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Chiron in the Seventh:

You have an enormous potential to express the collective unconscious, yet there may be
confusion about who you are. You act as a mirror for the self-image of others. Your
initiatory path is through relationship, as this is how you find yourself. You have a potent
effect on others, and as you become aware of your effect on others, you will be able to
release your gift. The key to your path is the realization that others reflect and respond to
the way you see yourself. You may experience serious relationship dilemmas in your life,
this is where your work, your challenge and your learning are happening. Union is the goal
for seventh house and it comes through the realization that "I am you and you are me".
There is a paradox in your purpose, as balance between self and other must be achieved to
complete your Chironic healing and give your gift.
Chiron in the Sixth:
Your healing path is through the work experience and through finding a meaningful goal in
life. Healing may well be your life work, you have a remarkable sensitivity to the energy
movements in the body, and an intuitive awareness of the electrical nervous system. Until
the Chironic awareness is awakened, you may be very serious, disciplined and devoted, but
with pessimistic and hypochondriacal tendencies, and being or becoming healthy may seem
to be a chore. Wisdom will come with experience of your ability to direct and understand the
healing energies.

Chiron in Aries:
You are on a quest to understand your identity and purpose. You are courageous, and may
be a pioneer or trailblazer in some way. You are probably restless unless you are extremely
active. You are impatient to be on the track of finding the answers you seek, and too much
limitation can drive you crazy. You naturally resonate with the warrior/healer of Chiron, and
in order to be healthy you need to find a way to take on power and give it expression within
your life.

Chiron in Taurus:
Your life embodies a search for values on the physical plane, and it becomes critically
important for you to identify what is right or wrong, permanent or ephemeral. You are likely
not the initiator, but you have a strong drive to preserve the values you support in
something that already exists. The house position of Chiron in Aries shows the type of
values you are interested in. Do not underestimate the value of your contribution because
you are not the inventor of something new and unique in the world. Your work is as a
preserver of values, and your role is crucial. You probably have the ability to do very well
with very little.