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PHASE 1: Identification of Organization and System Request

No. Group Members No. ID Program
Muhammad Iskandar Bin Zabaniah 21201 IT400D: Information
Mohamad Izzul Faris Bin Abdul Rabba

21224 IT400D: Information
Abang Abdul Rahman Bin Taip 18475 IT400C: Information
Muhammad Zul Aiman Bin Zulkifli 18984 IT400C:Information

1.0 Organization Background and the Selected Business Function
Nowadays, we can say that most of the student that enroll in University need to be well
verse in using online system. Let's take University application form for an example. In Malaysia,
for those who want to further up their study from high school need to apply via online for
either IPTA or IPTS. This online system also applicable in paying tuition fee or paying a fine.
However, in most institute in Malaysia, they does not have a hostel reservation system. Hostel
reservation is vital and important for student since most of them will apply to stay inside the
University area since it is nearer compare for those who rent a house outside from their
respective institute. This is why our team members decide to do this project in making a hostel
Reservation System. This system will be used by not only for student, but also for staff
members and admin of their respective institute this is because we focused the user that are
not only to student but all people that are involve in hostel reservation. It is to ensure all
student and staff get their reservation easily and help the hostel management to run smoothly
the hostel reservation in order to reduce the problem regarding the hostel management and
reservation. In this matter, we have found that this will give a good effect on the management
of hostel reservation in order to give a good facilities to student and staff of some IPTA and

2.0 System Request
This topic will explain the reason and the value that will make this project will make a big profit.

2.1 The Purpose of Hostel Reservation System
The student can easily have access to make a booking for their hostel places for each
semester. They can have an overview of which room or building that is available for them so
that they can plan ahead. This system will include room report for any missing or broken
furniture so that the University staff can easily do a maintenance if there is any problem. The
system will include paying via a credit card or do the online transaction from Bank. Hostel
Reservation System offers an operational integration between reservations, guest history,
reception/ front desk, sales ledger, accounting and reporting modules. The software has facility
to generate report for analyzes booking, checking and checkout status. Hostel Reservation
System is the best suit for managing resource in very simple but effective manner with minimal
efforts or time so that it increases the revenue. This system is design to help manage booking
and use the gathered data in reports to help analyze marketing and financial results. Hostel
Booking software is a complete software suite consisting of integrated modules for various
aspects of hostel management.

2.2 Hostel Reservation System Features:
Save the clients information into the database prior to Booking or check in.
Customize the type of hostel rooms with prices.
Booking for the customer for specific date with advance payment.
Check in into the hostel for the duration.
Checkout from the hostel after payment operation.
Each time make a reservation or report regarding missing or broken furniture, room status is
updated and the customer details are added to the hostel database.
This system can be used by all of the Institute.
This project is web-based and is using PHP and MySQL with other web technology.

2.3 Special Issue of Hostel Reservation System
This topic will explain on what other requirement and problem for this project.

2.3.1 Special Requirement
HTML editor Macromedia Dreamweaver
Flash Dreamweaver Flash
Programming languages PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Facebook MarkUp Language, PayPal
Code, JQuery, Ajax, Smarty templating, HTML, XML, DHML, Style Sheets (CSS)
Guidance hostel reservation system of other sites
Web Server Apache

2.3.2 Limitations
Periodically changing the hostel E-business strategies
Hardware and software errors may occur
Hacking and cracking may occurs
Credit card scams may occur

2.3.3 Other requirements that is needed
Reservation system.
Basic knowledge about Search Engine Optimization and other marketing strategies.
How PayPal Transactions works or the implementation of sandbox.
Knowledge about the JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery and flash.
Embedded code generation.
Knowledge about the other reservation system and education sector

3.0 Feasibility Study Report
This part will show whether the proposed system is feasible and profitable to be launch.
Technical Feasibility
Functional Area
The current Residential College Support Unit (RCSU) and the UTP management are not
familiar with the online based system. This problem can be overcome if sufficient
training is provided.
The system has already been implemented by Registration Department. Beside, most of
the resources are available in UTP and the risk involved is less in implementing the
Project Size
The system will be used by the UTP Hostel Administration, RCSU and the student.
The system need to be integrated with the updated student database.

Based on the system design and resources available, it should be cost efficiently,
affordable and effectively.
The main problem of current manual registration are time consuming, not efficient and
not intimate user. The proposed system would overcome this problem and the admin
can maintain, update and handle the data easily.
Most of the UTP staff and student have familiar with the technology changes and can
easily adapt.
Most of the student preferred online based system because of the Internet provided
and more efficient and effective