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Itikaf Registration Form

Please not that the Mu'takif (the one who observes I'tikaaf) will enter the masjid before
sunset of the 20th day of Ramadan. The Mu'takif will remain in the masjid or on masjid
property until the sighting of the moon for Eid. Please not that this year we will only
allow a limited number of people (20) for Itikaaf, so registration is necessary, and you
will be chosen on a rst come, rst serve basis. Sisters will not be allowed to participate
in Itikaf due to security concerns.

1. Itikaf arrangements will be made during the last ten (10) days of Ramadan.

2. All men interested in performing Itikaf must register before being allowed to perform
their Itikaf. Registration forms will be available from the front o!ce.

3. The minimum age for Itikaf participants will be 18 years. All participants below 18
years of age have to be accompanied by an adult (legal guardian). If the legal guardian
has to leave the masjid for any reason, the under 18 participant must accompany him.

4. No one other than the registered individuals in Itikaf will be allowed in the designated
area for Itikaf (the old building). No tent building!

5. There will be at least one meeting of the registered participants before the Itikaf
begins (20th night of Ramadan) to review these rules. (This meeting will be conducted at
7:30 PM and will last thirty minutes).IAC will appoint a Leader (Ameer) and a Deputy
Leader (Naib Ameer) for the Itikaf group. These individuals will have the responsibility
and the authority to enforce the rules.

Phone Number
Emergency Contact
6. There will be a quiet time after Tarawih until Fajr set aside for individual `ibadah and
sleeping. Participants are not required to sleep, but must remain quiet. Any halaqat or
study sessions have to be carried out during the day time. Note that Itikaf is a personal
and not a group endeavor. An individuals need for quiet time will supersede a groups
need to talk or hold halaqat. Any group qiyam activity must be approved by the Imam, or
pre-arranged by masjid administration.

7. Those listening to Quran recitation must use an ear-piece or head phones. Cellular
phones will only be allowed for emergency use, and must be in silent mode throughout
the duration of Itikaf.

8. Clean up to follow after every meal. NO STORAGE OF LEFTOVERS FROM


10. All participants must keep the masjid area clean, including bathroom and shower
facilities. The ameer will assign cleaning duties as required.

11. Any breach of these rules may result in the removal of a participant. The ameer shall
have the authority to arbitrate any dispute between the participants. His arbitration shall
be binding.

12. Everyone is requested to respect other participants, regardless of age, and make
extra e"ort to make the Itikaf a good experience for all.

13. Participant acknowledges that he has read the aforementioned rules and agrees to
be bound by its terms.

14. Participant further agrees to indemnify and hold IAC and its administration and sta"
harmless from any claim, action, liability or expense.

Signature: ____________________________ Date: _____, 20__