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I am Christepher Wee, Mr. Gay Canada 2014. By profession, I am an educator, actor, and TV
host. For my social and cultural advocacy work, I am involved with many charitable and
community groups in Canada and other parts of the world. I am an ambassador for Rainbow
Refugee Society, Our City of Colours, and Health Initiative for Men just to name a few.

Congratulations to FESTDIVQ for hosting Venezuelas 4th Annual LGBTQI Film Festival.

Film has always been an important part of my life since young. I have been educated, inspired,
provoked, saddened, elated, empowered, and enlightened by both mainstream and LGBTQI
films. I am an advocate for using media such as television and films to educate, celebrate, and
create discourse, in order to foster positive change and progress.

I think it is important to support film festivals whether it is a LGBTQI, cultural, or mainstream
one. Film festivals often showcase works of new and upcoming directors and actors whom we
should support. Their views and perceptions often add new dimensions and insights to films and
commentaries on life, culture, politics, social realities, and the imaginary. LGBTQI film festivals
also enhance our sense of community involvement, spirit, and celebration.

LGBTQI film festivals are an important and necessary aspect of our queer culture. They serve as
a way of queer activism. They are our voices and visibility. They showcase films that tell our
stories and journeys, reveal our vulnerability, courage, perseverance, triumphs, dreams, and
aspirations. Queer films are powerful avenues to raise awareness of queer social and political
issues, homophobia and transphobia. Queer films can create an environment of open, civil
discourse which could foster inter-understanding, inter-respect, and inter-are.

I encourage the community of Venezuela to support and attend FESTDIVQ. Be apart of your
communitys efforts to be visible and heard. Social progress can only take place if we all play
apart in its advancement and progress. I applaud FESTDIVQ for their dedication, vision, and
leadership. Your efforts and commitment to Queer activism through film will impact the lives of
many. Continue with your journey to build a FESTDIVQ with a voice and presence.
I know that FESTDIVQ will be a success. I hope to visit Venezuela in the near future and be of
contribution to FESTDIVQ and your LQBTQI community efforts.
Join me on Facebook, Twitter, and, or Instagram. Lets make a positive and lasting difference
together as one community, one people, one voice!

With love,
Christepher Wee
Mr. Gay Canada 2014