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July 21, 2014

Islam mean Peace

Terrorism and extremism is a risk boundaries worldwide,
specially in Muslim societies. When islam means religion of
peace, when Qur'an say " There must be no coercion in
matters of faith ", when Prophet of Islam devoted his attention
to building up a peaceful coalition of tribes and achieved
victory by an ingenious and inspiring campaign of nonviolence.
Evident is Holy Prophet declaration of peace and security to
Najran majority Christians in words like, Those who are
present and those who are absent, their lives are safe, their
families are secure, their afliates are secure, their
possessions are secure, their houses are secure and their
families are secure. They will have freedom of religious
Dr Joel S. Hayward
I have watched gentle, inclusive,
tolerant and peaceful Muslims
condemn terrorist attacks and
suicide bombings. Their
religion, they say, is not
inherently warlike or violent. It
rests upon a code of human
interaction that stresses equality,
harmony and the value of
human dignity.(Joel is Scholar of
war & strategy)
Yusuf Qaradawi
Islam, the religion of tolerance,
holds the human soul in high
esteem, and considers the
attack against innocent human
beings a grave sin; this is
backed by the Quranic verse
which reads: Whoever kills a
human being for other than
manslaughter or corruption in
the earth, it shall be as if he has
killed all mankind, and who so
ever saves the life of one, it shall
be as if he had saved the life of
all mankind. [Quran 5:32]
Terror or tolerance | Suggestion to muslims | Prominent Voices
July 21, 2014
expression, bishops and priests will not be removed from their
posts and all worshippers will be given full protection. They will
not be oppressed and no person in my community will be
allowed to commit any crime or acts of injustice against these
people because Allah and His Prophet have provided them
with security.
Then why war in the name of islam.
Maybe the reason of this deviation is ignorance, intolerance
irrational and dogmatic approach to islam. Islam valued the
Knowledge, wisdom and an open thought process. Manifest is
rst revelation, decision of prisoners of Badr and numerous
anecdotes of early muslim history.

When everyone at loss with fear and pain, We can turn the
plight of terrorism into opportunity of progress by rational and
empathic thinking, by investing in propagating true values of

Community: Show unity and invest its time to learn themselves
and teach there kids about islam and islamic history. Mosques,
mostly managed by locality, are best platform to form learning
Schoolers: work on inter-faith and intra-faith harmony and use
popular media, not for rating business, but to make their voice
heard & peace and harmony provoked. Though some movements
are working but laking totality I mean to say they need to enlarge
their horizon.
Government: regularize and register all the mosques and
madrassas and make
powerful system to
point out and control
radical elements,
whether in mosques
or in media. Certain
days can be
celebrate to
remember historical
events to promote
culture of love and
Peaceful voices
Abdul Aziz Al-Shaykh, Grand
Mufti of Saudi Arabia,
condemned all suicide
bombing without exception as
un-Islamic and forbidden by
The Amman Message intended
to reject extremism as a
deviation from Islamic beliefs
and affirmed Islams message
of tolerance and humanity as a
common ground among
different faiths and peoples.
Tahir ul-Qadris distinctive and
voluminous fatwa is an
exhaustive study of what the
Quran and Islamic sources
have to say about the use of
violence, terrorism and suicide
bombing and is a categorical
and unequivocal rejection of all
acts of illegitimate violence,
terrorism and every act of
suicide bombing against all
human beings, whether Muslim
or non-Muslim.
A Common Word Between Us
and You, an open letter to the
heads of the worlds major
Christian churches by 138
prominent muslim scholars,
endorsing Muslims and
Christians, working together
for global peace on the basis
of their shared Common
Word, the very foundational
principles of both faiths: love
of the One God, and love of
the neighbor.