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Cameron Thomson Business Evolution


Finding New Revenues for Traditional Media in a

Chaotic Advertising Market
August 2009

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

Restructure Company’s offering from creative and business perspective

• Assess media owner’s existing assets

suitability for cross-platform distribution
• Create brand new inventory that can be sold
directly to consumers or supported by
– Revenue models
– Pricing
– Commercially viable businesses
– Sticking around to execute it shoulder-to-shoulder with
business owners

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

Recent Business Evolution Clients

• Online video has become focus area for media owners:

broadcasters & IPTV operators including DeAgostini Editore,
MGMTV, Endemol, ITV, Telenor
• CTG has assisted these groups in planning & executing

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

How we do it Our Approach

1. Examine existing business lines

2. Apply expert market knowledge and research
3. Align our thinking with your objectives
4. Propose cross-media extensions
5. Bring international best practices
6. Develop strategic partnerships if needed
7. Implement our recommendations to achieve

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

Broadband or Mobile? Ad-supported or Premium Content?

Every media company is different

Different audiences
Different mix of content
Different revenue streams
Different distribution modes

CTG uses financial analysis and

media business expertise to assess
opportunities for new revenue

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

We define our clients’ target audience with
them by analysing consumers of online media
More than half the population of the EU-5 consumes video online

16 Heaviest consumers of 24
online content mostly
High consumers of
online video but more
34 More likely to search
for video content
looking for complex in their for practical
‘entertainment’ information requirements purposes
- playful, ironic, but
useful too

> 20 24 34 36
We identify our audience as the consumers of online video channels
increasingly demanding more informative,
who are
instructional and ‘practical’ knowledge from their time
Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009
We develop channels looking at target clusters

> 20 24 34 36

A group : A group :
‘european’ ‘in transition’
‘low cost’ ‘slow’
‘digital’ ‘moving from single to
‘creative’ family life, new families’
‘peer-to-peer’ ‘home-centered’
‘ecofriendly’ ‘design but not designer’
.... ...
.... 24-31 32-38 ...
‘young eclectics’ ‘fluid maturity’
The female online audience is growing quickly. Across Europe, women online are increasing annually at a
rate of +8/10% and the time women spend online has increased by 20% in the last 2 years alone.
That time has largely been spent searching for information, chatting, finding useful and entertaining content,
helping them to decide what to buy or make purchases online. In particular this applies to
mothers of small children and babies.
Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009
Using research we can identify key themes
i.e. Target 32-38:

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

We assess Universal Interest in Subject Matter

Evolution how to travel design food home

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

We create as many thematic channels as our
audiences want grouped by types of experience

Channels can be organized to coincide with areas of editorial expertise

that address their desires, interests, daily needs, and past-times
in a voice that is relevant to the target

DIY Travel Lifestyle Well-being

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

Web environment Components

1) Videoplayer
Pseudolinear playlist
Video on Demand
Video dimensions 560x420
Video compression H263/4 for streaming

2) Additional contents
Information about the schedule,
instructions, links and printable
materials in PDF format

2) Community interaction
Each channel will have a blog on the
episode and invite moderated
feedback from the viewers
Participation will include all types of
USG contents: photos, videos, written
Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009
Ad Formats Overlays and Takeovers

Link to external URL

Available at the launch of the
player or as a video overlay

For tech specs and format overview: go to

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009
Ad Formats In-stream video
• Pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll
• Sponsor bumper 3-15”
associated with a individual video
Insertion policy:
• by video based on the contents
• by desired frequency
• time-based - frequency by unit of
• change the character of the player
• first-play rule the first spot will
always be....

For tech specs and format descriptions: This can be integrated with all major
go to
ad servers

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

Viral vs. Player
•Establish audience
•Test content
•Engage advertisers
•Monitor feedback

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

Business Evolution Results – i.e.

• Since launch over 1 million uniques

• consistently in Top-5 channels in Italy’s broadband market
• Select videos are number 1 in Italy on YouTube
• Sales of De Agostini products have increased through cross-
• Advertising sales continue to increase despite market pressures
• Originally launched with 2 channels – now operating 5 channels
and versioning into other languages
• CTG’s role has evolved to international distribution
partner for broadband, mobile and broadcast

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009

CTG’s International Operations

Our team of experts based in

3 international offices:

North America United Kingdom

390 Bay Street, Suite 1706 4 Park Place
Toronto, Ontario, Canada London SW1A 1LP, United Kingdom
Tel. 416-350-5009 Tel: +44.0207.898.9008
Fax: 416-350-5005 Fax: +44.0207.898.9101

Via Regina Vecchia, 3
Carate Urio (CO) 22010, Italy
Tel. +39.031.400835
Fax: +39.031.400230

Confidential © Cameron Thomson Group 2009