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Hi Jeh! Here are the bar materials I used for my review. I checked the tips in the Ateneo
handbook Central BarOps gave, where past Ateneo bar top notchers gave their lists of books and
materials they studied for their bar. Much of the books are books I've mulled over and asked
other people's opinions about, bottom line ata is you get something you feel comfy with, and di
ka nahihirapan basahin, or better yet, something you read na before. I also indicated how many
times I read the book, in case that helps. Please take note, disclaimer lang, wala pa kong locus
standi really to recommend books because I haven't passed, but I did promise Jeh, so I hope this
helps. For Sher's and Pao's reference na rin for their bar next year, and mine, in case sumabit ako,
print ko na lang 'to siguro hehe. Also, I included here materials which I felt I SHOULD have
studied, after taking the actual exams. This way, if I don't pass as well, I know what to do better
next time. Argh. The stuff here are based on my notes, because I had a little notebook where I
wrote down everything I read and shit during review, so I'm just typing it up here:

Pre-Week: Beda Memory Aid (2x)
1. Bernas Primer (2x)
2. Nachura book (1x)
3. Atty. Alberto Agra class note (election law, admin law, public officers) (2x)
4. Atty. Candelaria PIL notes (hand out distributed in Ateneo eh) (1x)
5. Magallona for PIL (1x)
6. Pao's handouts from his International Humanitarian Law elective
Daming international law sa bar namin.
Pao's IHL teacher mentioned that, so thanks to that tip, I really boned up on my PIL.
I made my own notes saw Poli too.
This was a good subject for me sa bar.

Pre-Week: Beda Memory Aid (3x)
1. Alcantara notes (stuff that wasn't in Azucena) (1x)
2. Manuel 100 notes on labor (teacher sa Ateneo) (2x)
3. Manuel 2006 lecture notes transcript (1x)
Yep, hindi ako nag Azucena. Dami na kasi nabago.
The Beda Memory Aid is more than sufficient, mas updated pa sa Azucena.
Although he's coming up with a new book daw, so maybe that'll work.
In the exam, they asked a lot of procedural stuff.
Stupid me, I didn't read the codal. Dami ko guesswork.
This is the subject na I'm super scared na ma DQ.
The procedural shit raw asa codal.
So I strongly advise reading that. Ang engot ka lang I didn't.

Pre Week: Beda Memory Aid (2x)
1. Sundiang Aquino (didn't finish this)
2.Catindig book (didn't finish this either - asa Beda na eh)
3. J.J. Laurel Corporation Code book (1x)
4. Jack Jimenez reviewer/notes (1x, used this senior year also)
5. Catindig supplements hand out (1x)
Didn't touch na the Perez books. Asa Beda reviewer na lahat.
I did okay in Commercial too, I think, na tipong, I wasn't stumped with a question naman.

Pre Week: Rose Rayco reviewer (from Ateneo, upper batch. Naka condense na lahat, especially
for Book 2, and all the important points for Book 1, PLUS she included pa the special laws) (1x)
1. Beda Memory Aid (2x)
2. Gregorio for Book 1 (1x)
3. Ortega notes (1x)
4. Peralta lecture notes (1x) plus I used the notes Pao took during his crim review class.
5. Boado the short version (didn't finish this. I read like, 14 pages then quit. I shifted na agad to
Ortega notes for Book 2.)
6. Pimentel Special Penal Laws reviewer (just skimmed it, meron na SPL in Beda)
I did LOUSY in Crim Law.
I'm really bad at it, as in hirap. Tapos yung bar pa, tipong, list down as many crimes as you can
think of.
At one point, nag-imbento ako, embezzlement, hello, wala namang embezzlement per se sa RPC.
Tip ng seniors sa kin before, talagang Gregorio for Book 1, and Boado the long version, plus
codal codal codal.

Pre Week: still Beda Memory Aid (2x)
1. Jurado (1x - very important, I took my time reading this)
2. Sempio-Dy for Family Code (1x)
3. Sempio-Dy for Conflicts (di ko natapos, just skimmed it and used the Beda)
4. Aquino for land titles (skimmed lang, kumpleto na the Beda for land titles)
5. Albano survey of jurisprudence handout (skimmed lang)
6. 400 most asked Civil Law questions (2x)

Pre Week: Ateneo Summer Reviewer (the only time I used an Ateneo reviewer hehe) (1x)
1. Mamalateo (1x, walang kwenta)
2. Countian (2x)
3. Domondom cut and paste reviewer (1x)
I super memorized for Tax because I've always struggled with it.
If I take the bar again, I think I'll read Virgilio Reyes for the basics, pero wala naman
computations during the bar, in fair. Not Vitug, too long.
Pero for this I need to find another good book talaga for Tax.

Pre Week: Beda Memory Aid (super super okay)
1. Albano for CivPro (1x)
2. Sabio for CrimPro (1x)
3. Regalado for Evidence (1x) and my own notes from junior year
Skimmed through the Bautista quizzer, but didn't finish the whole thing.
Super kayod Rem ko, weakest subject ko.
Other people read Feria Noche and Regalado.

Pre Week: Beda Memory Aid and handouts from school
1. Aguirre (1x)
2 Albano (1x)
Oh yes, nabuhay ako sa Beda reviewers. Ang lupit ng mga Bedans kasi gumawa ng reviewers,
teehee, maraming salamat. I noticed nga nung bar, the real Beda reviewers pala, they have shiny
covers and they're really red and white. Ganda! Before I took the actual exams, all I saw were
xerox copies kasi! The Beda reviewers pa are well-organized yung format, most of them are
super kumpleto, consistent sa pagka-organized talaga, and they incorporate last year's bar tips.
What I liked best pa, say, instead of reading 2 books for Commercial Law, no need na because
the Beda reviewer got the most important parts from the 2 books and incorporated them into 1

Used also the Ateneo Summer BarOps recent jurisprudence list, which note, I didn't have time to
read and made Paolo read, siya na nagkwento sa kin, I just listened, plus lecture notes from the
bar review in school.

I didn't attend a single bar review class, grabe, kasi naghahabol ako lagi ng readings. I finished
first reading umm June na ata? Day itself, we just devoured the Blue Tips from school.

Note also I was very OC about picking out my books, but not as OC about actually studying
them!!! Nyeta! I was kabado to post this, baka ma jinx, pero I figure, at least if I have to repeat
everything, sus, at least I can just refer to this entry and print it out. I didn't do well sa bar, I
think. Kulang pa sa aral. Also, day itself, lagi ako puyat from the night before, as in, because I
was cramming. Very very bad, I'm so praning balak ko January mag-aral na eh, in case
bumagsak ako na hindi talaga malayo, considering I did lousy in Labor and Crim!