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At age but still going strong

Ageing, a practical guide
Ageing a summarised instruction.
Ageing is not about how old your assets are,
it is about their condition,
and what age they can/are allowed to
reach .
Ageing a practical guide 2

OEOLP tool

Various forms within the tool

Work process; steps and filtering methods


Ageing a practical guide 3
Table of content
OEOLP tool.
STS !eneral Presentation " #ovember 2$%$

Wh not L!A"P tool#

L!A"P is a process, OEOLP is an acronm for Operational End Of Life

Planning, therefore$

%ighlights that operational re&uirements are decisi'e

EOL is a reser'ed word for obsolescence assessment

(tresses that it refers to a tool, whilst L!A"P can appl to 'arious

processes OEOLP makes it more )specific*+

,ontains a menu with 'arious forms for settings, tpes of displa and
ordering and the actual L!A"P process

-iltering is ke to limit the scope and efficientl process alike assets

.sing tpicals, trending and predicting with )alikes* speeds up the process
STS Ageing a practical guide &
OEOLP tool. 'ilters incorporated.

%ierarchical filters$

-unctional$ those assets where ,/0 is applied cost effecti'el

(patial$ those area1s that are rele'ant for risk management 2age 3 date
of installation 3 outsources asset management4

Prioriti5ation filter$

Defines risk as resulting from a4 mitigati'e action and b4 ,onse&uence

categor result is risk 26 categories4+

,ustomer specific risk matri7 is used on sstem le'el+

E&uipment filter 2part of -A0 assessment4$

(elects out those items )inherentl maintenance free*

(elects out those items )part of standard maintenance program*

,lustering filter; groups$

items that are group wise replaced 2each group identified b uni&ue 8D4

8tems that are replaced as part of a sstem or ma9or asset+

STS Ageing a practical guide (
OEOLP process. Efficienc) measures.

0akes use of a limited number of tpicals

Each tpical has its specific$

Discipline after tpical tagging, each discipline has its work package+

Deterioration model

"eplacement characteristics 2ordering time4

limits the no+ of parameters to be entered, therefore efficienc

(pecific parameters can o'erride the tpical1s data

8n case )nothing known* still alerts can be generated using the

e7perts )rule of thumb* data 2pinpointed as such4 trigger ,/0

0akes use of 0( Access, which enables eas filtering on alike items

using combinations of parts of te7t and parameters+
STS Ageing a practical guide *
OEOLP process. Actual process.

!he more details known, the more accurate the prediction gets+

8tem specific condition item specific OEOL+

8tem specific OEOL condition acceptance criterion can be used+

8tem specific load factor can be used 2; < ;=; ;= > ma74+

Prediction bandwidth represents uncertaint in prediction+

/ased on load factor, uncertaint limits are within reach+

,onfirmation of prediction b principal in crosscheck procedure


,onfirmation of Assessment procedure prior to actual process in

order to separate discussion about model from discussion about
data and interpretation+
STS Ageing a practical guide +
OEOLP process. ,esults.
@ tpes of dates are generated+

Date for normal condition monitoring$ assuming worst case load

Date for intensi'e monitoring$ uses A7 ordering time

Date for ordering$ uses ordering time

Date of e7change$ Date on which condition OEOL+


End Of Life condition is same as in normal operational process+

(pecific -itness -or Purpose is ?O! considered 2conser'ati'e appr+4

8n case of obsolescence$ Like@Like is assumed without specific

obsolescence strateg+
STS Ageing a practical guide -
OEOLP process. ,esults.
A tpes of results are generated$

List of replacement candidates

List of proposed actions, containing$

actions for additions to actual ,/0 approach 2intake4

Actions for modifications on actual ,/0 program 2trends, measurements4

Actual report is standardi5ed in the wa that$

Approach is described for reproducibilit purposes

Priorit definition is e7plicitl denoted for scoping purposes

Listing of all assets with planningdate results and confidence scores+

Detailed report b means of A6 appendi7 PD- file 2additional4

All details b means of OEOLP 2too much for reporting on o'er'iew4+

STS Ageing a practical guide %$
OEOLP process. Some screen shots.
STS Ageing a practical guide %%
Assessment used+
OEOLP process. Some screen shots.
STS Ageing a practical guide %2
Prioriti5ation used+
OEOLP process. Some screen shots.
STS Ageing a practical guide %3
!picals used+
OEOLP process. Some screen shots.
STS Ageing a practical guide %
Deterioration models used+
OEOLP process. Some screen shots.
STS Ageing a practical guide %&
(tandard "eport model used+
%( STS !eneral Presentation " #ovember 2$%$