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Noble Areas: These areas are filled with small palaces with multiple courtyards,

multi-storied buildings, and gardens.

Common Areas: These areas are densely built around small courtyards and are
mazes of little alleys.
1. Sacred City: This huge complex of palaces, temples, administrative buildings, and
noble residences occupies much of the central city. It resembles the Minoan Palace
of Knossos and is a maze of courtyards, temples, apartments, and so forth:
2. Grace Temple: This is one of the greatest temples to the Earth
Goddess in Glorantha. It has a square base and a high multi-tier roof
held up by statues of goddesses. Something like a much bigger version
of the temple in the foreground of this picture:
File:Taratarini_maa.jpg or or like
this temple complex:
3. Orlanth's Hill. This hill outside the city walls and overlooking the mouth of the river
is covered with several ancient ruins and is sacred to the Storm God.
4. Harbor Square. This is the largest commercial harbor and market of Nochet.
Nearly a dozen triremes are docked on piers, loading and unloading goods from
around the world. (see the harbor in the
The square and harborfront is packed with merchant stalls and rimmed by temples
(the most important being the Dormal Temple and the Issaries Temple - see the next
5. Dormal Temple. This temple to the God of Sailing is actually built on the
water. It is relatively modest but beautifully decorated and lavishly adorned by the
many great donations from grateful worshipers. It looks something like this: http:/
6. Issaries Temple. The temple-market to the God of Trade is on the far side of
Harbor Square and faces the bay. This is the greatest Trade Temple in Glorantha.
The temple is large and the entire side of the building facing the harbor is open and
three stories tall. It is modeled on the Stoa of Athens:
wikipedia/commons/e/e2/Stoa_of_Attalus_-_View_of_the_building.jpg (but three
stories tall instead of two)
7. Great Library. This is the greatest library in the world. Take the Jonstown Library
and put it on steriods. Make something like this
wp-content/uploads/2012/06/library-alexandria.jpeg look more "Y" shaped and we are
on the right path.
8. Razed Area. In 1621, the Queen of Nochet razed several blocks of tenements, in
order to lay the foundations for a huge Lunar temple-palace complex. The foundation
has already been laid, but completing the building will take several more years.
9. Diros Island. A stone temple to the God of Boats is on the edge of this island.
Along the shores of the island are shipwrights, constructing a half-dozen or more
triremes and other ships.
10. Temple to Aeol. This temple is outside of the city walls and surrounded by
a Foreign Quarter. It is a tall pyramidal structure built atop a square building with
columns, something like this:
Mahakal_Temple_Ujjain.JPG. Only wizards are permitted within the temple; the rest
of the cultists gather outside the temple.
11. Axe Temple. This is a frightful temple to a bloody and violent goddess. It might
look something like this:
Kalighat_Temple%2C_1887.jpg or
4/4d/Konark_Temple.jpg. It is decorated with Labrys (
wikipedia/commons/c/c0/AMI_-_Goldene_Doppelaxt.jpg) on top of poles.
12. City Walls. The very imposing city walls are made of stone, some 12-15 feet
thick and 40 feet tall. It has more than 80 square towers that are some 60 feet tall.
The city gates solid and very defendable.
13. Esrola Temple. This square temple is surrounded by sacred fields (which grow
wheat and barley) and rich gardens, which are in turn are enclosed a wall.
14. Gates of Life and Death. This ornate gate is the ceremonial gate for Nochet and
the Sacred Way leads through this gate directly to the Necropolis. It is only opened
as part of religious rituals allowing the dead ancestors to enter and leave the city,
and enabling the gods and goddesses to enter the city on their Holy Days. I imagine
it looks something like this:
15. Watchtower. This huge, sturdy tower stands over 250 feet tall and overlooks
the Blackmaw. It is inhabited by an order of priest-magicians who keep watch on the
Blackmaw and have done so for over 2000 years.
16. Blackmaw. This large pit leads into the Underworld. Its mouth is on top of a large
mound. Within the pit live demons of Darkness and Chaos.
17. Kena Hill. This hill is sacred to the city's ancestors and is covered with family
altars, stone tables, and deep tomb-temples were the ancestors may be worshiped.
18. Necropolis. The City of the Dead, also called Antones Estate. This vast burial
ground is covered with tombs, sepulchers, cenotaphs, crypts, mausoleums, graves,
and th occasional memorial and garden. The Sacred Way traverses the Necropolis,
along with several other roads, and may more paths. Once a year, the souls of the
dead and the long-dead leave the City of the Dead and wander around the city.
Sources of inspiration:
Salam.jpg,, http://
19. Riverside Port. This is a large defensible harbor that was constructed to be the
main naval port for the fleet. It is large enough for 20 triremes to easily berth on piers.
A tall tower oversees the Lykos River and a small fortress on the other side of the
river. A chain extends across the river to the far side and a mechanism allows the
chain to be lowered or raised, thereby preventing pirates from raiding up the river (or
vice versa).
20. Lykos Temple. This temple to the River Goddess is surrounded by sprawling
tenements spreading beyond the city wall. Steps from the temple lead down to the
river itself (and reminiscent of
content/uploads/2012/05/Ganges-Ghat-Varanasi.jpg or