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\tt CARMEL NEWS A Bi-monthly Publication of Philippine Carmel


for thc FirstChaptcr:RcgionalConucntions
fI October 26-28,2004,the Carmelites in the Visayasheld
t f a Regional Convention in EscalanteCity, Negros Occi-
\-/ dental with the theme, "Whoever sows bountifully also
reapsbounfifully" with a focus on deepeningcontemplation, nur-
turing communily and caring serviceto the people.After the Prior
of Escalante,Fr. Christopher Exala,welcomed the 34 delegatesto
the gathering, a pilgrimage followed to the significant places of
Carmel Mission in Negros, known as the Cradle of the Carmelite
Order in the Philippines.
l. First stopover:Central Danao,Toboso,NegrosOcciden-
tal: Th.efirst place in Negros where a Carmelite set foot in 1957
with Fr. Fidelis Limcaco, then a young Fil-Am Carmelite from the
American Province, settled for a while and served the chaplaincy The YisayasRegionalConvention Delegates
of Danao Development Corporation, a sugar mill in Northern at Cable Beach,where the Carmelites have a cottage,was a good
Negros. Fr. Limcaco left the Order and was incardinated into the respite from the heavy discussions morning to afternoon of the
Archdiocese of Manila. secondday.The third day facilitated by Noel Valenciawas a clari-
2. Secondstopover:Parish of St.Anthony of Padua,Toboso, fication of the context of our offering as Carmelites to the people,
Negros Occidental. Bishop Ephipanio Surbanof Dumaguete Dio- the direction of our Order's mission and its expressionconsider-
cesein 1958installed the first Dutch Carmelite Missionaries, to ing the different ministries in line with our't isiot, mission and
carefor the Parish of Tobosoand the chaplainry of CenbralDanao. goal as Carmelites of the Ancient Observance,known as one of
3. Third stopover: Parish of St. Francisof Assisi, Escalante, the oldest orders of religious in Asia. Then, Dr. Abe and Ulysses
Negros Occidental. In 1959 the pioneers of the Dutch Carmelite presented Land Development possibilities after Noel had pre-
Mission were installed in this old parish started by the Augustin- sented the meaning of Earth Spirituality. The Convention closed
ian Recollectsin 1840. with a liturgy and an integrated evaluation which higlighted the
After the pilgrimage, the delegateswere divided into three great contribution of the Dutch Missionaries in establishing
groups to reflect on the Four Moments of Carmelite LIfe: Group I: Carmel in the Visayas and the enriching moments of fratemity
Carmelite Friars and Associateson questionaire 1 and 2. and sorrority during the convention that deepenedcommitment
Group 2: (IOC and Youth) and Gioup 3 (ParishPastoralCoun- and rootedness into history and Carmel tradition and charism.
cil and Parish Staff of EscalanteCity and the Lay Community of Philippine Carmel is alive in the Visayas!We can hope for future
Cebu City) on questionaire 3 and 4. Carmelite Missionaries into other Asian countries.
The second day of the Regional Convention was marked by
a visit to the wake of Vice Mayor Adolfo Maguate, a former work- MINDANAO
ing student of Mt. Carmel College and former teacherof the same The proposed three day convention for the first GeneralChap-
collegebefore being engaged in politics. who died of kidney fail- ter of the Order of Carmelites in the Philippines - Mindanao Re-
ure. This is a sign of our mutual connectednessand a consider- gion, was from November 16 to 17, 2004.The Convention was
ation of the power of memories such as our history in Negros inspired with a Lumad motif, since Mindanao is rich with differ-
Carmel Mission. The discussion on the second day was focused ent cultures.The massivenative decorations,liturgy and program
on the meaning of our involvement: e.g. Why choose Escalante tum to next page !s
and not Manila to start with? Why be involved in cooperatives,
socio-economicprojects,people's organizations and building Ba-
sic Christian Communities? What would be the implications of
lilhats lnslde
Philippine independence as a General Commissariate?The dis- tr Medio EducotionSeries2OO4Ended........59
cussion on our involvement was seen in the context of our re- tr VgndorsDiologue.r..................................
sponse to the demands of the situation in the light of Carmelite
Charism and Tiadition and delineated in our ministries of 1. Vo- tr JPIGNews from Straighrftom Aguscn....,6I
cation Animation and Initial Formati ory 2. School Ministry, 3. tr Visit of Fr.John Molley,O.€qrm.,.............62
Media and Communication,4. Carmel Youth Ministry, 5. JPIC,6. E And I Soid:"Lord, YouWill Be Done".,.....63
Parish Ministry and 7. Center for Spirituality. The solidari nrght
was PreParedand hosted by the Postu- inlgTS.Thisconventionwasattendedby shipbetweentheRecolectsandCarmelites
Iants. around 60 participants including the CP- so ihat they plan to invite the Recolectsto
The convention started with the CC,theAgusanfriarsandassociates,Carm the CarmeiiteFamily Day as one of their
concelebratedholy mass prgslded by Frs. OL sisters, postulants, TOC, PCC and projects this year.
Artemio Jusayan and Amel Glodobe. Fr. workers, school personnel,Carmel Youttr, The co-workers felt joy by the mere
Sireniofaranilla ac_companied by Bnc.Noel JPIC, YCPF and others from the lay com- fact of journeying with the Carmelites.
Valencia - the Order's extemal consultant munities, The two-day gathering wis con- They expressedfeeling at home, the chance
werethefacilitatorsof theConvention.Af- cluded by a Holy Mass presided over by to travei, meet with tie communities and
ter sharing the theme,introduction and the Frs.Eddie Albifro and RobertoNoel Rosas. interact with them as some of their joys.
objective of the Order in preparation for As a member of the growing corunu- They sometimeshave difficulty-friars,
the First General Commissariat Chapter, nity of the Order of Carmelites, ihe Postu- to the attitudes,moods of some thei
the facilitator presentedthe content of the lants give their very best during the for- were also unresolved issuesand fearsand
convention to be reflected on by the par- mation in order to reap a fruitbountifully. absenceof systematicpersonnel develop-
ticipants which are the Four Moments of ment. Thus, there weie hopes of a **"
Carmelite life from the experiences of AtANltA affirming ambiance.It wai glorious for
members of the community and various What better way to start something them wlien they are uppt".iit"d, ,""og-
organizations / groupings as part of the fruitful than to connectwith the past.Thus, nized for their contributibns and trusted.
SpiritualPreparation.Thesharingof ideas the Manila regional convention opened On the other side, the student-friars
regarding the concem of different minis- with a pilgrimage to SanSebastianChurch. felt that they joy-the
of being a Carmelite re-
tries of the Commissariat in terms of con- It was a trip back in time as Fr. Emerito volves around grotith and support
cepts and perspectivesfollowed. Bufrao, OAR, Prior of the community given by the commrinities and the Oider.
After gathering the thoughts and rec- highlighted important historical facti the feeiing of being accepted and a part
ommendations from the participants on about the coming of Our Lady of Mt. of the jouirey deslite difficul6es, mak-
the subject of t\ ttopes of the Order, Bro. Carmel to the Philippines in early 1600.It ing decisions-of their own, opportunities
Noel Valencia delineated the aim of the alsoservedtorevealthegoodrelitionship to6ewithpeople,discoveringoneselfand
Convention: To sum up, "the Community, developed by the Auguitinian Recoletos consolation oi ioy and discoveries were
the Organizationand the lnstitution are the and the Carmelites. also a part of theloys. Though they have
so$ce place and Processthrough and in Fr.ArtemiolusayaryO.Carm,wasthe difficuities adlusling acadeirically from
which main event facilitator. the standard io thJmodular sysiem of
'We'oegot to gloe
a liftle, take a little; The four moments of Carmel Life was ICTC. They found hope by opportunities
laugh a little, cry a little; the focus of the day,s discussion. Guide to live life in relation to the poor, relation_
win a little, lose-alittle.' questions were given to focus the sharing ship with God, continuing ipostolate and
That is the story of, that is the glory of and reflection among the participants. The getti"g inspiration from tf,e people. Glory
love,andbeinginacommuni-tyandorga- participants *ere dinidid according to isgrea-twhentheygettoapplytheirlearn-
nization." He alsosynthesizedthe conven- groups: friars, student friars and noviies, ing, belng in touih with thiii prayer life,
tion' from- our sharing, indeed, we have TOC and co-workers. deepenin-gof faith manifested in action
manyqualityseedstosow.Werealizethat On the second day, the reports and u.,d the iispiration to continue with the
there are many places to sow the seedsof sharing by clusters were presented. The chosenlife.
Carmelinrelationtoneedsof ourmission. four moments of Carmel life were pre- Contributions were evident in their
For the seedsto grow mature and bear sentedbyusingthemysteriesof theHoly continuous journey of becoming a
fruit, we need to have - trust in God, unity Rosary - foyful, Sorrowful, Luminous ani Carmelite, their presence within the com-
in direction, cohesionin the organization, Glorious. munity, giving full attention to studiesand
oPennessof self and spirit, emphatic lis- The birth of the TOC and being a part harneising fotentials and skills to be
tening and understanding of each othe1, of it served as their joyful momer,ts ls a shared.
ctoss cultural sensitivity, active participa- Carmelite. Sufferings and sorrows such as The friars experienced joys through
tion, genuine communication, desire and comingclosetoquittingbecauseof family appreciation and celebration bf co*m-u-
intent to right the wrong, modeling, problems and difficulty in balancing time nity life, when there were venues of open-
Prayer and discemment. In the time for and agonizing moments becauseofother neis, quality sharing, expressions of the
reaping or- harvesting we will taste the members challenged others to be a Third joumey of life, talenti and involvement of
charming fruits of our mission: "Let us Order Carmelite. Allowing themselves to various apostolatesand the richnessof the
continue bearing the charming fruits for be a TOC compensates foreverything. Filipino Carmelite history.
the kingdom of God by what we are and Astheircontribution,TOCintncduced Manifestations of contributions were
what we do." As part of the activity, the and deepened the value of tithing, a kind in the ministry of teaching, in the field of
participants visited (floral offering and of financial stewardship for a sustainable spirituality, development6f a strongprov-
candle lighting) the_gravesite of Hein economic base to assist the Order. They ince,missloninAsia,psycho.spiritiralen-
Vislteren - the Carmelite priest murdered also gave importance to the deep relation- deavors, broadening' o? perspectives in
Qa a a a a aa a a a a a t a a a a a a a oa aa a a a aa a a a o a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a o a a a aa a a a a aa a a a a

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a t a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a. a a a a. .... a a a a a a. a I
community life, joumeying with students, by each duster and they vouched for their preciated for their efforts and must con-
the option and integration with the people, participation in their chosen ministries. tinue on module making. Itwas also men-
inter-faith dialogue and contemplation. All the clusters have identified the im- tioned that the Spirituality Forum is a posi-
On the third day, ministries were the portance of the continuous formation and tive venue for self-enhancement.
focus. The clusters identified during the evaluation of the formator. The Carmel The solidarity night was held the
fi rst day were also used during the discus- Youth ministry, on the other hand, should evening of the second day with fun num-
sion on the ministries. Miniskie discussed have a clear program and training of a bers from the different Manila communi-
were: vocation-animation, IPIC, YCPR fulltime youth organizer. For YCPF, mar- ties. The celebration was held at Crispin
TBCMP, Carmel Youth, CSM, Mission in keting strategies, fund-raising activities Hall of Titus Brandsma Center as well as
Asia, administration/finance and earth and a massive membership drive should the convention from November 26-28,
spirituality. be establishedand developed. 20M.
Proposals and suggestions were grven TBCMP and CSM should be more ap-

f his productive year of TBCMP has finally ended in November at the The second day was for the membersof the faculty. TBCMP also de-
I same time looking forward to another fruitful 2005.Here are some of sigSeda module for them, entitled "Teachingin theMultimediaAge"which
the highlighb asthe Media EducationSeries2004of TBCMPcameto a close: would eventually be very useful for TBCMP in the succeedingseminars.
1. October25- 30:Aworkshopon LiteraryDalogue and BasicThe- Parenb were also invited on the last day for the course,"Parenting in
atre was given to the students of Mount Carmel College of Agusan del Sur the Multimedia Age."
both the high school and college and the Carmelite Postulants.The week- Simultaneouswith thesecourses,"Teatro't Panitikan:An lntroduction
long workshop was facilitated by fofti A. Villena and Abbe S. May of to Literature and BasicTheahe" was given to the English Culture Arts Club
Fullhouse Schoolof Performanceand Creative Arts. of the rhool, the official dramatic guild club.Facilitatedby lvls.fofti A. Vllena,
It was a two-part workshop with the moming sessionfocused on lit- the workshop ended with the audition of the membersof the guild for the
erature and literary dialogue, a concept pattemed after the film dialogue major roles in the play "APortrait of AnArtist asa Filipino" by Nickfoaquin.
conceptualizedby TBCMP. 4. November 2&26:CaragaRegion:SurigaoCity -Butuan City Youth
The afternoon sessionwas slated for BasicTheatre Workshop where Congress.
the participants testedtheir acting abilities and alertnessin given situations. The president of the Council of Deansfor TeachersEducation - Caraga
They laughed and dancedtheir heart away with the exciting exercisesand Region"Fr. Gabriel Dolotina, O. Carm and the Commission on Higher Edu-
activities given them. There was a culminating activity on the moming of cation- Caraga region invited TBCMP to present"Media in Education" for
the 30th where the participants preparedtwo presentations,an ethnic dance the student- teachers'congressheld in the cities of Surigao and Butuan. The
and a drama. Guestsof the participants were ovenuhelmed by their display themewas "Education Revolution: Mentoring the Mentors." this youth con-
of talent and creativitv. gresswith student-teachersasparticipants, lasted for tluee days,
The over-all theme for the course given was entitled The first day was held at St. Paul's University-Surigao with the second
panitikan@titusbrandsma: Literary Dialogue and Basic Theatre was and third day being held at BalanghaiHotel-Butuan.Fifty- two collegesand
Mindanao: In the Eyes of its People.The activity emphasized the partici universities from Caraga region attended, reaching close to two thousand
pants' representationsof Mndanao and themselvesas dwellers. participants. TBCMP gave an interactive sessionon "Teachingin the Multi-
2. NovemberT-13:CagayandeOrrolegof the Media EducationSeries. mediaAge."
A. "TheStateofPhilippineMediaand theChallengeeof SocialCom- Indeed 2004 was a promising year. The official website of TBCMP
munication towards Evangelization" course was conducted in Sta. Cruz ( was launched last December 11.,2004during the
Parish,PN RoaSubdivisioryCalaanan,CagayandeOro City. It was attended pelikula@titusbrandsmaChristmas party.
by parish workers and membersof the ministries of the parish.
A courseon Film Dialogue was sharedwith first and secondyear
vocational students of the Cagayan de Oro and Bugo School of Arts
and Trade - COBSAT.On the third day, parish workers and lay minis-
ters from a nearby parish attended the courseon Media and Evangeli-
zation also at COBSAT.
B. The Xavier University- High fthool deparhnent in coordina-
tion with the Parents-Students-Teachers-Auxilliary Group (PSTAG)in-
vited TBCMPto offer a courseon Inhoduction to Film Dalogue for the Parentsofthe studcntsfiom l(avlcr
third and fourth year high school sh.rdents.They were able to actively Hlgthschool llstencd attentlvely
engagein the film and the discussionsdespiteof time limitations. Psrtlclpantshwlng a fun tlme durlng duringFr loots talk on PsrcntlngIn
"Parenting in the Multimedia Age" was presentedto the parents the Actlng Workshop&erclses thc l4ulltmedlaAge.
of the )Gvier highschool studentsserving asthe culminating activity of
TBCMP in Cagayande Oro. This was a module especiallydesignedfor
parents today and the challengesposedby the multimedia age.
The activities in Cagayande Oro were made possiblethrough our
Carmelite associatesAmold and loma Van Vugt. Facilitators were Fr.
Christian Buenafe,O.Carm., Bro. Amold Alindafu, O.Carm. lvls. Iofti
Villma and Ms. Maria RowenaLadaga.
3. November 1&20: Davao Media Education Series
SecondandThlrdyouth congresrwas
It was a secondtime for TBCMPat Assumption Collegeof Davao.
held at thc BalanghalHotel in Butuan.
On the first day, elemmtary and high schoolstudentswere the partici- Fr.ChrlgtienBuenafe,O.Gnn (Fr
pants for the seminar.They were given the "Inhoduction to Film Dia- Toots)ac he delh€rs points on Fllm Dlaloguewlth the hlgh school
logue" course. teachlngIn the multlmedlaage. stud€nG of A$umptlon, Davao