against biased and
negative publicity by the media amounting to trial by publicity
!ohn ;oodlucky
The price o$ inconsistency1 the principle o$ immutability o$ $inal
Iudgment and e%pansion o$ the po5er o$ ongress in light o$ league
o$ cities o$ the Philippines v. omelec
)etermining Aho .s A hild #egally Available 3or Adoption1 A &tudy
/$ 2epublic Act ,o. @*2-
Ahen illegal is ignominious? "stablishing riminal #iability $or .llegal
)ismissal in <ad 3aith
To in$inity and beyond1 revie5ing the territorial Iurisdiction o$
regional trial courts in the issuance o$ 5rits o$ preliminary inIunction
A:"2" )/ A" )2AA T:" #.,"? "stablishing a F<right #ineG on the
#imitation lause under the Anti(Torture Act
Tan, "laine
A ritique /n The ase /$ :eirs /$ Malabanan '. 2epublic /$ The
Philippines /n The .nterpretation /$ #a5s ;overning Public #ands
106./mpoc, !avin orporate ensorship1 "$$ects on <roadcast Media and its #egal
10@./ng, !oanna
omelec in e%cess o$ its Iurisdiction1 is it adding quali$ications in
disquali$ying national candidates as nuisance candidates
110./rtiz, laro
Applying the #a5s o$ )e$amation and Kuasi()elict to Acts or
/missions ommitted over the .nternet by Acquiring !urisdiction
;ood $aith and its immateriality in a 5arrantless search through an
analysis o$ #opez v. ommissioner o$ ustoms
2eigning in the digital $rontier a la5 on cybercrime and cyberterror
11-.Paulino, #e% Trust me, trust me not1 )ecriminalizing Trust 2eceipts #a5
114.Perez, <yron TA2;"T") 9.##.,;&1 An "%amination o$ its Permissibility +nder
:uman 2ights #a5, The #a5 on the +se o$ .nter(&tate 3orce, and
.nternational :umanitarian #a5
!oseph arlo
riminalizing .dentity The$t
117.Porter, !an
)etermining .nsider &tatus <ased /n &ection -.6 D"E /$ The
&ecurities 2egulation ode
The non(payment o$ support1 an additional ground $or the
termination o$ parental authority
116.Kua, .rene <less you $ather $or you have sinned1 quali$ying clerical se%ual abuse
as 5ithin the priest>s scope o$ employment
11@.Kue, #eanne
"%panding the ontempt Po5er o$ ongress1 a &tep to5ards a More
"$$ective #egislative .nvestigation
9evin "drick
Proposing a $rame5ork $or the admission to post conviction bail1 A
critique o$ #eviste v. ourt o$ Appeals
Anna 3rances
Protection $or the 2egistered lando5ner1 2evisiting the Property
2egistration )ecree to ensure that the 2egistered lando5ner is not
preIudiced by an innocent purchaser $or value
&trengthening the Teeth Against orruption
A ritique o$ the )e astro v. !udicial and <ar ouncil case 5ith the
aid o$ Philippine !urisprudence on Midnight Appointments
124.2eyes, Applicability o$ .nitial .nterest on$usion in the Philippines and &etting
!enni$er a &tandard $or its Application
2uben ;erald
hoosing The <est Among "quals1 )etermining Ahich Method To +se
.n .mplementing The Arm>s #ength Principle "spoused <y The /")
Trans$er Pricing ;uidelines 3or Multinational "nterprises And Ta%
Administration, As Adopted <y The <ureau /$ .nternal 2evenue .n
2evenue Memorandum ircular ,o. 27(06
127.2ocas, 9arla 9nock, knockC Aho>s There? The Meaning o$ FonsentG in onsented
Aarrantless &earches and &eizures
&u$$icient auses $or the )isinheritance o$ hildren, )escendants,
Parents, Ascendants, and &pouses1 The ,eed $or Amending
#uisa Maria
"stablishing A #egal 3rame5ork 3or The )evelopment /$ A
Mechanism 3or The !udicial 2esponsibility /$ An .ncumbent &upreme
ourt !ustice1 !udicial .ndependence And !udicial Accountability .n
#ight /$ 2ecent !urisprudence And #egal )evelopments
12@.2uiz, !ose ... &cene as /bscene1 The case against cartoon pornography
#eon Miguel
.nIustice +pon its /5n !ustice1 Ang Paglilitis ni !ustice 2eyes
&pace Tourism1 its legal implication in case a 3ilipino dies or su$$ers
inIury 5hile on board a space vehicle
1-2.&antos, Ma.
The invasion o$ telemarketing and mobile marketing1 the attack on
the right to privacy B .n need $or innovative regulation
1--.&antos, Ma.
lari$ying the con$usion1 adopting the Polaroid $actors as standards
to determine trademark in$ringement
arl Marlou
"quity versus 3inality1 "ngra$ting "quitable 2ecoupment .nto
Philippine Ta% #a5
Accountability v. Privacy1 a revie5 o$ the po5er o$ the ombudsman to
regulate access to the statements o$ assets, liabilities and net 5orth
o$ public o$$icers
1-7.&ian, )ikki
"%amining the implications o$ business process outsourcing on our
current labor la5 provisions on contracting
1-8.&ilva, .na
The ,e5 Public Management Phenomenon1 ompelling The Private
&ector To )isclose .n$ormation /$ Public oncern
)atu <lah
.ntermarriagesreating A #egal 3rame5ork to 3ill The 'oid in the
Application o$ the Muslim ode and the 3amily ode
1-@.&ta. Maria,
9ris <ernadette
.nvading remedies1 e%amining pre(pollution remedies and
strengthening liability claims due to invasive species as a biological
ship(bourne pollutant
!ason :umphrey
"nIoining &trikes, .s .t Arbitrary /r Aise?1 A ritique /n The Po5er /$
The &ecretary /$ #abor To Assume !urisdiction /ver )isputes .n
.ndustries .ndispensable To ,ational .nterest +nder Article 27-D;E /$
The #abor ode
zarina 9eziah
The 2ight To A &peedy Trial1 An .nequity /$ 2elie$. The on$lict
<et5een The &peedy Trial Act /$ 1@@6 And The 1@@1 2evised 2ule
/n &ummary Procedure 2egarding The 2elie$ Available To An
Accused Ahose 2ight To A &peedy Trial :as <een 'iolated
Michelle arisse
Attention, all &hopper1 Addressing the Phenomenon o$ $orum
shopping be$ore international courts and tribunes
, #aser <litz
Addressing .ncreasing Marital Problems1 The ,eed To Add Marriage
Annulment ;rounds Taken 3rom Article ** /$ The 3amily ode
D2eE establishing conspiracy in 2epublic Act ,o. -01@1 a conspiracy
o$ silence and inaction e%amined
14*.Tan, aroline :/#= days as :olidays1 The onstitutionality o$ 2eligion(based
,ational :olidays in the Philippines
147.Tan, Maria
Martial #a5 Today1 the e$$ects o$ Presidential Proclamation 1@*@ on
the 5arrantless arrests, search and seizures and the criminal cases
$iled against the Ampatuans
2oy &haun
The ,ature /$ The Mandatory Tender /$$er 2ule .n Philippine
&ecurities 2egulation
An Analytical &tudy And omparison )elineating A Petition 3or
2evie5 +nder 2ule 4* And A Petition 3or ertiorari +nder 2ule 7* /$
The 2evised 2ules /$ ourt and Proposing certiorari to avoid
modi$ying vested rights
Anne hinika
2esolving the inconsistency o$ the hearing requirement in
employment termination proceedings
The Philippines> Anti(Torture Act And 2.A. @6*1. )etermining The
#a5 Ahich &hould <e Applied .n Prosecuting The ommission /$
Torture And /ther 3orms ruel, .nhuman /r )egrading Treatment /r
Punishment )uring Armed on$licts &ituation
!amor /nce
FAhat on your Mind? &ocial ,et5orking or ampaigning?G The #egal
.mplications o$ +sing &ocial ,et5orking &ites as Media o$ ampaign
2oland ;lenn
Arong$ul capture, proper detention? challenging the customary o$
male captus, bene detentus in international la5
1*-.+y, !ean ;o +kay(ukay1 2epeal o$ 2.A. ,o. 47*-, legalizing the commercial
importation o$ used clothing
The ,on(&everance o$ #egitimate Ties among 3amily Members and
ollateral 2elatives in case o$ <iological Adoption
1**.+y, 9athleen 3raudulent Transactions1 Analysis /$ The T5in Provisions /n Anti(
3raud Provisions /$ The &ecurities 2egulation ode and vs. securities
e%change act o$ 1@-4
Amiel .an
/n The Application /$ &ustainable )evelopment oncept .n The
Philippine Mining #a5 And 2elated onte%ts1 A 2e("valuation /$ .ts
#egal &tatus And !usticiable &tandards
&umbat &a ,agbulag(<ulagan1 The Application /$ The Aill$ul
<lindness )octrine 'is(O('is The Penal #iability /$ Mothers Aho
"nabled The Abuse /$ Their hildren
The ost /$ <eauty1 Medical Malpractice #iability And 2egulation /$
Pseudo osmetic &urgeons And <eauty are enters
3oreign o5nership invasion1 the constitutionality o$ the issuance o$
Philippine depositary receipts in nationalized and partly nationalized
&trengthening 2elative Pre$erence o$ Aorkers> laim in case o$
<ankruptcy1 A ritique on Article 110 o$ the #abor ode
Public /$$ice .s A Public Trust1 A )iscussion /n The Administrative
#iabilty /$ 2e(elected Public /$$icers Aho ommit Acts /$ Misconduct
)uring A Prior Term
<uilding +p /ne o$ the Aorld>s #ast olonies B ;uam B to be
America>s F+nsinkable 3leetG. The ontinuing 'iolation o$ the 2ight
o$ the People o$ ;uam to &el$()etermination as a ,on(&el$ ;overning
Territory under Article 1 o$ the .P2 and a <ody o$ .nternational #a5
.nstruments and the 3urther Mani$estation o$ that 'iolation in the
+nited &tates 3ederal ;overnment Military <uild(+p .nitiatives in
Pursuit o$ its ;eopolitics ampaign and the Philippines> .nvolvement
in the Problem
"%tending Parliamentary immunities and protection $or a 5itness
5ho has been issued a subpoena to a congressional hearing
174.'irtudez, The unconstitutionality o$ unregulated plea bargaining and consent
Marie 9ristel decree in environmental cases
17*.Aisco, Jindy Paving the 5ay $or a selective application o$ the ;AT& to the practice
o$ pro$essions in the Philippines
<eneath The Penumbra1 )elineating &tandards /$ 2easonable
"%pectation /$ Privacy And Abandonment .n ;arbage(&earch ases
A Proposal $or the &tate to compel private institutions not to
discriminate against #;<Ts