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Ensures that all aspects of the execution of a wide array of investment banking services are
excellently done.
Job Title: Senior Deal Officer
Group: Investment Banking roup
Reports to: Division !ead
Supervises: Deal Officer and Deal "ssociates
#. $ead and supervise Deal Officers and Deal "ssociates in the following stages of a Deal%
"& Structuring
Discussion of and development of the term sheet or in structuring of a deal or transaction.
B& 'roposal 'resentation
'reparation of pro(ect proposals for approval by and)or presentation to *op +anagement,
Executive -ommittee and the Board.
-& Due Diligence
-onsolidating various analytical and data driven components for debt financing .loan
arrangement and syndication, bond issuances, private placement of debt&, e/uity financing
.private placement of e/uity, initial public offering, other e/uity0related offerings&, financial
advisory services .on mergers and ac/uisitions, corporate or debt rehabilitation or
restructuring&, pro(ect finance and other corporate finance transactions 00 specifically focusing
on credit)financial analyses and general information on the company, the company1s industry
and the transaction.
Development and sensiti2ation)manipulation of financial models and)or valuations for
financing, deal structuring, and cash flow feasibility.
D& Distribution ) Selling and Documentation
'reparation of portions of or the entire transaction documents e.g. information memorandum,
company briefs, fact sheet, to include descriptive discussions on specific attributes and
pertinent information about the company, the industry and the transaction, creation of chats
and other visuals, financial data, etc. prepares and assembles information re/uests, due
diligence lists, confidentiality agreements.
E& *ransaction -losing
'articipation in meetings, negotiations, and discussions with clients, client1s creditors,
potential buyers of investors, participating lender)s, regulatory agencies and other parties
involved in the specific transaction.
3. "ssisting the Division !ead in deal origination 4 client management
!RD"R"JD"#$%$"$% Revise& #'%'%$
#. Educational "ttainment% Bachelors degree in Business "dministration) +anagement)
Economics) Industrial Engineering or other related field re/uirements5
+B" or +B+ preferred.
3. 6nowledge of Specific 7unctional 8ork% #.7inancial analysis and modeling, financial structuring
and evaluation, valuation, securities
3.Deal origination 4 client management
9. Industry) 8ork Experience :e/uired% "t least ; years in investment banking
<. Special Skills) Behaviors re/uired% 0 'roficiency in Excel, 8ord and 'ower'oint
0 "bove average problem solving ability
0 8illingness to work a minimum of <= hours per week
"nd on extended hours
0 !igh proficiency in written and verbal communication
0 Supervisory 4 marketing skills
!RD"R"JD"#$%$"$% Revise& #'%'%$