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1- Midrash ha-Ne'lam (Secret Midrash)

2 - Ra'aya Meheimna (Faithful Shepherd)

3 - Tikkunei ha eniut Sefer ha-!har ("!!k !f pri#acy)
$ - %dra Ra&&a ('reat (ssem&ly)
) - %dra uta (Small (ssem&ly)
* - Mi+patim in the sh!, (the -ld Man Nut . ku)
/ - Ra0a de Ra0in (The Secret !f Secrets)1 the !har1 the &!!k !f
'enesis creati!n !f e2tensi#e re#ie,s can &e f!und !n the e#ent3
(4ain1 the !har . ,!und . Tili letters sim4eleni+i &e t!ld1 'rain3
Three le#els !f the s!ul1 miracles durin4 the 52!dus fr!m 54ypt1 the
sacred saturday1 issues such as the fate !f s!uls in the &usiness .
&een hi4hli4hted as a mystical c!ntent3
Zohar, R. Although it is accepted Moise de Leon was a work of * gu, Ra'aya
Mehemna (faithful shepherd and !ikkunei ha"Zohar (#ook of pri$acy 's %&'.
century, the possi(ility of writing (y one of the great )a((alist. Moise de Leon,
author of the Zohar *, while each of the (ooks that make up the section of the
!orah has no comments. *ommentary on the Zohar, Mishnah is the work of
those scholars called the !annaim. +ere are the names of the a(o$e at the
(eginning of their Sime!n "ar 6!hai and his s!n 5lea0ar is $i(rate. Zohar
goes through some personal * ,R-M. !hese .a$a (-ld Man and /enuka
(*hildren, respecti$ely. 0escri(es these mysterious secrets. Mysticism of the
Zohar, the 1ewish in2uence on the culture of * rind has deep. !orah, !almud and
)a((alah (Zohar, the (asis of 1ewish religious life *. !he author of the Zohar,
the former )a((alists, especially .efer ha"#ahir'den, %&&&. century, the (rothers
1aco( and &saac ha")ohen has many 3gures. +owe$er, the author of the Zohar,
this is used (y kay * naklara additions. Zohar (asic structure is as follows4
5 " the 6ternal 0i$ine center on the occurrence of di$ine power.
7 " Religion (1ustice and 8ealous (*ompassion interface * 69planation of the
relationship (etween the dynamic.
: " 0i$ine realm to (e men and .hechina * lirtilen (etween the elements of
the se9ual myth.
; " -n the right on the left with the sacred di$ine kingdom kingdom of glory,
the struggle (etween the demons forces dead *.
< " Mesianik myth, the role of spiritual sal$ation messiah and his circle.
Zohar, %'&. century, or * (een pu(lished in three $olumes. !he main reason for
the acceptance of the 1ewish Zohar high"rent district, messiah, intellectually
and spiritually nurtured ideas that the 1ewish community. Zohar'daki mystical
depth, the 1ewish led to gain a new meaning. Zohar pu(lished in 3$e $olumes.
!hese are three of the .efer ha"Zohar from * +a"!orah, the fourth $olume,
!i==une +a"Zohar. !har 7adach (een named as the 3fth $olume.
Zohar %'&. century, in three $olumes were pushed *. -ther $olumes were
pu(lished in later centuries. !he main reason for the acceptance of the 1ewish
Zohar so many high"rent district, messianic ideas has com(ined the mystical
ideas. Zohar, -r * ka * >and?rm?@t?r +udi a great depth of religious life.