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Mathematics T

Chapter 1
Definition of function
Some basic algebraic function and their graphs
Exercise 1.1
One to one function
Inerse function
Composite function
Exercise 1.!
"ol#nomial and rational function
$ddition and subtraction of pol#nomial
Multiplication of pol#nomial
Diision of pol#nomial
Exercise 1.%
Factors and &eroes of pol#nomial
The remainder theorem
The factor theorem
Exercise 1.'
(uartic function
Cubic function
Exercise 1.)
Modulus of function
Exercise 1.+
"artial fraction
Exercise 1.,
Exponential and logarithmic function
Exponential function
-ogarithmic function
-a.s of logarithmic
Ine*ualities inoling exponents and
Exercise 1./
Trigonometric function
0raphs of trigonometric function
Trigonometric identities
Exercise 1.1
Compound angle
Double angle
Sum and difference of sines and cosines
Exercise 1.12
$ cos 23b sin 2 in the form of r cos423a5
or r sin 423a5
Exercise 1.11
6elationship bet.een the graphs of #7f4x5 and
6elationship bet.een the graphs of #7f4x5
.ith #7f4x53a9 #7f4x3a59#7af4x5 and #7f4ax5
Exercise 1.1!
Chapter !
Exercise !.1
$rithmetic progression
Exercise !.!
0eometric progression
Infinite geometric progression
Exercise !.%
Sigma notation 4 notation5
Exercise !.'
:inomial expansion
:inomial theorem .ith n is positie integers
:inomial theorem .ith n is negatie integers
Exercise !.)
Chapter %
T#pe of matrices
E*ualit# of matrices
$ddition and subtraction of matrices
Multiplication of matrices b# scalar
Multiplication of matrices
Exercise %.1
Inerse matrices
Transpose matrices
Determinant of matrices
Exercise %.!
S#stem of linear e*uation
0aussion elimination
"roblem soling b# matrices e*uation
Exercise %.%
Chapter 1

The atom
Exercise 1.1
6elatie mass
Exercise 1.!
Mass spectrometer
Exercise 1.%
Exercise 1.'
Empirical formula and molecular formula
Exercise 1.)
6eision summar#
Chapter 2
-ine spectrum
-ine spectrum of h#drogen
The bhor model of h#drogen atom
The ionisation energ# of h#drogen
Ionisation energ# and energ# leel
$tomic orbital
Filling electron
Electronic configuration of atoms
Exercise !.1
The modern periodic table
6eision exercise
Chapter %
Chemical bonding and octet rule
Ionic 4Electroalent5 bonding
Coalent bonding
Coordinate 4datie5 bonding
Metallic bond
Exercise %.1
Chapter '
:ond angle
Coalent bonds and the alence bond theor#
Multiple bonds and h#bridisation
Chapter )
Electronegatiit# and polar coalent bond
"olarising and the ionic bond
<an der .aal forces
Exercise ).1
;#drogen bonding
Effect of h#drogen bonding
Exercise ).!
6eision summar# )
Chapter +
=inetic theor# of matter
0as la.
Dalton >s la. of partial pressure
Max.ell bolt&man distribution
Deiation of real gas from ideal behaior
Chapter 1
:ase *uantities and SI units
Dimensional of ph#sical *uantities
Scalar and ector
@ncertainties measurement
6eision summar#
Chapter !
-inear motion

6eision summar# !
Chapter %
Be.ton la. of motion
-inear momentum and it conseration
Elastic and inelastic collision
Centre of mass
Frictional force
6eision summar# %
=inetic energ# and potential energ#
6eision summar# '
Chapter )
$ngular displacement
$ngular elocit#
Centripetel acceleration
Centripeteal force