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1) Oil pressure should register in cold weather in

Ans: 60sec
2)Oil pressure should register in warm weather in
Ans: 30sec
3)In the event of alternate static door open, air speed indicator will give an error of 4kts
&altimeter erroe will be
Ans: + or (plus or minus)30ft
4)Propeller ground clearance is
Ans: 11 () inch or 11.20inch
5)Minimum turning radius of the a/c is
Ans:27ft 55inches
6)Abrupt use of control is prohibited beyond
7)Yellow arc on air speed indicator (ASI) is from
8)Minimum oil pressure of the a/c is
9)Maximum oil pressure of the a/c is
10)Annunciator does not activate on
Ans:low fuel flow
11)Alternative should be switched off in the event of ammeter reading more than
Ans: 31.5V
12)Compass error upto 2.5degrees may come in event of altimeter
13)To get maximum cabin heating by
Ans:Heat knob should be fully out cabin air fully in
14)D.G.I compass has to be aligned regularly on long flight for
Ans: Precession
15)Audiable stall warning willl be heared
Ans:5-10knts above stalling speed
16)Attitude indicator bank marking is at an increament of
Ans: 10degrees
17)Avionics cooling fan switches ON, automatically when avionics master switch is
Ans: On
18)Maximum window open speed is
19)Maximum oil pressure is
Ans: 115psi
20)Unusable fuel quantity in each tank is
Ans: 1.5gallons
21)Maximum ramp weight is
Ans:2457lbs or 1116.8kg
22)Maximum slip duration with one tank dry is
Ans: 30seconds

23)Colour of 100LL(low leaded) fuel is
Ans: blue
24)Minimum oil quantity for extended flight is (8quarts real is required)
Ans: non of the given
25)Concentration of DIEME (Di-Ethyl-Mono-Methyl-ether)
Ans:0.1% to 0.15% to added to the fuel or (1% isopropyl alcohol)
26)MIL-L 22851 oil is to be used
Ans: after 50hrs of engine running or when the consumption has been stabilized
27)Maximum deflection of nose wheel by the use of rudder paddle in ground is
Ans: 10degrees to the either side
28)Mechanical stops on flaps are at
Ans: 10derees, 20degrees, 30degrees
29)Shock absorption is accomplished by
Ans: air/oil system on nose wheel and tublar spring steel on main wheel
30)Best rate of climb speed at sea level is
Ans: 79kts
31)In the event of engine flooding
Ans: All the answers given below are correct
a) turn off, auxialliary fuel pump
b) place mixture in idle cut-off
c) open half-throttle & cut egine when engine fires
d) advance mixture to full rich
e) retard throttle promptly
32)Standard temperature lapse rate is
Ans: 2degrees/ 1000ft
33)standard cycle for the engine is
Ans:10seconds ON, 20seconds OFF, or 3times & then 10minutes gap is to be given
34)Enroute climb speed is 5 to 10kts above best rate of climb speed for
Ans: best visibility performance & cooling
35)Untill 50hrs has been accumulate engine should be run at
Ans: 80% power on cruise
36)An open alternate door will result in an approximately
Ans:10% loss of power at full throttle
37)Carburator icing is indicated by
Ans:loss RPM in fixed pitch propeller & loss of manifold pressure in constabt pitch
38)OAT(out-side air temperature)/ volt meter guage select switch may be used by putting
Select button down off
Ans: 3seconds to start
39)If PTT button off microphone is kept pressed for more than _________ in continuous,
Than the transmission is automatically terminated
40)In event of static tube blockage
Ans: ASI read error
41)To prevent heavy cabin icing fuel load be reduced of
Ans: 17.5gallons usable in each tank
42)In voltage/ OAT/clock-pushing upper control button will change the display
On window to
Ans: E-F-C-E
43) Maximum fuel capacity of each tank is
Ans: 28gallons (including unusable)
44)In altitude indicator which is not marked in each side of control marking
Ans: a) 20degree
45)In long flight which is the maximum deviationin compass for precession error
Ans:25, 30, 40, 20
46)For maximum cabin heat the
Ans: a) Cabin heat knob push in
b)cabin heat knob push out
c)as (a) cabin heat knob push in
d)as (b)cabin air knob out
47)Stall warning is activated
Ans: a)5-10kts above stalling speed during of suddenly
b)5-10kts above stalling speed during T/F only
c)5-10kts above stalling speed in all condition
d)5-10kts above stalling speed in landing only
48)Which of the following is incorrect
In ELT annunciator activate
Ans: a)on fuel flow
b)low pressure
c)low vaccum
d)low voltage
49)To prevent heavy cabin loading maximum fuel may be in the each tank
Ans: a)15.5gallons