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Douglas Hanson

824 122ND AVE NE Site:

!"A#NE$ %N &&4'4 (ell: )*'+&28+88*,
(a0ee0 12e02iew
Highly technical, self-motivated, IT aspiring student looking to fulfill my passions and expand my knowledge with
effectively providing analytical data analysis and technical problem solving in the information technology career field.
ttention to detail !nowledge of programming languages
"omfortable with change !nowledge of web technologies, protocols and tools
"omputer applications #eets$exceeds goals
"omputer proficient #icrosoft %ffice, &xcel, 'ower'oint proficiency
"ritical thinker (etwork penetration testing
)ata analysis tools (etwork$server maintenance
&xcel in active directory %perations analysis
&xcellent analytical skills *olid understanding of web framework
Improvements$repairs$upgrades *ystem backups
Internet research +indows and ,inux
Issue resolution
IT Training
*uccessfully trained -. people to use new operating system.
*erved as leader of student design team.
/epaired "$)" circuits and multiple volt type 0-phase circuits.
Network Security
1pdated network systems to support pro2ect operations and eliminate hacking ability.
'lanned, installed, maintained and optimi3ed documentation of all ,($+($4'( network hardware and
software, security systems and communication links.
#anaged all fictional based clients network ,($+( hardware including routers, switches, load balancers
and wireless networking e5uipment.
#anaged client network security through installation of firewalls and 4'(6s.
)emonstrated strong communication skills through the presentation of a new company network foldout.
Problem Resolution
/esponsible for support and development of company disaster recovery plan in a pro2ect environment.
*erved as advocate for end-users, performing tests and problem analysis for server, desktop and IT infrastructure
work in a school related environment.
'rogrammed general programs through the use of "77, python, and raptor.
'ro2ect #anagement
"ollaborated with team of IT students in the development of network design layout.
+rote program re5uirements which succeeded in meeting deadline ahead of schedule.
8uality "ontrol
*aved 9: on supply costs by working closely with suppliers to ensure components met department 5uality
/esearched and developed network pro2ect which resulted in a successful implementation of the network for a multi-level office
building. 5o06 Expe0ience
!ings !orner utomotive #arch -;<0 to =uly -;<>
(le0ical Assistant
*pring ,ake 'ark, #innesota
)esign, implemented, and maintained company website.
/esponsible for troubleshooting and maintenance of all network related issues.
/esponded to customer emails in a professional and courteous manner.
#aintained physical upkeep of hardware and responsible for any e5uipment maintenance.
Implemented and maintained a wireless ,( security I' camera system.
)elegated to review security logs and maintain general overall company network security.
Tilsner "arton "o. =anuary -;<< to ?ebruary -;<-
%achine 1pe0ato0
*t. 'aul, #innesota
/ead work orders or received oral instructions to determine work assignments and material and
e5uipment needs.
)eveloped production tracking and 5uality control systems, analy3ing production, 5uality control, maintenance
and other operational reports, to detect production problems.
'repared pallets by following prescribed stacking arrangement and properly tagging pallets.
/esponsible for careful handling of all merchandise to avoid damage.
*tarted machine operations by inserting control instructions into control units.
d2usted machine feed and speed if machine malfunctioned.
d2usted alignment of drills, cutters, dies, guides, and holding devices.
1nited *tates #arine "orps )ecember -;;@ to )ecember -;<;
"amp 'endleton, "alifornia
%perate weapons and e5uipment in ground combat operations.
#aintaining weapons, such as rifles, machine guns, mortars, and hand grenadesA locating, constructing, and
camouflaging infantry positions and e5uipment.
&valuating terrain and recording topographical information.
%perating and maintaining field communications e5uipment.
ssessing need for and directing supporting fireA placing explosives and performing minesweeper activities
on land.
'articipating in basic reconnaissance operations.
Tilsner "arton "o. =une -;;B to ugust -;;@
80oduction Assistant
*t. 'aul, #innesota
"leaned, wrapped, and labeled outgoing orders.
Inspected finished unit for 5uality and 5uantity control taking into consideration ha3ardous material regulations
"ommunicated operational issues and changes to supervisor on regular basis.
ttended monthly safety meetings to ensure machine operation safety.
ssisted in implementation of operations, maintenance and capital programs.
ccurately read, understood, and carried out written instructions.
ccurately read blueprints and repair manuals to identify mechanical problems and fix them.
&xemplary record of attention to detail and strict adherence to procedures
Education and -0aining
#-- -echnical #nstitute -;<0
Information Technology
Associate Deg0ee
&den 'rairie, #innesota, 1nited *tates
#a2orC "omputer (etworking *ystems
D'C 0.90$>.;
chieved )ean6s ,ist for 5uarter one.
chieved perfect attendance award for 5uarter one.
)elegated the construction of a cost effective business network and performed essential maintenance tasks.
Took leadership of a cross-functional network security team to implement a redesigned network
security structure.
Tactfully installed an ctive )irectory domain and logically performed administrative duties
*peciali3ed in +indows *erver -;;0, +indows *erver -;;9, and +indows @ 1ltimate administration.
Sp0ing "a6e 8a06 High School -;;9
*pring ,ake 'ark, #innesota, 1nited *tates