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Website: http://eproc.hal-india.

1. Type website address http://eproc.hal-
2. Click New User Sign In, provide all the
3. Get the User id and password.
4. endors sho!ld have Class """ di#ital si#nat!re.
$. %or e&panel&ent '(e#istered endor), enter !ser
id, password and select Activity as -
R!IS"RA"I#N '*or detailed help, check the e+
(e#istration help &an!al in endor help section)
"ender $ree
view %only
open tenders&
To download the tender noti,cations and doc!&ents
*ro& website, *ollow the steps #iven below-
.. Click "ender $ree 'iew on the ho&e pa#e.
/. 0rovide all or any one o* the options like "ender
N(mber, Region, stimated 'al(e,
"ender Re)(est *ates %$rom and "o&,
"ender S(bmission date or any +ey words
,rom "ender *escription
1. Click S(bmit to view the res!lts. 2 list o*
tenders shall appear on the screen.
3. Click to print the noti,cation.
14.Click to view the cost *ree doc!&ents.
11.Click 5 6o!ble Click to open the 7icroso*t
"nternet 89plorer 'This icon will be located on the
6esktop o* the co&p!ter).
12. :r
13. Go to ;tart < 0ro#ra&s < "nternet 89plorer.
14.Type website address http://eproc.hal- in the address bar, to access the =o#in
.articipation 1$.:ne sho!ld have User id, 0assword and Class """
di#ital si#nat!re to participate in the tender
1..8nter the website !sin# !ser id, password and
di#ital si#nat!re.
1/. Click New "ender 'i* open tenders) to view 5
apply *or new tenders.
11. Click In .rogress 'i* li&ited tenders)

"o Upload /
attach the
13.To attach the additional doc!&ents to any tender
click *oc(ment -ibrary and !pload the sa&e.
24.2ttach the re>!ired doc!&ents to the concerned
tenders *ro& doc!&ent library section to the
tender doc!&ent screen.
21.Click to view the tender doc!&ents which are
received by the !ser.
22. Tender doc!&ent screen appears.
23.Click /lic+ here to download to download the
Upload 0les 1
ry doc(ments
24.Click /lic+ here to Attach the !eneral
*oc(ments to !pload all the doc!&ents which
are already saved in the vendor pro,le. This is the
i&portant and ,rst step to be per*or&ed to avoid
2$.Click /lic+ here to enter 2* *etails to
*eed the 876 details and !pload the scanned
2..?hen the !ser ,nishes with the ,llin# and
!ploadin# o* scanned @G566, the Red color
will a!to&atically t!rn to 3lac+ color which
reAects that the !ser is two steps ahead *or the
2/.Click /lic+ here to *ownload mpty
*oc(ment to download the Technical50rice
;heet and ,ll the sa&e witho!t chan#in# the
$ile Name and save on to the co&p!ter.
21.Click /lic+ here to Upload the $illed $ile,
select the ,lled ,le which was already ,lled and
saved in the sa&e na&e. Click #4 to !pload
the ,lled Technical50rice ;heet to the tender.
23.Bote that when the !ser !ploads the ,lled
Technical50rice ;heet, the Red color will
a!to&atically t!rn to 3lac+ color which
reAects that !ser is ready *or the ,nal s!b&ission.
34. 0rovide all the &andatory doc!&ents
re>!ested by the oCcial.
"o S(bmit the
31. 0rior to s!b&ission, veri*y whether all the
re>!ired doc!&ents have been attached and
!ploaded to the partic!lar tender or not beca!se
once s!b&itted bids cannot be taken back.
32. Bote down 5 take a print o* bid control
n!&ber once it displayed on the screen.
"o participate 33. Tender openin# event can be viewed online.

,or the
34. Co&petitors bid sheets are available in the
website *or all the participated bidders.
S(pport 5elp
@an#alore - 0h - 414+44412444
%a9 - 414+44412114