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Hotel management system
The Grand Magrath Hotel

1. Introduction to hotel industry
!. Introduction to hotel "
. In#or$ation syste$s %
.1 Front des& %
.! 'ouse&eeping (
. )e* reser+ation engine 1,
.- Point o# sales 11
.. /eports 1!
." Ad$inistration 1!
.% Custo$er relationship $anage$ent 1
-. Conclusion 1-
According to the British laws a hotel is a place where a bonafied traveler can
receive food and shelter provided he is in a position to for it and is in a fit condition to
Hotels have a very long history, but not as we know today, way back in the 6
century BC when the first inn in and around the city of ondon began to develop. !he
first catered to travelers and provided the" with a "ere roof to stay under. !his
condition of the inns prevailed for a long ti"e, until the industrial revolution in #ngland,
which brought about new ideas and progress in the business at inn keeping.
!he invention of the stea" engine "ade traveling even "ore pro"inent. $hich
lead "ore and "ore people traveling not only for business but also for leisure reasons.
!his lead to the actual develop"ent of the hotel industry as we know it today.
Hotel today not only cater to the basic needs of the guest like food and shelter
provide "uch "ore than that, like personali%ed services etc.
Hotels today are a Ho"e away fro" ho"e.
Hotel can be classified into different categories or classes, based on their
operational criteria. &or e'a"ple the type of acco""odation they provide, location of
the property, type of services provided, facilities given and the clientele they cater to can
help categories hotels today.
Hotels today are basically classified into the following categories(
1. Market segment:
#cono"y ) li"ited services hotel
*id "arket hotel
All suite hotels
!i"e+share hotels
#'ecutive hotels
u'ury ) ,elu'e hotels

Property type:
!raditional hotel
Bread and breakfast inns
Co""ercial hotel
Chain hotel
Casino hotel
Bouti-ue hotels
o /pa0s
o Conference resorts
According to size:
/"all hotels 1234 roo"s5
*ediu" hotels 1up to 677roo"s5
arge hotels 1up to 644roo"s5

$orld+class services(
!hey target top business e'ecutives and provide service s that cater to needs of
such people like lap tops in the roo"s, business center, sectarian services.
*id range services(
!hey appeal to the larger seg"ent of traveling public 1tourist5. !he services
provided by the hotel are "oderate and sufficient to budgeted travelers.
#cono"y ) i"ited services hotel(
!hey provide co"fortable and ine'pensive roo"s and "eet the basic
re-uire"ent of the guest. !hese hotels "ay be large of s"all in si%e depending on the
kind of business they get. !he key factor behind the survival of these hotels is that they
are priced very low and are in the budget of "ost of the travelers.
8ndependent hotels(
!hey have no application with other properties. !hey have their own
"anage"ent and are single properties with one owner.
Chain hotels(
!hey i"pose certain "ini"u" standards, levels of service, policies and
procedures to be followed by their entire establish"ent. Chain hotels usually have
corporate offices that "onitor all their properties and one "anage"ent runs these
properties. !hat is all the hotels under the chain are co"pletely owned and run by the
chain itself.
Introduction to the Hotel

%&e &ote' (e c&ose )or o*r pro+ect is ,%&e -rand Magrat& #ote',
!he 9rand *agrath is testi"ony to a "ore gentle way of lining. :f fine dining and
e-ually fine hospitality and service. All in location that could only be called the district
and shopper0s paradise.
!he 9rand *agrath is probably all that a seasoned business or leisure traveller can
want in a hotel. Central and -uiet with an edge of services that can be described as
discreet, and pleasing. !he e'clusive roo"s and suites are ideally suited to the
discerning corporate or leisure traveler. All air conditioned in a wi+fi ;wireless<
environ"ent with co"forts that are perfected to international standards.
Faci'ities and Feat*res
8nternationally pleasing roo"s and suites with all a"enities including a wi+fi
environ"ent for the business traveler.
*ulti+specialty favourites co"e together in =>4 grand0 the restaurant for the best
of Continental ,!andoor, and 8ndian.
#'cellent outdoor ban-ueting in a purpose designed landscape setting.
A conference hall with a capacity of over 644.
A well e-uipped gy"nasiu".
A"ple parking in the pre"ises
Business and shopping areas in the i""ediate vicinity.
Information System
!he 9rand *agrath hotel is using the 8,#A 8nfor"ation syste". !his infor"ation syste"
contains the following "odules.
1. Front desk
8,#A &ront desk is a no+co"pro"ise, #nterprise evel "anage"ent solution that offers
a long list of powerful features to strea"line your work and enhance productivity. /uch a
syste" would usually bringforth an i"pression of a Co"ple' application that could take
days to understand and "onths to "aster. A long ? ta'ing training "ay appear
inevitable, and so would the efforts to retain the operational staff that is trained.
8,#A offers &ront desk with its revolutionary design and 9raphical 8nterface that
dra"atically cuts costs and si"plifies the tasks of "anaging your &ront desk.
Creating a /ingle or a 9roup reservation on 8,#A &ront desk is as si"ple as drawing it
on its .eservation Chart 8nterface. :ne can use the @uick .eservation for" to do this
instantly, or choose to enter details in the appropriate .eservation &or"s, and "anage
its co"ponents with co"plete control. &eatures like applying "ultiple roo" rates,
booking on different date ranges for different roo" types, or acco""odating special
re-uests of 9roup etc. are all easy to add and update on a si"ple principle of Aclick to
#ote' Snaps&ot: Access an interactive visual "atri' of all roo"s. 8n this detailed
overview of the hotelB the status Cavailable)reserved)checked+in)out)blockedC along
with guest0s last na"e is available. By clicking on detail, the user can access
infor"ation about that roo" includingB
guest0s details
reservation details
new reservation assign"ent
Create a new guest(
credit card;s<
references attributes
Create a reservation (
Assigns a guest to a specific roo";s<
/ets a period of continuous dates
Dotes "ethod of arrival ;car, bus, ta'i etc<
Erints guest check+in card
Access report (
of guests scheduled to arrive)depart for a specific date
Erint check+in cards for all)selected guest for a specific date
&eck/in guests as they arrive
#dit reservations ( past, present and future Cchange dates, roo"s etc.
.e+assign guests to a different roo"
/plit reservations( account for people who "ay change roo"s during a single
Dote if the guest has re-uested a specific roo"
Dote circu"stances that "andate the roo" cannot be changed
Add c&arges to the roo"s including gift shop, spa and restaurant charges
&eck/o*t guests including for" of pay"ent;s< che-ue, traveler0s che-ue and credit
cards. &or non+cash pay"ents a reference nu"ber is collected ;check nu"ber,
authori%ation code etc<
Recei.e transaction data fro" a credit card swipe "achine
$ork /hift (
opening and closing functions
accounting for financial transactions ;opening balance, closing balance by pay"ent
"ethod etc<.
*ake group reservations for two or "ore roo"s reserved under one na"e.
,yna"ic and fle'ible despite being ease to use
#nsure capacity for the entire group.
8ndividuals are assigned to specific roo"s F potentially with varying arrival and
departure datesC at a later ti"e
/ingle pay"ent "ade for the roo"s booked by the group
8ndividual pay"ents "ade for the roo"s booked by the group
!he roo" association with the group reservation is "aintained at all ti"es and the
group leader0s details are always available for reference.
0. #o*sekeeping
!his is where the front desk is linked to your housekeeping staff. All co""unication C
regarding roo"s that need to be cleaned, inspected and)or repaired Cflows through
8,#A sea"lessly integrates the Hotel &ront desk with Housekeeping tasks and keeps
the" si"ple. !he Housekeeping "odule lets you organi%e roo"s -uickly, and lets you
"anage the Gob of assigning work to your Housekeeping tea" and "onitor the" with
"ini"al fuss.
/yste" auto"atically assigns roo" status at the beginning of the day ;dirty or
,aily Housekeeping report ( /taff access a printable report of daily check+ins,
checkouts, occupancies, vacancies, and "aintenance notes as well cleaning
/taff can return to the report and change the status fro" dirty)inspect to
Cleaned or 8nspected.
/taff "ay also change classification to .epair if there e'ists a "aintenance
issue with the roo".
Dotes on a repair can be included with updates. .epair issues persist as notes
for the roo" with only unresolved repairs appearing on the daily housekeeping report.
Housekeeping is a separate security area so users "ay be granted clearance to this
"odule with or without clearance to other "odules.

1. !e2 Reser.ation Engine
8,#A $eb .eservation /yste" integrates sea"lessly to your hotel website and helps
you increase direct booking revenues instantly. 8t is an e'tensively featured web
booking engine that allows both single and group reservations with i""ediate
confir"ations. !he 8,#A web booking page can be custo"i%ed "atch your website
design e'tensively.
9uests can book "ultiple roo"s for "ultiple dates in one go, and can also book or buy
add+on services offered by your Eroperty in advance. !hese bookings get confir"ed
instantly through credit card guarantees or deposits that are processed directly through
the secured web booking page.
!he 8,#A web booking process has been specially engineered to let you offer the
"a'i"u" to attract your online bookers. !he booking process has been kept uni-uely
si"ple for your prospective guests, to increase conversions by letting the" co"plete
their bookings in well defined, easy to follow steps, -uickly.
8n the $eb .eservation &or", you can set your ter"s for Booking ? Cancellations.
!his is a pretty straight forward reservation interface that allows $eb site visitors to
book online.
9uests can view roo"s, pricing and roo" availability
.eceive a confir"ation e"ail
9uests can only book by roo" category and not specific roo"s
*ultiple roo"s for "ultiple guests ;groups< are allowed as well as a re-uest for
an e'tra bed ;rollaway<
3. Point/o)/sa'e 4POS5 system
8,#A lets you "anage a wide variety of services at your property through its integrated
HPoint o) Sa'eH ter"inals. !his includes .estaurants, *ini bar, /pa, or even services like
the !ravel ,esk, City !ours and "uch "ore. All orders and services of a E:/ can be
sold directly to the 9uests, or transferred to their roo" as A.oo" /erviceA ;to the
checked+in roo"s only<. 8,#A further lets you offer the E:/ "erchandise ? services
with the roo"s tariffs as rate inclusions. !his is done with a"a%ing si"plicity and with
easy+to+define posting rhyth" and calculation rules through our innovative .ates ?
Eackage *anager. !his powerful feature gives an edge to your Business by letting you
pro"ote your property through a wide array of inclusive rates and packages on various
distribution "ediu"s.
Eurchase of ite"s in hotel gift shops or restaurant) bar billing is docu"ented on this
After selecting the appropriate profit center to use, staff can create a sale by
adding ite"s fro" the store inventory
/ale total along with ta'es is updated as each ite" is added or deleted fro" the
Eay"ent infor"ation can either be entered to co"plete the transaction or
assigned to a guest0s roo" for pay"ent at a later date.
A transaction nu"ber is available for reference

/taff is able to separate E:/ purchase fro" a reservation in order for the guest
to pay for the" separately
Eurchase details are stored and saved for future reference
A detailed receipt is available for printout should that be re-uested
E:/ is a separate security area so users "ay be granted clearance to this "odule with
or without clearance to other "odules.
6. Reports
Eerhaps the "ost i"portant part of an organi%ation0s operations is its reports. .eports
are what let you Gudge your current perfor"ance, what it lacks and how you can
i"provise your services in the future. !owards this end you can generate and view n
nu"ber of reports via this "odule. Access is granted strictly by clearance. All interfaces
are interactive and easily navigated to ? fro with a single click.
Below are sa"ples of the types or reports that are available to specific staff based on
their duties ? clearance(
,aily .eport F E:/ transactions( nu"ber of transactions and total revenue for
the specified day.
,aily .eport F .eservations( check+ins and checkouts for the specified day.
,aily .eport F .eservation cards F details of each new guest arriving ;2)6 page
,aily .eport F ,etailed line ite" of transaction for the specified day.
,aily .eport F Close+out( .evenue by type( Cash, check, *C, Iisa etc.
,aily .eport F Housekeeping( list of check+ins, checkouts, occupied and
vacancies including any "aintenance notes
:ccupancy percentage rates by ti"e period and by roo" category
:ccupancy revenues ;sales and ta'es separated< by ti"e period ;su""ary and
detailed transactions versions<.
E:/ revenues ;with sales and ta'es separated< by ti"e period ;su""ary and detailed
transaction versions<.
7. Administration
:n this "odule you can effortlessly set+up hotel functions and introduce any
custo"i%ation that you "ay need. !his affords you "a'i"u" "aneuverability in case of
changes you "ight want to introduce at various ti"es. !his "aneuverability in turn lets
you individuali%e your services according to custo"er preferences.
Creation of roo" categories and features
/et .ates by roo" categories and season
/et season dates for "ultiple years
Assign different clearance status0
Add, edit and disable e"ployees
#stablish for" of pay"ent
:rgani%e store inventory
/et ta' rates
.oo" na"e)nu"ber
.oo" Bed !ype ;,or" Bed, !win, ,ouble, !riple, Ca"psite<
,or" Beds are noted as by type( *ale)&e"ale)Co+#d
Bath F private or shared
!a'ed F Jes)Do ;all are default =yes0 e'cept for ca"psite<
Du"ber of e'tra beds possible ;default is 4<
Ehotos F upload and store roo" photos( e'terior and interior
Jou can create dyna"ic seasons on either an annual or perennial basis(
/et different season dates each year
/et season na"e, start and end dates
Jou can assigns rates to all e'isting roo" categories(
/eason wise
#'tra bed, etc.
/tore 8nventory
8o* can:
Create profit centers( 9ift shops, restaurants, etc.
#nter product na"e, brief description, price
,eclare it a ta'able or non+ta'able ite"
Erofit centers are non+ inventorialB sales are tracked without an on hand balance.
Jou can add, edit and disable e"ployee accounts)clearance, li"iting access to syste"
functionality by the user login infor"ation.
Jou can create and assign local ta'es to sale type. Currently, the application only
handles two ta' rates( occupancy ta' for roo"s and sales ta' for E:/ purchases.
&or"s of Eay"ent
Jou can list accepted for"s of pay"ent( cash, check, credit F visa etc.

9. *stomer Re'ations&ip Management
!he 8,#A software provides online custo"er feedback for", fro" which the data is
co"piled and is used to "aintain the custo"er records. &urther the feedbacks are used
for business growth.
Business syste"s can be very co"ple', re-uiring awareness of "ultiple views,
relationships and states. Knderstanding business syste"s is i"portant because that
understanding helps us understand the business itself. !echnology increases business
co"ple'ity by facilitating the asse"bly of new syste"s, and connecting "any different
co"ponents. $hile increasing co"ple'ity, technology also brings new tools that "ake
doing business "ore productive. $hile early business infor"ation syste"s focused on
specific activities of li"ited scope, "odern infor"ation syste"s support all business
activities in an organi%ation0s value chain. !he large co"puter syste"s of the enterprise
can be divided into three broad categories( Business 8nfor"ation /yste"s, :perations
8nfor"ation /yste"s, and *anage"ent 8nfor"ation /yste"s. All of these syste"s are
integrated through #nterprise .esource Elanning. !he use of these syste"s "ake
business transactions si"pler and "ore efficient.