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Weight distribution curve

The Weight Distribution dialog is opened by selecting Weight Distribution Curve

on the View menu. Alternatively, press the Weight Distribution Curve button on the

When you are estimating or registering weight items, the extension of the item can be

LCG_min (Aft)
LCG_max (Fore)
VCG_min (Lower)
VCG_max (Upper)
TCG_min (PS)
TCG_max (SB)

Together with the Center of Gravity of the weight item, this will make a trapezoid
approximation to the weight distribution for that single item.

When summarizing all the approximated distributions, a weight distribution curve for
the total ship is obtained.

Weight distribution curves can be plotted in longitudinal, transverse and vertical
directions. To change the direction of the weight distribution curve, simply press one
of the tab-sheets X-Z-dir, Y-Z-dir or Z-Y-dir.

It is important that all items are given values for the start point and end point of the
item: LCG_min, LCG_max, TCG_min, TCG_Max, VCG_min and VCG_max. If an
item lacks one of these values, the default value for extension will be applied. The
default extension value is set in the Options dialog, on the General tab-sheet.

Two values can be given for Extent: default and min.

The default value is applied if any of the values LCG_min, LCG_max, TCG_min,
TCG_Max, VCG_min and VCG_max are missing.

Example: The default extension value is set to 10 m:

The min value will be used if the given extension of a weight item is less than the
minimum value.

Example: The min. extension value is set to 2 m:

Value used in
wgt.dist. curve:
LCG 20 m 20 m
LCG_min Not given 15 m
LCG_max Not given 25 m
Value used in
wgt.dist. curve:
LCG 25 m 25 m
LCG_min 24.8 m 24 m
LCG_max 25.2 m 26 m
If the Weights checkbox in the dialog is checked, then all weight items will be plotted
into the distribution area as a visual check.

Each point in the graph will symbolize an item and its position. The green points are
equipment items, the black points are steel items and the red points are machinery

By clicking on one of the point and holding the mouse button down, the user will get
short information about the item. This way you can check any suspicious looking
items and find errors.

If the Ship checkbox is checked an approximation of the ships profile curve will be
displayed. For the curve to be displayed in a nearly accurate figure it is important that
some parameters have been defined in the project.

The dialog will extend to the right when Ship is checked. In the tree structure that
appears to the right, the appropriate parameters can be entered or edited by clicking
the parameter in the window. Selecting a parameter and pushing the Edit
parameters button will open the parameters in the Methods dialog.

The weight distribution curve can be plotted either with metric/US or frame spacing
as plot unit.

There are four ways of plotting the weight distribution curve:

1. Accurate: Plot the curve as accurately as possible.

2. Wgt.grps.

3. Step: Set the minimum step for the curve.

4. Station: The curve is plotted with a given number of stations

The Update button updates the curve if changes have been made to the project after the distribution
dialog has popped up.