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Maria Fatima “Jofti” V.

Citizenship: Filipino ▪ Date of birth: 13 October 1978

Contact Details
Address: 709-A Coronado St., brgy. Hulo, Mandaluyong, Q.C.
Tel. No.: 533-7268 (res); Mobile No.: +639217941407
Online Portfolio: (work in progress)
Blogs: / (personal)

Professional Profile
Objective: Capacity for positions related to Editorial, Communications, Marketing/PR and Events
Expected Salary: Php 22,000.00 (net) / negotiable up to Php 18,000.00 (net); Availability: June 2009

Summary of Qualifications
Offering an excellent seven-year experience on “Coordination” and Management of Advocacy Projects
with background/training in Communications, Events Management, Research and Writing, Networking,
Media Work, and Public Relations, Media/Pop-ed/POP Material Production, Training and Development,
and Administrative Assistance.

A. My Specialized Skills
Very good and well-versed in a vast array of coordination functions, training, research and writing,
and public relations. Skills such as the following:

Management of Advocacy Projects/Programs

• Very good in conceptualization, planning, implementing, testing, monitoring, and evaluation of the
• Versed in preparing/writing documents and reports about the project (assessment, progress, and
evaluation reports, and other required documents).
• Adept in developing communication plans for the Program.
• Good in supervising and coordinating additional staff or volunteers for the project.

Events Coordination
• Very good in handling and organizing big and small events of any nature (i.e., Conferences,
Trainings, Lectures, Film Showing and other Tie-up Events).
• Very keen attention to details, can work on to the very last detail of the entire event.
• Excellent planning, organizing and implementation skills.
• Ability to work under maximum pressure but minimum supervision.

Producing Training Materials & Facilitating Trainings

• Good in lay-outing and in designing/writing/preparing brochures, flyers, posters, invitations,
banners and streamers.
• Good in preparing and writing training modules and kits.
• Good in conceptualizing and creating audio-visual materials and presentations (i.e., Powerpoint
and video presentations.)
• Very good in conducting and facilitating trainings, workshops, lectures and seminars.

Research and Writing

• Good in writing research, concept and discussion papers, progress and assessment reports,
project proposals, copies for print ads, content for websites, news articles for newsletters, and
press releases.
• Very resourceful in data gathering, organizing and analyzing data and in drafting them into
information that everyone can understand.

Media Work and Public Relations

• Development of communications plan including crafting of messages appropriate for audiences.
• Very good in networking and partnership building.
• Ability to liaise with media contacts.

Administrative Functions
• Excellent monitoring, assessment and report writing skills.
• Good in managing available resources – human and financial.
• Very good in coordinating schedules, bookings and reservations.
• Very professional in maintaining communication (both internally and externally) and gives prompt
responses to inquiries, requests and making necessary and special arrangements.
• Excellent documentation and filing skills.

B. Key Skills
Top four important skills I possess which are needed in the day-to-day function of an employee:

Analytical/Research Skills

Ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather more information if necessary
(resourcefulness), and identify key issues that need to be addressed.

Flexibility, Adaptability / Managing Multiple Priorities

Ability to manage multiple assignments and tasks, set priorities and adapt to changing conditions and
work assignments.

Multicultural Sensitivity/ Awareness

Demonstrates a sensitivity and awareness to other people and cultures.

Problem-Solving/ Reasoning/Creativity

Ability to find solutions to problems using creativity, reasoning, and past experiences along with the
available information and resources.

C. Work Ethics and Personal Values

• Highly adaptable, mobile, positive, resilient. Patient risk-taker who is open to new ideas.

• Productive worker with a solid set of work ethics and who exerts optimal effort and enthusiasm in
successfully completing tasks.

• Conscientious go-getter who is highly organized, dedicated and committed to professionalism.

• Dependable and willingness to learn.

D. Language and Other Technical Skills

• Fluent in both oral and written English and Filipino Languages
• Knowledgeable in the following software/programs: MS Office, Adobe Photoshop (good), Adobe
Illustrator (good), ULEAD and Adobe Premiere Pro (basic skills), Wordpress Blogging Platform
(good), Basic HTML only
• Basic knowledge in photography. I have taken-up a photojournalism class during my Master’s
• Knowledgeable in Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is needed in maintaining
website content and promotions.

E. Eligibility
 Passed the Civil Service Eligibility Examination (Professional Level) – 84.00.

Employment History
FULL-TIME POSITIONS: (Night Shift/Night Job) Junior Writer

SUMDAE LLC Project September – December 2008 / Projects: &

(unfortunately none of them has been up due to client’s pull-out using economic recession as reason);

Company Description: SUMDAE LLC focuses on buying generic domains with end-user potential
SUMDAE also buys names that receive type-in traffic, with the hope of
converting that traffic into leads and subsequently revenues.

 Do web content writing and SEO writing for various websites.

 Helps in the development of websites into valuable, profitable web properties.
 Do online marketing for the website.
 Writes contracts, agreements, sponsorship packages, etc.

Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) Project Coordinator
The Sabbath Year Campaign Project (Day Job) May 2008 to January 2009 (coming soon)

Company Description: The Philippine Sabbath Year Campaign is the comprehensive debt
campaign of FDC and faith-based groups, which focuses on the
relationship of debt and morality. The main tasks of the campaign is t0
educate, mobilize and organize the faith-based sector to work on the
immorality of debt and other related economic issues.

 Main Work: Sells/Markets the ideas and causes of the Campaign to as many faith-based
organizations and individuals as possible and encourage them to mobilize.
 Plays a crucial role in the direction-setting of the Campaign with close coordination with the
decision-making body, the Coordinating Committee (composed of various organizations).
 Facilitates, coordinates, and manages the CC’s ideas and suggestions, and decisions for
 Conceptualizes the Campaign’s activities, expected output with corresponding budget based on
the identified objectives and strategies. The output of which should be indicated in the approved
work plan/operational plan, and to be fully implemented by the staff.
 Troubleshoots issues and concerns about the Campaign with close consultation with the CC.
 Produces (writes copies, layouts/designs, edits, coordinates production/printing) and distributes
training and pop-ed materials, both in print and audio-visual formats (i.e. video, modules,
pamphlets, study guides, posters, flyers, brochures, etc.).
 Conducts and facilitates training programs of the Campaign including developing of training
 In-charge of the website construction – concept (objectives, pages, features, etc.), content
writing, link building, promotions, and networking. Webhosting and domain name are registered in
an official .ph domain name registration.
 Establishes and maintains effective public relations with partner faith-based organizations and the
 Develops all advertising and publicity for the program.
 Plans, implements, monitors, and evaluates Campaign media plans.
 Ensures the implementation and evaluation of activities based on the Campaign’s work plan.
 Represents the faith-based network and CC, currently known as the Faith-based Congress
Against Immoral Debts (FCAID), during events, forum and lobbying activities in Philippine
Congress or Senate.
 Prepares (writes, layouts, and produces/prints) and publishes regular updates of the Sabbath
Year Campaign activities both online and print.
 Prepare (writes, layouts, produces/prints) and submits quarterly progress, assessment,
implementation, plan, and financial reports of the Campaign to the CC for approval and to the
project holder, FDC.

Freedom from Debt Coalition Executive Assistant (EA)

Office of the President March 2006 to April 2008

Company Description: FDC is a nationwide coalition of non-government organizations and political

blocs united in our positions on three major campaigns – debt, power and
water. The coalition is conducting advocacy work in the national, local and
international arenas to realize a common framework and agenda for a
“just” economic development.

 Main Work: Provide and implement quality administrative support to a top level officer of
the organization, the President.
 Takes charge of administrative support for the Office of the President (OP) such as:
o coordinating appointments, calls and visitors for the President;
o preparing/producing/coordinating the needs and requirements of the President for her
speaking engagements, travel, representation and other activities;
o producing/writing, receiving, sorting-out and forwarding communications to and from the
o receives, on her behalf, communication from various government and non-government
organizations, and key political figures and make sure that these communication reaches
her; most often, she asks me to draft the responses and coordinates these with the
requesting party;
o ensuring a systematic and regular filing and retrieval of documents and materials;
o producing and encoding notes, documents, letters to the government, institutions, and
organizations, and other papers/documents needed by the OP;
o coordinates with the various departments of the organization for the OP’s needs,
particularly reproduction, mailing and other services, and;
o assisting the President in the preparation of financial reports, liquidations, etc.
 Accompanies the President in meetings/activities/media interviews as may be required and keep
notes, records of discussions and transactions to ensure follow-up responses, coordination and
 Attend meetings, functions and activities on behalf of the President as may be required.
 Research and draft articles, papers, and powerpoint presentations for the President’s speaking
 From the Office of the President, the EA is also in-charge with communicating/updating,
coordinating the needs, and distributing information materials regularly to the Board Members
and Executive Committee of the entire organization.
 In-charge with the documentation, preparation of the minutes of the Executive Committee and
Board meetings and other relevant documents and reports.
 Custodian of property and equipment assigned to the OP.
 Do other tasks and errands as may be required to assist the President in the performance of her
duties. As a seasoned feminist and activist, she exposed me mostly on various women’s issues
such as health (Maternal Health, Reproductive Bill, Violence Against Women)

As a Member of the National Secretariat, the EA also works on other tasks:

 Provides administrative support to the National Secretariat

 Actively participated in campaign activities, such as forums and trainings (both as participant and
 Assigned some projects in support of FDC campaigns such as:
o The Philippine Sabbath Year Campaign – coordinates and handles the internal operations
including media; closely working with the debt campaign and the working group including
writing concept papers and producing pop-ed materials.
o For the Debt Campaign, the EA participated in the brainstorming of ideas and
conceptualization of the video project.
o Helped in organizing events/activities for various FDC Campaigns (e.g. Byaheng Edsa,
Free Bus Ride for Passengers during the 21st Anniversary of EDSA People Power, and
the Motorcade Launching of the Blue Drop Campaign).
o Task Force Subic Rape (TFSR) Campaign: in-charge of the internal communication,
media, coordination of activities and logistical support.

o Helped in organizing FDC’s National Congress – in charge of the invitations, powerpoint
presentations (tribute to the outgoing President, FDC’s 20 Years), and helped in the
logistical support.
o Citizens’ Debt Audit Commission – Volunteer Coordinator; helped the President of FDC to
coordinate/communicate with key public figures/Commissioners (VP Teofisto Guingona,
Atty. Ipat Luna and Teddy Pascua, Bp. Efraim Tendero, Dr. Sixto K. Roxas, Prof. Randy
David, etc.); helped in organizing events particularly its public launching, which was
covered by ANC/ABS-CBN and led to the interview of one of the internationally-known
Commissioner, Ms. Lidy Nacpil in the news program of ANC; provided the logistical
support, and; helped in the research and material production of the Commission.

Accomplishments (both EA and Project Coordinator Positions):

The President saw me as a very hardworking and patient employee. I do my work, without
complain eventhough I know it would take longer hours to accomplish.

Created a very organized filing system for the Office of the President.

Have completed a two-year documentation of Board Meeting Minutes and Resolutions.

Have drafted numerous speeches, papers, and presentations for the President, 60
percent of which have been used verbatim by the President in her speaking

Pioneered the creation of the

Have organized key events such as the Faith-based Congress Against the Immoral Debts
(FCAID) Launching and Press Conference, thus, the creation of the network.

Produced education materials such as presentations, training module, advocacy video

material, brochures, postcards, website (currently in construction) and other POP

Titus Brandsma Center Media Program Media Program Coordinator December 2001 to March 15, 2006

Company Description: A media apostolate, ministry of a religious Order that works towards the
understanding of Media and Spiritiuality. The office functions more like an
NGO and is involved in social development work and propagation of justice
and peace through formation of critical awareness among people not only
of Catholic faith but others as well.

The Program is engaged in Media Education, Film Appreciation, Award-

giving, Research, and Networking and Promotions.

 Main Work: Over-all in-charge in the implementation of the Program’s activities based on
its vision, mission, objectives, and goals.

 Coordinator of the entire Media Program.

Over-all coordination and supervision of the Program; in-charge of the conceptualization,
planning, implementation, testing, monitoring, and evaluation of the Program; in relation to
the previous responsibility cited, I was responsible for the writing of assessment and
progress reports, project proposals for fund generation, operational/workplan, narrative
plans, budget and financial reports; writes communications, business letters, press
statements on media issues if necessary; conceptualizes communication/media plan
appropriate for the promotional activities of the Program and do liaising and media
relations; identify need for additional volunteers, staff and/or partner organizations to do
specific tasks and prepares their Terms of Reference/Contracts/Memorandum of
Agreement to better facilitate and engage their services.

 Speaker / Facilitator / Educator / Producer of the Media Education Program.

Responsible for coordinating, organizing and conducting seminars and trainings all over
the Philippines – 4 Mindanao Tours, 2 Visayas Tours and ongoing tours all year round for
Luzon. Beneficiaries of seminars were: students, parents, faculty and non-teaching
personnel of various highschools, colleges and universities; seminarians, priests and nuns
of various formation houses; church leaders and parishioners of different parishes, and;
lay people (community development workers and other faiths) of different NGOs.

Sample schools/universities: Ateneo De Davao, Assumption College of Davao,

Stella Maris of Oroquieta City, UP Diliman, Xavier
University of Cagayan de Oro, etc. (Complete List of
schools where I facilitated is available upon request)

Responsible for producing and writing the training modules, available in written format
with Powerpoint presentations.

Sample modules produced were: Media and Spirituality through Film Dialogue; The
State of Philippine Media and the Challenges of
Social Communication towards Evangelization;
Relevance of Media and Communication and the
Challenges to Community Development Workers;
Basic Journalism Course: A Focus on Media Critique
and Analysis; Where do we go from here: Effects of
Commercials (Complete list of modules produces is
available upon request)

 Researcher / Writer of the Research Program (The Impact of Media and Communication in
Selected Urban and Rural Areas)
Responsible for the tabulation of data and write-up of the research paper; fine-tuning of
findings and analysis of data; presentation and re-echoing of findings in communities; and,
participation in making the program regional formation of media core group in barrios and
in planning their activities and media education based on the findings of the research.
Helped in preparing and organizing the launching of the second phase of the research
and have invited interviewed media practitioners such as Luchi Cruz-Valdez, Bobby
Malay, Former Dean Luis Teodoro, Vergel Santos, and others.

 Coordinator/Organizer of the Film Dialogue Program

Responsible for organizing, conducting, and hosting the film dialogue session every
month. Through this program a film group was born. Coordinated by the Media Program
Coordinator, there were ten (10) volunteers in the roaster. The group is called the
pelikula@titusbrandsma (p@tb). A group of film enthusiasts from students to adults who
wanted an alternative venue for non-commercial/independent films, which the mainstream
theaters/malls currently do not offer. Every month we gather for film viewing and then
engaged in a meaningful discussion. We reflect, review, confront issues in the films we
watched and relate it with everyday situations. We provide our audience with foreign,
independent, documentary, and socially relevant films to encourage audience to discuss
the content and how the films affected them personally. With this program, we wanted to
develop an active and critical audience who in the future does not resort to unreasonable
censorship. Aside from film dialogue sessions every month, the Coordinator
conceptualized and implemented the first independent film dialogue forum, with the help
of the group, guesting some of the well-known Philippine filmmakers and writer like Jeffrey
Jeturian and Bing Lao. The group has also tied-up with the UP Film Institute's Cine
Adarna and provided our UP viewers with a venue within the comforts of their University

 Secretariat for the biennial Titus Brandsma Award – Philippines (local version of the international
award with the same name given by Union Catholique Internationale dela Presse). The award is
given to outstanding journalists, media practitioner, and communities that utilizes appropriate
media for their local issues and concerns (new media, mass media, traditional media, community
media, etc.)
Responsible for the nationwide coordination, promotion and reviewing of nominations;
coordinates the jury and board members; writing and sending of invitations for
nominations; organizes activities to promote the award, and; writes press releases/articles
to newspapers and websites.

 Organizer of networking activities like fora, seminars, focus group discussions, and tie-ups with
Embassies and prestigious Academic Institutions about various issues.
Responsible for coordinating networking activities; facilitates and coordinates tie-ups with
Embassies particularly the Australian and Cuban Embassy; treasurer/representative of the
TBCMP in the network, “Philippine Catholic Communicators Network (PCCNet)”;
participates in important events like conventions and fora on various issues and other
meetings that may help me develop and grow as a media practitioner and meet key
people in the industry as well; works on creating, developing, and maintaining
relationships and networks not only with media practitioners and organizations but also
with communities, parishes, offices, institutions, schools, and NGOs that tied-up with.

 Head of the Media Resource Center (a.k.a. librarian) and other duties.
Responsible for supervising the part-time library assistant and at the same time do the
library works such as cataloguing, classifying, arranging of books and films in shelves,
and producing of electronic and printout databases for books and films; do content writing
for the Program’s website (the first website); inventory of media articles, news, documents
and materials related to media issues (censorship, alternative media, developing critical
thinking through the use of media education, extra-judicial killings of journalists and media
practitioners, etc.).

 Assistance to other programs / offices in the organization.

Responsible for the newsletter of the organization; handle various committees and help in
conducting forums and conventions.

Accomplishments: A 3-year funding contract from a European funding agency and 2

consecutive year of financial support from a religious-based funding agency.
The project proposals for these contracts were written and produced by Ms,
Villena with the help of a consultant.

Made TBCMP fully operational and working to the advantage of the

beneficiaries of the Media Education Program (MEP). MEP was realized only
this past three years highlighted by the seminars, trainings and tours
conducted and organized.

Produced thirteen modular courses for local partners and beneficiaries. The
MEP and these courses were never put up before the three-year phase.

Practiced an effective filing system for office files, organized library system,
database and increased acquisition of book and film collection.

Pioneered the creation of the first TBCMP website.

Handled the Film Dialogue program of TBCMP including a group of

dedicated volunteers who helped the program for ten years; Has recorded
the most number of viewers/audience.

Effectively managed the Program and its five sub-Programs – Media

Education, Film Dialogue, Networking and Public Relations, Titus Brandsma
Award Philippines, and Resource Center.

Established partners and networks in the media industry.

Conceptualized the use of “traditional media, community media” in

educating people and developing their critical thinking skills and now has
been realized by the current administration of the Program. This also
includes the idea of providing an open space for this media practitioners
where in they get to reflect their work in the company of their colleagues.

Titus Brandsma Center, Inc. Reservations Officer

January– December 2001

Company Description: A seminar house that offers an alternative space for meetings, conventions
and conferences.

During my stint, I have been tasked to function as:

 Reservation Officer – handles bookings  Receptionist – entertains and welcomes

and schedules guests; attend to their needs and
logistical requests
 Bookkeeper – track down and record- updates, schedules/bookings and
keeping of expenses and requests from personnel.
 HR Tasks and Functions – in-charge of
 Supervisor – coordinates and handles distributing salaries and ensures that
key personnel of the retreat house such benefits of personnel such as SSS, Pag-
as the cook, janitors messenger, ibig, Philhealth, etc are paid regularly
housekeeper/laundry; coordinates and and on-time.
reports to the Executive Director re

Accomplishments: For the one year I functioned as Reservations Officer, the Executive Director
confirmed that we have the most number of guests and visitors during my
time and that I have attended them well based on their feedbacks (foreign
and local guests).

Based on the comments too of the personnel, they are very much satisfied
with my management skills and that I have attended to their requests on-

POWERPAGE/SKYCOM Philippines Marketing Assistant promoted to Junior

Copywriter July 1999 – October 2000

Company Description: A premiere company, which provides paging/message handling services.

 Writes headline studies and copies for print ads and POP materials in consolidation with the
junior copywriter.
 Contacts suppliers for the production of materials such flyers, posters and other large format
printing needs; sourcing of materials.
 Contacts media suppliers for new or renewal of exchange deals and set appointments with the
Marketing Manager.
 Supervises/informs branch staff re announcement and implementation of new marketing
program/promo; coordinates with retail shops with regards to promotional materials and requests.
 Daily monitoring of telecom ads.
 Conceptualizes marketing strategies.
 Help in the PR and events coordination (i.e., tech exhibits, free concerts, etc.)


McGuire Publishing Contributor Writer

Publishers of PC Shopper, PC Direct, PC Buyer’s Guide December 2008 – Present

 Writes articles on information and technology and lifestyle. Web Content Writer August 2008 – Present

 Chooses and writes articles on almost all topics – health, lifestyle, I.T., etc.

SEO COPYWRITERS Web Content Writer (SEO, ghost writer) November 2005 – 2007
 Every week each writer is assigned topics (a minimum of 6 per writer). Research topics via
Internet and write feature articles. Submit on or before the deadline or be sanctioned.

Our Lord’s Grace Montessori, Commonwealth College Professor

Mass Communication Department November 2003 – March 2004

 Handled mass communication classes (major subjects) for third and fourth year specifically
classes on Laws of Broadcasting and Publication and Editing.

SPEECHPOWER – Cubao and España English Instructor

Effective English Conversation November 2002 – May 2003

 Prepares lesson and activity plan for classes.

 Handles the course, “Effective English Conversation Level 3” with a class each in Cubao and
Espana branches.

MediaTech, Inc. / Lifeline Magazine Contributor Writer

May 1999 – March 2000

 Writes stories about assigned topics mainly fashion, beauty, health, sports and psychology. Two
full length special reports submitted are as follows: Fashion Updates (Special Report) and
Period Problems? Answers to your Common Readers’ Menstrual Concerns.

Educational Background
2001 to 2003 Masters in Journalism (Candidate)
Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC), San Juan, Greenhills

1995 to 1999 Bachelor in Mass Communication major in Broadcasting

Centro Escolar University, Mendiola, Manila

Seminars and Trainings Attended

Facilitator/Speaker: Lidy Nacpil, Prof. Leonor M. Briones
Balay Kalinaw and University Hostel, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
March 29, 2008 - April 5, 2008

ECONOMICS FOR NON-ECONOMIST (5-day Basic Economics Course)

Facilitator: Maria Teresa Diokno-Pascual, Board Member, Former FDC President, Economist
College of Social Work and Community Development, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
April 23-24 – May 2007

(2-day course on Gender Sensitivity and Mainstreaming)
Facilitator: Len Manikan, Gender Officer
Bretsch and Barrie Resort, Antipolo City
April 25-26, 2007


A Launch and Roundtable Discussion on Making Trade work for the Poor
UPNCPAG Assembly Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
August 17, 2006


Facilitator: Dr. Sergy Floro, a feminist economist
Caritas Seminar Room, Miriam College, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
August 1-2, 2006


Basic Media Appreciation

The Media Arts Division, Cultural Center of the Philippines, (Dream Theatre, CCP)
April 26 – April 30, 2005


The Philippine Association of Media Education
Ateneo de Manila, Grade School Department
February 2005

2003 UCA News Orientation and Training Seminar
Union of Catholic Asia News (UCAN)
Garden Plaza Hotel and Suites (Paco, Manila)
October 8 – 13, 2003


Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility
AIM Conference Center, Makati, Manila
June 27, 2002

Justice and Peace and Integrity of Creation
Association of Major Religious Superiors (AMRSP)
Titus Brandsma Center
June 7, 2002


Launching of CBCP World
Catholic Bishops Conference in the Philippines
Arzobispado Manila, Manila Cathedral
May 12, 2002


January – February 1999


November – December 1998


Official Student Publication of CEU

Lecture Forum in Broadcast Ethics and Laws

Drama Workshop Seminar / Campus Journalism Seminar
Director, Theatrical Presentation, 1997
Participant, Media Week 1998
Participant, Video Festival 1998

Published Articles
Updates and Features Readers’ Lifeline, pp. 30-31
Manila Bulletin, SS-5 July 1999
July 31, 2000


Readers’ Lifeline, 24-25, 39
October 1999


The Mindanao Observer (Dipolog City), p. 2 The Mindanao Times, Davao City
June 9, 2002 May 31, 2002

Variety, Daily Zamboanga Times, p. 13 Events, Philippines Journalism Review (Manila),

April 10, 2002 p. 52
April 2002
Special Report, The Mindanao Gold Star Daily,
p. 2-3 Lifestyle, Philippine Daily Inquirer p. D3
May 9, 2002 May 13, 2002

Note: Other sample articles (upon request) are original drafts written for other people to whom the person featured in this CV
worked for; for some, they cannot be seen anywhere online due to the fact that the articles are copyrighted by the website
(ghost writer position)

Personal Profile
Activities Blogging, web content writing, develop websites (coffee business, online folio, advocacy)
Interests Theatre, reading political books and watching foreign films, enrolling in self improvement
seminars/training/workshops, technical courses, theatre workshops, dance classes, etc, traveling,
organizing events for other people
Civil Status Married
Height/Weight 5’6 ½”; 150 lbs.

1. Fr. Christian B. Buenafe, O. Carm
Executive Director, Titus Brandsma Center Media
09162347657 / 721-3391 /
2. Normita Lacanilao
Secretary, Order of Carmelites in the Philippines
09192252172 / 721-3391 /
3. Ana Maria R. Nemenzo
Former President, Freedom from Debt Coalition
09189038687 / 922-1825 /