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: Mr.


Classroom Rules
1. Always demonstrate RESPECT (for each other, your instructor, our classroom, & yourself)
2. Be in your assigned location and ready to work from bell to bell
3. Come prepared with required materials every day
Required Materials You will be responsible for bringing to class each day:
1. Composition Book
2. Plenty of college-ruled, loose-leaf notebook paper
3. Pens (blue or black ink only) + backups
4. Choice Novel: a book of your choice (pleasure reading) that should be with you in class every day (make sure you have a new novel on deck and ready to go in
time to replace one nearing completion).
5. Copy of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (I have digital copies available for those who use e-readers)
Attendance and Tardy Policy
If you are absent, you are responsible for obtaining the assignments, handouts, notes, etc. from a responsible classmate. Your absence is your responsibility. Makeup work
is due 5 school days after your date of absence. Commitments to extra-curricular activities are not a reason to turn in late work. It is important to arrive to class on time and
tardies will be recorded. Arriving late to class will forfeit your eligibility to receive credit for the daily warmup activity and negatively impact your class participation grade. Be
aware that 3 tardies will result in a phone call home and an administrative referral.
Restroom Policy
Restroom breaks during class are disruptive and contagious. Students are encouraged to use the time in between classes wisely, take advantage of the relatively long break,
and take this time to use the restroom. All students will be allowed two emergency restroom passes to allow for lifes unexpected momentsthis is one more than most people
would ever need.* Hall passes are written and documented in student agendas. Student agendas should be brought to school daily and are required in order to receive a hall
pass. (*If more frequent restroom breaks are medically required, physician documentation should be provided to the front office and an arrangement will be made with the
student that will minimize classroom disruption.)
Grading Policy
In this class you will complete credit/no credit assignments and letter grade assignments, quizzes and tests. If you are absent when a test or quiz is given, you must see me to
arrange a make-up.
Late Work
You may turn in late work up to 10 school days from the due date (except when the end of the grading period<10 days). I will not accept assignments after this 10 school-day
grace period (that is two full weeks). Please be aware that work turned in any time after the due date will only receive half credit.
Extra Credit
You will regularly have the opportunity to earn extra credit points on random quizzes and tests or by donating to the classroom library (see below). Special projects will also be
available for extra credit ONLY if all regular assignments have been completed.
Procedures for Turning in Assignments
1. All work is due at the beginning of the period, unless specified otherwise. If it is not in the appropriate inbox at the time of collection, you will not receive full credit.
Turning assignments in on time is your responsibility, so dont depend on me to ask for them or remind you to turn them in.
2. All work must be written in blue or black ink ONLY (pencil is acceptable on prewriting).
3. Use only loose-leaf notebook paper. I will not accept assignments that have been torn out of an un-perforated spiral notebook or composition book.
4. Students choosing to type an assignment must still turn in the assignment in the form of a hard copy following the guidelines above unless other arrangements
have been previously made. It is not my responsibility to print your work. Turning assignments in via USB drive is only acceptable when stated as part of the
If you need help If you need help in class, please raise your hand and ask. If you would like additional help, I will make every effort to work with small groups and individuals
during class and will make myself available before and after school and during lunch by pre-arranged appointments.
Classroom Library
It is my belief that there is nothing more important to a students academic development that being/becoming a regular reader. Students who read regularly are better writers
and perform better academically and financially as they earn more money in their careers than their non-reading counterparts. The process of becoming a lifelong reader can
often begin with something as simple as the right book in the right hands at the right time. This belief has led me to make my classroom library a priority and I try to offer my
students a wide variety of classical and contemporary selections from which to choose. Keeping a selection of modern, young adult novels has required an investment of both
time and personal finances, but it is important enough that I continue this regular, ongoing investment. I try to help defray some of the mounting financial cost by soliciting the
help of parents and students to keep the library current. As a result, I happily accept donations to the library and offer perks to students who help toward this goal. Donating a
paperback book found on my Amazon Wishlist will earn students the ability to drop their lowest grade. Donating a hardcover book (hardcover books last much longer and are
often comparable in cost) found on my Amazon Wishlist will earn students both the ability to drop their lowest grade and allow them to retake a test or quiz of their choice.
Students may take advantage of this opportunity once for each grading term (up to four times/books during the semester). My Amazon Wishlist is not all-inclusive and other
donations may qualify for the above-mentioned perks. Books DO NOT have to be purchased through Amazon! The number one source for books in my library has been
Goodwill (at an average cost of $1). I regularly scavenge local Goodwill stores, Marshalls book racks, used book stores, and discount tables at Barnes & Noble to find the
occasional gem from my wishlist.

STUDENTS: please sign and return by Thursday, September 6, 2012

I have read and understand the rules, responsibilities, procedures and consequences of Mr. Rhodess 9
English 1 Honors class. I agree to follow the guidelines and procedures set forth in this syllabus.

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: Mr. Rhodes

Dear Parents,

One of the most difficult aspects of parent/teacher relationships is communication. While conflicting schedules and busy home
lives often make communication challenging, an informed parent can make a huge difference in their childs academic success.
It is with this in mind that I have adopted Remind 101 for use in my English 1 Honors classes this semester. Remind 101 offers
a safe, non-intrusive method of communicating important class information to the parents/guardians of my students in the form
of text messaging or e-mail. Remind 101 allows me to send information regarding assignments, grades, reminders, etc. to all
parents and students at once. Sign up is quick and easy and doesnt involve the exchange of any personal contact information
(though I provide mine below anyway). The service is free, but your regular text message fees depend on your service provider
and plan. I will always keep this in mind when sending messages and updates and you can remove yourself from the updates
at any time. Thank you in advance for giving Remind 101 a try. I hope that you and your students will find it beneficial. Follow
the directions below to registers now!

PARENTS: please sign and return by Thursday, September 6, 2012

Parent/Guardian: I have read and understand the rules, responsibilities, procedures and consequences of Mr. Rhodess 9

grade English 1 Honors class. If I have any questions, concerns or problems, I will contact Mr. Rhodes by e-mail at or via cell phone at (561) 247-3552.

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