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Key duties and responsibilities: Tasks include:

1. To deliver and maintain a professional

administration/clerical/data and or reception
service to patients, relatives, colleagues and Trust

2. Modify and adapt communication
methods to a range of situations using
appropriate verbal or written communication skills
effectively. Welcome and treat everyone (patients,
relatives, colleagues and Trust Staff) in a friendly
and courteous manner presenting a good image
of yourself through your attitude, behaviour and

3. Use decision making skills prioritising
your workload using standard operating
manuals and processes.

4. Monitor and produce work of the quality and
quantity required ensuring expected Trust and
department standards and deadlines are met and
all appointments are within the Government and
Trust target times.

1. Supervising/providing advice to others
2. Receive and respond to telephone calls dealing
with a range of requests
3. Receive and respond to emails for a range of
4. Liaise with colleagues
5. Register, check and update all referrals and
patient information
6. Photocopy and filing
7. Collect, open and distribute mail
8. Input information on Trust systems (i.e. HISS,
9. Attend meetings as required taking and
preparing notes
10. Ensure all tests requested are booked
11. Cover other positions within work area during
12. Any other administrative duties as required.

5. Ensure the working environment is safe and of a professional appearance, taking
appropriate action to report any problems, organise repairs/collection of waste and
maintain efficient and effective use of resources.

6. Work effectively and efficiently recommending better ways of working, sharing ideas
with others to improve service delivery and transformation.

5 Additional Requirements The ability to understand and
behave at all times, towards
patients, visitors and
colleagues according to the
Trust values of kind, safe and
excellent. This behaviour is
outlined on the final page of
this person specification.
Enthusiastic team worker and
role model
Adaptability and willingness to

The supporting information you provide in this section will enable you to explain
why you should be considered for employment.

Supporting Information

I am applying for this position as I am keen to pursue a career within the NHS, specifically
Addenbrookes Hospital, as it is a reputable employer within the care industry known for its
innovation and excellence in health and care. I want a job where I can have complete job
satisfaction and where I am making a difference to peoples lives. I believe I would get that
from working for the NHS. I feel I meet the required specifications needed for this role.
Working in a busy and demanding work place will be no problem as I have previous
experience and I am a keen, passionate learner who can quickly adapt.

I have gained experiences and skills from my previous work experience, education and
personal life such as excellent communication and interpersonal skills, time management,
problem solving, planning and organisation, and know the importance of self-motivation and
initiative required for this job in order to meet and exceed its key duties and responsibilities.

Factors Essential Criteria How Evidenced Desirable Criteria How Evidenced
1 Qualifications Educated to GCSE level or
NVQ Level 2 or equivalent
A, I Typing qualification RSAII,
CLAIT, NVQIII Business Admin or
2 Experience Previous office experience and
familiar with all office practices
Experience of telephone use in a
working environment
A, I Previous NHS experience
Previous secretarial experience
Audio typing
3 Knowledge Basic understanding of
Basic knowledge of medical
A, I Knowledge of Histopathology
4 Skills IT Skills (MS Office & Databases)
Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
Ability to manage and prioritise own workload and time
An excellent telephone manner and able to communicate
with a wide range of people
Produces work of the quality and quantity required to
provide an effective service and to specified standards
and timescales
My previous job experience gave me the opportunity to interact with the service users, I
would greet and motivate them, as well as provide a fun, exciting and learning environment.
I gathered the experience required to be able to react to any upset service users with a
calm and collected manner, while seeking to find solutions to any problems that had arisen
in order to diffuse the situation. I had to follow standard protocols/procedures when
something did not go according to plan, and know that if something would be out of my
control, I would have to rely on a senior member of staff for his/her help. I know my
acquired skills and experience will be an essential trait for this job role, especially when
coming in contact with visitors.

During my time in education, specifically university, I have developed my knowledge of
biomedical science (incl. histopathology). I feel as this will help me when facing medical
terms within the healthcare setting. Skills such as attention to detail, problem solving, time
management (working under pressure, working to deadlines), has become a second nature
to me, particularly so, when I was completing my laboratory based research project on the
expression of NRG1 in breast cancer cells; an incredibly meticulous approach was essential
for its completion and required most of my time in order to perfect all aspects, including cell
culturing and computer software (Flow cytometry). Working with new and unfamiliar
computer software was a fundamental aspect to the analysis of my research, and it was vital
that I would learn the steps quickly and accurately.

The skills acquired through my personal life have enabled me to communicate to a vast
range of people from different working sectors and nationalities. Both my parents are not
fluent in the English language and therefore I translate for them. I am responsible for
making appointments for them. Being fluent in two languages has enabled me to act as a
translator for my uncles company when he requires contacting (Skype, phone, email)
international clients, through this I have been able to develop my attention to detail and
accuracy skills- essential when both parties are exchanging crucial information. Through
these international calls I have also been able to develop an outstanding telephone manner.

I am eager to apply my knowledge, the kind, safe and excellence trust values as well as my
general skills and qualifications for this job role. I am extremely flexible and any over time/
weekend work would not pose a problem. I am currently unemployed and would relish the
opportunity to immediately help you bring the highest level of contribution.

Not confident on this ending gurl, what do u think?

Trust values of kind, safe and excellent.

We understand that any visit to a hospital can be an anxious and stressful time. We therefore expect
all staff to be helpful, professional and caring to patients, carers, family members and members of
the public at all times whether in the course of their duties, or informally as part of the CUH
community. We also expect this courtesy and respect to be extended to colleagues. Please give
examples from work, leisure or home to demonstrate that this is your approach.
Throughout my time at Tennyson Lodge I was able to become comfortable working around the
residents - helping them with their needs and forming friendships in order to enrich their stay at the
day centre. There were times where particular residents would require extra attention, and I would
happily try and join in and interact.
At university, one of my colleges was not able to attend particular lectures do to a poorly child, I was
able to reassure her that during her period off, I would inform her about the lecture information
given out.