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No contract law on test

1. Court found nurse manager guilty for failure to warn, which option reflects a
failure to warn situation?
a. Didnt tell a potential employee that a former employee was forced to
resign due to incompetence
2. Which strategy is most effective for float nurses to ensure quality of care
a. Cross training staff to various units.
3. What is the goal of risk management? Potential hazard, what should the
teams next action be
a. Eliminate the hazard before anyone else is harmed
4. Major impotence (setting stage for) for more stringent delegation. As they
are applied today
a. Nursing shortage
5. Charge nurse delegated task to another staff member, who takes
accountability for the task?
a. Charge nurse
6. What option reflects assignment
a. Charge nurse divides the patient load into even something somethings
7. The RN has delegated task of ambulating pt who has hx of falls to two nursing
assistants, what is the most important aspect of delegating this task
a. The aides understand the importane of walking with the patients
8. Charge nurse is aware that some staff nurses shortcut assessments in case of
negative pt outcome due to this practice does the charge nurse hold any
a. Yes, the charge nurse has a responsibility has the duty to know
9. Unit is busy when a doc orders a catheter be inserted, the nurse assigned has
seen it done but never done it by herself.
a. Charge nurse should assist the new nurse with the procedure
10. How does the doctrine of respondent superior (Vicarious liability) alter the
liability of the nurse for negligent conduct
a. Makes the nurse responsible to the employer
11. Hospital sued for actions of nurse employee, hospital proves that nurse was
not providing care. Can the hospital still hold responsibility in this care
a. Yes if they can prove nurse was incompetent and hospital was aware
of the incompetency
12. Plantiff was rewarded monetary damages in a suit against nurses negligence.
Hospital insurance sues nurses insurance.
a. Indemnification
13. What is the principle reason that a higher standard of care may be necessary
to protect a mentally ill patient?
a. They cant appreciate the danger
14. Which option reflects a general criteria for restraining a patient
a. Patients immediate ability to harm self or others
15. Confused pt calls for help through shift, when respond cant explain what is
needed, what action should be taken?
a. Continue to respond and reorient the patient
16. Pt requested that one siderail be up to assist with turning. Is this a restraint?
a. No, in this case side rail is being used as an assistive device, not a
restraint .
17. What option reflects nurses duty regarding equipment
a. Nurses have to pick the right stuff and use it correctly.
18. Which option reflects nurses duty to prevent patient falls
a. Nurse needs to assess
19. What person would be best choice for interpreter for non English speaking
a. Interpreter