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1. ARSA Aguhons Sociopolitical Committee shall aim to promote discourse on relevant

sociopolitical issues, foster social awareness among members of the Residence Halls
community, and encourage social involvement.
2. In seeking to fulfill these aims, the Sociopolitical Committee shall conduct forums, symposia, and
conferences, organize civic involvement programs and voter education campaigns, form a policy
research and development unit, provide avenues for the discussion of regional issues, and
participate in relevant sociopolitical organizations and activities.
3. A core team shall be formed to manage programs and projects. The core team shall be
composed of members of the Ateneo Resident Students Association. In addition, the assistance
of Ateneo students who do not belong to ARSA may be sought from time to time.
4. Matters relating to finance and external relations shall be deliberated upon and approved by
ARSA Aguhon, and whenever necessary, by other concerned instrumentalities and personnel
within ARSA and the Residence Halls
5. The Sociopolitical Committee shall consolidate its operations through a program of activity that
shall be called Project Policy. The project shall seek to accomplish the committees thrusts of
involvement, awareness, and discourse through three activities: the convening of the ARSA
Parliament, the forming of the Policy Development Unit, and the conduct of special activities
such as conferences, debates, and symposia.
6. The program shall be co-headed by the sociopolitical heads, and staffed by the core team. ARSA
Aguhon shall collectively exercise oversight and supervisory powers over the program. This
mechanism is illustrated in the succeeding organizational chart

7. The Policy Research and Development Unit shall be tasked to (a) conduct surveys and research
on relevant social issues and solicit opinions from ARSA, (b) consolidate and analyze data, and
deliver analysis to the ARSA parliament and other deliberative bodies, (c) formulate policy
proposals for the Residence Halls, for the University, and for the government. The Unit shall be
ARSA Aguhon
Policy Research
ARSA Parliament
Special Projects
and Events
headed by a project head to be designated by the sociopolitical heads in consultation with ARSA
8. A. the ARSA Parliament shall be a deliberative body composed of 30-50 members. Membership
shall be exclusive to ARSAns. Each member shall represent their home region. If possible, ARSA
Parliament shall be convened in such manner that all regions are represented. The Parliament
shall convene (a) in deliberating about stands to be taken by ARSA, (b) in proposing legislation
for the Residence Halls, for the University, and for the government, (c) in discussing relevant
sociopolitical issues. The body shall have discretion over its own operating procedures and
internal rules; however the Secretariat may prescribe rules and regulations in the event that no
internal rules have yet been formed by the ARSA Parliament.
9. A secretariat for the ARSA Parliament shall be formed and staffed by Aguhon volunteers; a head
for the secretariat shall be designated by the sociopolitical heads. The secretariat shall keep
records of the proceedings of the ARSA Parliament, prescribe rules when necessary, and
perform such other functions inherent in its nature or as may be assigned to it.
10. A sub-committee for Special Projects and Activities shall also be constituted by volunteers; the
sociopolitical heads shall assign a head for the sub-committee. The sub-committee shall conduct
forums, symposia, and other events relevant to the sociopolitical committees thrusts.
11. As may be necessary, the sociopolitical heads may assign members of the core team to handle
public relations and other functions.

Special Projects and Activities
- Voter Education for ARSAns
- Kapihan sa Aerie every month/every 2 months. Each of these events may be conducted in
partnership with an Ateneo student organization.
o Land Reform with AFARM
o Economic Growth issues with AEA
o Development for IPs with DevSoc
o Gender Empowerment with GES, among others
- Excursions to such places as Divisoria
- Sanggu Election Town Hall debates where ARSAns could attend
ARSA Parliament Secretariat
- Newsletter/Blogsite
- Social media bulletins
- Manifesto
Policy Research and Development Unit
- Apprenticeship Law
- Relevant Youth Development Policies
- Sanggunian Reforms